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Homemade Sex Toys----For Men & Women

posted 9/1/2008 8:30:34 PM |
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tagged: toys, homemade, sunshine

Melon Fucker-(Men)

Step 1: Get a melon and scoop out a hole

Buy yourself a rock melon or honeydew melon. Cut a round hole in one end a bit smaller than your dick. Scoop out a little of the inside but not too much, remember, you're making sex toys not digging ditches.

Step 2: Nuke it good

Heat the melon in a microwave (be careful!) and squirt in some baby oil or KY jelly.

Step 3: Ahhhhh!

A little bonus to add to the honeydew/cantaloupe procedure: On the opposite side of the melon from where your penis enters it, make a small hole with a skewer or small knife, no bigger than a pencil eraser, but reaching all the way in to the "vagina." Wrap your hand around the melon after you insert your erection and put your finger over the hole on the outstroke. Remove your finger on the in-stroke, replace it over the hole on the outstroke. Feels like a mouth going down on your cock, then sucking on it as it draws back. A very nice substitute for a blow job!

Pocket Pussy- (Men)

Step 1: Fill balloons with warm water

Get about four or five balloons. Fill them with warm, not hot, water. Tie the ends so water will not squeeze out. This also works with hot water bottles.

Step 2: Roll a pillow put a plastic bag inside

Take a pillow; roll it up like a tube and tie a string around it or even use your belt. Push the warm water balloons into the opening of the pillow tube. Your fleshy warm vagina is almost ready. Take a small plastic kitchen trash can bag. Push it in between the balloons in the pillow. Put some lubricant of your choice inside the plastic bag that is being tightly squeezed by the balloons.

Step 3: Warm, tight, and slippery fake pussy

Get your dick ready. Put the pillow on bed. Put your dick inside this plastic vagina. You will feel the warmth, slipperiness and tightness you only dreamed of.

Beach Ball- (Women)

Step 1: Blow up a beach ball

Take a small beach ball and fill it about half way with air.

Step 2: Get on top

Place it between your legs and pull up a pair of fairly tight pants, leggings, or hosiery. If the ball is still too soft or is in the wrong place you can take it out and blow it up some more. Be careful not to burst it with your nipple clamps! Once it is in a good position, find an arm of a chair or something and sit so that the ball is right under your clitoris, and bounce on, rock on, wiggle on and squeeze the ball.
It only takes me a few minutes to have an amazing orgasm! Be careful though because if you blow up the ball too tightly it can split at a seam and lose air when
you start bouncing like mad! But that "danger" can add to the excitement... You never know when it's gonna burst.

Balloon Rub- (Women)

Step 1: Fill a balloon with warm water

Get a balloon, fill it with warm water and tie the end.

Step 2: Put lube on it

Put baby oil or KY jelly on it.

Step 3: Rub away (Women)

Rub it against your clitoris, the noise it makes along with the pressure and the heat will get you off in no time.

Dildos for All- (Both)

Step 1: Peel a banana

Peel a large, firm banana.

Step 2: Put it in a condom

Roll a condom over the banana and tie a knot in the end. Bury the banana like a dildo or pirate treasure.

Have you made a sex toy before?? I've used an old coke bottle....the shapely glass ones....That was my favorite!!

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Sep 1 @ 8:36PM  
or,,,,,,(men) just all a stripper

Sep 1 @ 9:07PM  
let's all sing, bill bailey won't you please come home.
or gust of gustav by christy christine. what a drag
it wasn't even a category six hurricane.
the city will lose tons of money because
it wasn't destroyed. tobacco road.
blow it up, build it up all over again.
everyone there was hoping to
get new beverly hills type southern
colonial mansions out of this hurricane.
what a disappoint for them.
all those prayers for surf and bennet cerf gone to waste.
darn. but here comes hurricane hanna. maybe
it'll suddenly bump way up in intensity. save the day and night.

Sep 1 @ 9:19PM  
I think you should have your own TV show! What should we call it?! HA! you crack me up...searching for balloons left over from my last party....

online now!
Sep 1 @ 9:22PM  
Does ice count or is that to simplistic? How about cucumbers? Imagine the obvious. Gee, so much food, so little time.

online now!
Sep 1 @ 9:23PM  
I promise to watch her show bunny, it you promise to guest host once in a while.

Sep 1 @ 9:31PM  
Geezzzz....I think my being a guest would be up to Sunshine. I am she could probably use me for some reason?!

online now!
Sep 1 @ 9:35PM  
I've seen those late night shows selling sex two would be the bomb...I can see it now..."all natural organic orgasms". Would bring back memories of all the great teams...wait, that's a blog topic!

You two would be great!

Sep 1 @ 9:53PM  
Whenever I need a sex toy, and I have extra produce, I call Sunshine.... she can assist me in the creation of whatever may tickle my fancy at the time!

Sep 1 @ 10:18PM  
Melon Fucker-(Men)

Wait a sec, why just men? I mean, it is possible for women to fuck them too using a strap-on...


online now!
Sep 1 @ 10:23PM  
Straddle, read the blog again...many of them were for women. And these are a home made strap on would be wonderful...I would imagine. Not that I would need it of course.

Sep 1 @ 11:28PM  
Wait a sec, why just men? I mean, it is possible for women to fuck them too using a strap-on...
why in the fuck
would a woman fuck a melon using a strap-on ? ? ? ?
where's the fucking pleasure in that ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Sep 1 @ 11:42PM  
why in the fuck
would a woman fuck a melon using a strap-on ? ? ? ?
where's the fucking pleasure in that

Aww c'mon now, you know that there's a lot of women out there that would love to fuck a guy with a strap-on to see what it was like. Why wouldn't they try it with a melon? I think some women who would consider doing this would more than likely love the power and control involved if they didn't have a man to try it on. I know know, chances are slim to none that that would happen and that most women would be able to find someone to try that with. Just sayin'...

Sep 1 @ 11:47PM  
hmm.. some great ideas here. I many have to try some of them.

For a seasonal twist, before Halloween the guys could have fun with Jack-o-lanterns instead of melons. Ever wonder where that name came from?

Sep 2 @ 2:19AM  
I never had to use a toy,but I was a toy occasionally

Sep 2 @ 6:18AM  
ohhhh baby what we did with a giant jar of Skippy.....smooth mind ya no nuts...just mine

Sep 2 @ 7:44AM  
Dayummm SunShine!! You do have a very erotic and imaginative mind!!

Sep 2 @ 9:06AM  
You go girl!!!

Sep 3 @ 5:53PM  
hmmm for guys

PUT A condom ON and stroke away lol

If anyone has a small one, take a condom and put it inside a used toilet roll and do it!

Here is another, take a nice sized planstic bottle, insert a condom into it and do it! Just make sure your size fits just right.

tie your balls up with some nice rope. makes it stick out harder.

All these costs you only a condom and that is all u need. Maybe some lube might help.

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Homemade Sex Toys----For Men & Women