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Which gender preference do you prefer in picking a doctor and dentist?

posted 9/2/2008 8:50:18 PM |
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Some people have hangups about which gender they prefer for a doctor and a dentist. I for one have a little bit of a hangup when it comes to a dentist. I prefer a woman because I don't want some guy's hand(s) in my mouth. Besides, it's a little of a turn-on to have a woman's hands in my mouth and listening to her little noises and her breathing while she's working on me. As for a doctor, it doesn't matter to me all that much, as long as the doctor is a good one. I do have a male doctor. Which gender do you prefer, and why?

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Sep 2 @ 8:54PM  
Dentist - Dude
Doctor - Doesn't matter
Gyno - Chick

Sep 2 @ 8:55PM  
i want them both male, i want it done and over it and I am out.

Sep 2 @ 8:58PM  
I am an equal opportunity patient because I have had both genders over the years. My preference is that he or she know their profession.

Sep 2 @ 9:00PM  
take a woman for each....if a doc is gonna be touchin me in the pants i want it to be a woman. and dentists always got their boobs hangin in your face. so my answer is unanimously a woman.

Sep 2 @ 9:09PM  
doesn't matter...but a "chick" knows her gyno better than any "dude" could long as they don't have bad breath and quit talking to fucking hand is down my am I supposed to answer?????????
Doctor doctor...??? there to write prescriptions who cares!!!!!!

Sep 2 @ 9:13PM  
personally dentists scare me so they should be sexy men, most doctors I prefer a woman, except the eye doctor i want one thats damn good and knows something about my eye problems.

Sep 2 @ 9:20PM  
medicine man
voodoo queen
what's the diff?
they both get it done
in their own way

Sep 2 @ 9:22PM  
For a doctor, I prefer a woman. I've found that most male doctors are too quick to want to prescribe meds that I don't really need and don't like to narcotics or anti-depressants. So unless its an older man, like in his 50's or 60's...I prefer a woman.

But for a dentist, I've never had much luck with women. They've tended to be a little impatient, and don't listen when I ask them not to do something (like use that stupid white cavity filling that my insurance doesn't cover!), or they don't believe me when I say the Novocaine isn't working.

Sep 2 @ 9:34PM  

Having had both genders at different times, it is my opinion that women doctors are more thorough in what they do { and no i don't mean sexually } I'm talk in general.
But for me I would say whichever one thorough and knowledgeable in what needs to be done.

Sep 2 @ 10:02PM  
For doctor or dentist...doesn't matter.

But, gyno...woman definitely.

Sep 2 @ 10:03PM  
i used to have male doctors, but now, i have found that women are more likely to listen and try to understand ...i am in the process of getting another opinion from a female surgeon...somehow, a male just doesnt seem to understand how important a woman's breasts are to dentist is female, my gynie is female, my oncologist is female...

Sep 2 @ 10:05PM  
I don't guess I really have a preference. I mean I'm sure the doc washes his hands beteeen patients. They seem to be knowegable than femail docs. All of them I have run into have been nice.

Dentist - yes once a gain a man, He just happenes to be the last dentest i saw.

My Gyno happens to be my doctor, so I gues I prefer men that way too.

Sep 2 @ 11:54PM  
Don't matter to me as long as they are good at their job..

Sep 3 @ 1:34AM  
I want my dentist to be Orin Scrivello,DDS!

**please,please tell me that name isn't obscure around here..a basket of green smiley cookies for anyone who can recognize where that character is from..

Sep 3 @ 5:36AM  
Either way, I don't care.

Last year, my dentist (male) referred me to a female dentist for a root canal. She was quite attractive (married, sadly) and had all kinds of neat dental toys. I was in gadget heaven.

When it comes to an MD, I prefer one with skinny fingers for "that one test" during physicals. The guys know what I'm talking about!

Sep 3 @ 8:07AM  
I prefer men. A conditioning of my era maybe? Women doctors were rare back in the olden days...

The few women doctors I've encountered the past few years were more attentive to details, really seemed to listen and was more willing to discuss the problems at pun intended.

Now for the weird part. If I'm getting a pelvic examine, I want a man between my legs...not a woman. In my weird brain I think a man is more clinical. Women doctors are clinical too but I can't help but feel like in their heads they're also being comparative...I would be... For some odd reason I can't see a same sex or woman...who is checking private parts, how they can not have thoughts running through their minds of...OMG look at THIS ONE...

I've seen pix of women's legs spread and that's exactly what I do. We're not all created equally and until I saw these pix I thought we all looked alike... I've said a few "OMGs", had some good belly laughs over some pix that were really odd looking. I just think doctors that are examining the same sex can't help but compare what they see and form their own jokes in thier heads to share with their nurses and gaud knows who. It would be human nature to do so and too tempting to resist?

As for long as they're good with a needle for numbing I don't care. But even then, I'm more comfortable with a man.

Sep 3 @ 9:09AM  
No preference as long as they have the skills.

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Which gender preference do you prefer in picking a doctor and dentist?