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An EX...Friend or Foe?

posted 8/30/2008 8:26:29 PM |
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When you and a significant other break up, do you burn that bridge and wash them completely out of your life except for an occassional memory......
OR ..
Do you honestly think that once you have been in a serious relationship and then you break up that you can be good friends, honestly wanting what is best for and trusting each other?
Given time for feelings or hearts to mend that is....

How welll do you get along with any of your ex's?....

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Aug 30 @ 8:32PM  
I`ve gotten along w/ most after a break -up ,but it depends mostly on how we broke up . I`ve seen some since moving back into this area and it was great to see them .....and we talked . They are married now .

Aug 30 @ 8:37PM  
I've seen a few have the most amicable and loving divorces.. but not mine.. my X is da debbil and needs to stop wasting oxygen.

Aug 30 @ 8:45PM  
I have stayed friends with all my ex's. That's how I am. Me and my ex's have shared a lot of sweet moments with each other and it wouldn't feel right to have them as enemies.

Aug 30 @ 8:56PM  
my X is da debbil and needs to stop wasting oxygen
yep - mine too

Aug 30 @ 9:09PM  
I've never aquired the ability to stay friendly with any of my Xs. I really admire those that can even keep it civil.

Aug 30 @ 9:17PM  
burn it.... you can be cordial, but I don't think there is ever room for friendship after the dump.

just my opinion

Aug 30 @ 10:08PM  
I suppose if I ever had a *real* relationship end,I'd rather it be terminated amicably,(instead of being dropped for a girl of his same race mommy and daddy would approve of.)

Also,it's never a good idea to remain friends if it ended badly,it only make a salt and lemon juice cocktail in the wound,for sure.

Aug 30 @ 10:25PM  
I have it both ways with EX's. One I really get along with, but then we were really great friends before we became a couple. My Ex- Husband is another story, we could never be friends. Hell, I can't even be civil to him or his family.

Aug 30 @ 11:44PM  
I stayed friends with all of my exes until the time came we drifted apart. But it never ended on a bad note except for 1 bitch...and even her I have love for cos she helped take care of my nana when she needed it most.

Aug 31 @ 12:31AM  
I can be cordial for the kids sake. I don't have a problem with's his bitch of a wife that gives me a pain in the ass.

Makes no difference anyway....over the years he's dumped his kids for her and even the kids doesn't have much to do with either of them anymore.

Aug 31 @ 2:17AM  
Try to stay friends. Your past makes you who you are today. If they act stupid about it " See ya!" I tried with my ex-wife she was stupid & listened to her dipshit brother & left me! Wise choice dear! The last I heard she was pan handleing on some high-way exit ramp living in a motel!

Aug 31 @ 3:11AM  
The term Ex...covers it all !!!
Ex love !
Ex friend !
Ex enemy !
I dont burn my bridges.....usually I blow the fuckers up.

Aug 31 @ 5:06AM  
They were always on at least neutral terms.

Aug 31 @ 7:18AM  
One of my BFFs is an ex. Gawd, I sound like a teenager saying that!

I'm on civil terms with most of my exes and could call them at any time just to chat. I had to dodge a few "breakup bullets" in a few cases, though. I WON'T be calling them!

Aug 31 @ 7:26AM  
One of my BFFs is an ex. Gawd, I sound like a teenager saying that! cute. Yeah, you sound like one of those generation y teeny boppers.

So if you can act like one of those then I can act like one of those Valley Girls. Like fer sure...gag me with a totally to the awesome...


Aug 31 @ 10:27AM  
I am friends with all my ex's. I didn't have a bad break-up with any one of them. We all still talk.

Aug 31 @ 11:48AM  
I'm not sure i would want to be friends with any of my ex' there are a few that i have wished well...........and hope for the best for...........but friends....somone i would talk to on the phone, someone i would have coffee with.....hell no.....theres a reason somewhere that we are ex's............and if its come to a point they are an ex.........I dont want to get back with them.

Aug 31 @ 12:29PM  
This might sound strange but for the most part I get along very well with all of my ex's. A prime example of this is my ex-husband. He still loves me and i still love him and would do anything in my power to help him as he would do for me. I have a terrific relationship with his children and my grand-babies call me Grandma (not my my choice, althoug it's nice). My ex and I were way to different to have made a relationship work for any length of time and decided we were better off appart. Oh I also get along very well with his first ex-wife, i could go over and talk to her anytime, and talk to her about anything. She's a beautiful person.

Aug 31 @ 8:27PM  
Heck no. My ex boyfriend just left here a 1/2 hour ago. He dropped off some sweet corn and we talked about our kids and families. I get along with all my ex's.

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An EX...Friend or Foe?