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What military branch would you join to serve our country?

posted 8/30/2008 6:12:13 PM |
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Saw another blog on here today asking if you were wanted to serve your country would you. I thought that this would be interesting enough to ask what branch would you serve in as well. My choice (and I'm very very partial to this branch because I was born a Marine brat down in Camp Lujuene, a Marine base down in North Carolina where my dad was a Marine) is obvious. Also, Marines have a tough reputation as well. I'm very proud that I was born there. If I was called to serve I like many others would be scared to a certain degree, but yes, I would be proud to serve, and I would enlist in the Marines. A lot of people have their favorite branches out there such as what each brance can offer them as far as benefits go, security, or whether a certain branch runs runs in a family (no pun as tradition goes. What branch would you enlist in, and why?

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Aug 30 @ 6:26PM  
I'd follow my dad and be in the Airforce.

Aug 30 @ 6:26PM  
Oh...any one for the mile high club???

Aug 30 @ 6:29PM  
I haven't really checked on the Marines if they extended the age limit, but it has always been what I wanted to be in the military since I was a kid, and my father and brothers just didn't allow me to join. If I passed for the age requirement of the marines I would like to be there, but the Army is good too and since they're the one who can take me now, then the Army shall I be.


Aug 30 @ 8:02PM  
I actually took the ASVAB (?) test in high school and I could have never been a Marine. I question authority too much. On the other hand, the Navy was after me night and day. It took awhile for me to get the recruiter to quit calling...I only took the ytest for shits & giggles. Back then there was no way I could have been in the military...I would have ended up spending the rest of my life in Kansas (at Ft. Levenworth!).

Alas, hindsight is 20/20. WIsh I hadn't been so 'smart' as a kid. Like Sunshine, I would probably follow my father (USAF...30 year career man) or join the Navy.

Aug 30 @ 8:14PM  
I almost joined the Coast Guard.. but I was dumb... let a b/f talk me out of it. If I were in good enough shape I'd probably join the army rather than A/F or Navy like the rest of my family..

Aug 30 @ 9:10PM  
Mile High Club?.....wha?.... where?...huh?

I would have to go with the Navy on that one... possibly the airforce. I would have to rule out the Army branch right away. It is the least interesting.

Aug 30 @ 10:56PM  
Air Grandpa was in the Air Force during WWII.

Aug 31 @ 12:40AM  
I tried to join the Army when I was 37....they wouldn't take me....can't imagine why....

I'd join the Air Force.....I'd love to fly a fighter jet!

Aug 31 @ 1:16AM  
I finished my basic combat training with the army. I didn't stay in and make a career out of it because I essentially would have been a humvee mechanic and that's it.

Aug 31 @ 1:28AM  
I was in the Navy for 7 1/2 years. I was having so much fun I reenlisted early. Now that I know more about each of the armed forces, I'd choose the air force on a do over.

Aug 31 @ 3:18AM  
I love ships

Aug 31 @ 12:13PM  
I was a Jarhead for 9 years.

Sadly the gov't has neglected the one 'service' that we are already members of, the militia. Which, if they did it right could get millions of people actively involved in the defense of their communitees and would cost little money. Probably why they aren't doing it, no big budgets and why get the peasants involved in running their own lives, might realize we don't need the gov't to do everything for us.

Aug 31 @ 1:01PM  
Mmmm.... I wouldn't know which one to choose..... being around all those men in uniform would make me way too horny to ever be able to focus enough to fight for my country.....

But...I have to say....Marines....they are ALWAYS the hottest!!!!! Mmmm.... okay I have to leave the computer and go touch myself....thanks a lot straddle!!!! lol!!!

Aug 31 @ 2:18PM  
I chose the Air Force. I didn't want the marines or army for several reasons. One, I didn't want to be shooting at anyone or anyone shooting at me. Two, I wanted to sleep in a bed every night. Three, I didn't want to eat K rations. I didn't like the idea of being on a ship at sea and away from women six months at a time.

I would enlist in the Marines.
I may be mistaken, but if you never served, why not?

Aug 31 @ 5:22PM  
may be mistaken, but if you never served, why not?

I went to college and had some other plans and goals along the way in life.

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What military branch would you join to serve our country?