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Your thoughts on missing girl Caylee Anthony??

posted 8/30/2008 11:27:32 AM |
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This is going down in my home town. IMHO, I think this bounty hunter that came from Cali wasted his time. I don't even know what was going thru his head when he decided to come to Florida and bail this girl out of jail. I think she's a liar. I think she's cold-hearted. She shows no emotion. How the hell can you be a mother and have a missing child and show absolutely NO emotions?? WTF, WTF is wrong with you?? And as for her (Casey's) mother, who so sincerely believes in her daughter (Casey), I think her lying ass should should be sitting right next to her daughter in jail as an accomplice. What mother in her right mind would let her daughter go a month without notifying the police that her child is missing?? I think because her mother knew this for the entire month is just as bad as the child neglect charges her daughter got. She is just as much at fault. She knew for a whole month that her grand daughter was missing, why didn't she just go to the police in the beginning?? Do you really think this little 3 year old is still alive?? Casey lied about leaving her daughter with a sitter...there was no sitter. It was a made up story. I think this girl is a total psycho and a shitty mother. No woman in her right mind would just sit there upon release from jail and not look for their child. Somethings not right here. I can't stand it anymore. I'm glad she's back in jal. It's where she deserves to be. And her mother should be sitting right next to her dumb ass. As for her daughter, I don't think she will be found alive. I hope that they do find her safely, but it's a long shot.

Oh....and not to mention what pissed me off the most....Casey Anthony attended a vigil for the little boy Trenton Duckett (also local) the other nite. That little boy has been missing for 2 years now. I can't believe she had the audacity to show up to a vigil for another child and she's not helping anyone look for her own child. Sick fucking woman is all I gotta say about that. Enuff ranting.....

What are your opinions of this case?

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Your thoughts on missing girl Caylee Anthony??
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Aug 30 @ 11:31AM  
I heard the tests came back as decaying human remains in the trunk of her car.. nuff said.. I think she deserves.. and her mommy along with her.. to be hung by the thumbs til they fall off .. then start with another finger.

I am a bit violent though..

Aug 30 @ 11:32AM  
wow.. two .. two.. two posts in one!

Aug 30 @ 11:34AM  
She's the culprit In my opinion.......I say fry her

Aug 30 @ 11:44AM  
I am from Lakeland and i have been watchiong this from the start. I agree what kind of mother shows no emotion for a lost child. I have three grown daughters but if it had happened to me i would have moved heaven and earth to find them. My only prayer is that when the out come comes in that she is not sent a mental ward but to prison. I am sad to say that i am sure that this precious little angel is no longer with us . As far as that bountry hunter, he was just looking for his 15 minutes of fame. He should also be ashamed as using this little girl to get it. He should have stayed on California. If no one here would touch this case he should have had a clue. Don't wait till after the fact of bailing her out to read 400 pages of transcripts to see what you are doing.

Aug 30 @ 11:56AM  
Ok as usual i am out of the loop and had to go google it..........I think everyone in the family who knew the little girl was gone should be facing charges and I think if they killed her........they all should get the death penelty.........this sounds like another case of Susan Smith........the woman who drowned her two sons in a lake and reported them kidnapped..............fucking bitch...........oops many children die of many women wanting children that cant have them..........if they dont want their babies why the hell cant they just give them up so someone else can take care of them.............

Aug 30 @ 12:31PM  
I was the mother who freaked out if the kids did not come out of the school house door at the right time.. I cannot tell you how many panic attacks I had frantically looking for one or the other of my daughters when they were safely sitting in a classroom or auditorium and they had forgotten to tell me they had to stay after school..

Yeah the bitch is not only hiding something but the whole family is effed up.. Pizza rotting in a trunk does not smell like human.. She needs to be sterilized and put in prison.. key thrown away..

Aug 30 @ 2:15PM  
All I know is this child is one of the most beautiful little girls I'd ever seen (omg, those eyes). I just cry for her.

Aug 30 @ 4:23PM  
Yeah, I think that bitch is pretty damn cold hearted. I have been following a little of this and have seen her non reactions in the courtroom. I'm pretty much in agreement with you, Megan. She should fess up to what she knows. And if she is guilty in the death of her little girl then the bitch should be taken out and shot!

Aug 30 @ 5:29PM  
I will not sleep if I don't see my daughter in bed every night. When I had my son, I gave up a lot of dreams because I have to be with him all the time and after twenty years, that's when I decided, I pursue something on my own.

That mother needs to be in jail, but if I have my way, she needs to be extremely punished for her negligence.

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Your thoughts on missing girl Caylee Anthony??