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Holy Spaz out Batman!!!!!!

posted 8/23/2008 9:30:16 PM |
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Ok, for those who don't know this..I work at a hotel cleaning rooms. And today, a guest was rightfully upset about an incident..but, kind of went a little too far.

I was just finishing up cleaning the room of a guest who is staying another night, and had seen a guest in the hall who had just come out of another room that I clean, she too was staying another night. She and I were chatting...the usual, "good morning, how you doing?" things like that when I heard another guest say, "Don't leave valuables in your room, they're thieves here! They took my son's birthday money!"

Ok, I fully understand that she is pissed off at someone taking her kids birthday money..I'd be pissed off too. BUT..she did NOT have to go and tell another guest that all of the employees here are freakin thieves for crying out loud! I have NEVER stolen from's just not in me to do that. Like I said, I understand her being pissed off..but, that does not excuse making a spectacle of yourself and ruining an otherwise nice experience for others. She was down at the front desk hollering to see someone in management, cussing, saying everyone who works at this hotel is a thief etc. Finally, our General Manager and the head housekeeping Supervisor showed up and calmed the situation down. And yes, from what I later found out...the girl who cleaned this woman's room had looked in the envelope of her son's birthday card and took the money. It was $5.00, but to a 2yr old...that's a lot of money, and he was upset too. She got her kids money back and the housekeeper who took it got sent home.

I'm sorry this lady and her son had to experience that. I only hope the rest of their stay is better.

She still shouldn't have been telling other guests that the staff is a bunch of thieves though....I feel that was wrong.

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Holy Spaz out Batman!!!!!!
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Aug 23 @ 9:33PM  
Talk about spazzing out!!!

Aug 23 @ 9:44PM  
Ya can't blame everyone for the acts of others. It was rude, and I feel she over reacted. I still hate it...stealing that is. I have someone come over every now and then and help me clean. Now my favorite purse, hand soderd (sp?) silver, that I put my grandmothers chain from her old purse on is gone. A really great friend gave it to me, and yes I know it is just a thing, but I didn't misplace it. What am I supposed to do? I am not asking her back, but I feel bad for even thinking she took it. I want to trust. I haven't told anyone. Such is life...over reacting doesn't help.

Aug 23 @ 9:47PM  
When I stay in hotels, I always tip my Ladies and make sure i have a few plain white envelopes in my luggage for this.
Was the envelope marked as junior's birthday money, or was it simply plain with no writing?

Aug 23 @ 9:49PM  
You are trying project logic onto an emotional response.

Aug 23 @ 9:50PM  
I tend to do that now and then.

Aug 23 @ 9:56PM  
Was the envelope marked as junior's birthday money, or was it simply plain with no writing?

It was an envelope for a birthday card, with the child's name on it.

Rule number one at the hotel I work at......when in the room of guest who is staying another NOT touch ANY of their personal belongings. Work around it.

And, I should mention.....we have envelopes we put in the rooms that have this on the front of them:

Thank you for staying with us!

Your housekeeper has been ________________. We hope that everything done for you has met with your satisfaction. Your Housekeeper has tried to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. If there is anything we can do to make your stay even more pleasant, please let us know. If you wish to leave anything for your Housekeeper's effort, we are providing this envelope.

Please come back and stay with us again soon. It has been our pleasure to have you as our guest.

The Mangagement

So, yeah...there is quite the difference between a birthday envelope and one of ours.


Aug 23 @ 9:59PM  
When I stay in hotels, I always tip my Ladies and make sure i have a few plain white envelopes in my luggage for this.
Don't the ladies have a set price for what you want done................. Oh hell you meant the housekeeping ladies..............I bad!!!

Ah have to forgive ignorant people.......she probably doesnt even realize what an ass she really is.......

Aug 23 @ 10:00PM  
I got ya.
The mom should have handled the matter a bit differently then, and the culprit should be fired. jmo

Aug 23 @ 10:02PM  
Ewe.....I told you that in confidence

Aug 23 @ 10:03PM  
I would never have gotten the child involved. i would have put another 5 in the envelop and gone to management quietly and reported the situation...

Aug 23 @ 10:37PM  
I would never have gotten the child involved. i would have put another 5 in the envelop and gone to management quietly and reported the situation...
leaving a greenie for your comment
now that's how it should have been handled

Aug 23 @ 10:39PM  
Hey Sugar!! I know where you are coming from cause I work the Front Desk at a hotel and guests seem to think yelling and scream and making a scene in front of other guests is the only way they can be heard. It just shows what an ass they are to the whole world by throwing a tantrum. While I try to be my guests' advocate try to fix the situation, there are just some people who aren't happy until they've made everyone else miserable.

Aug 23 @ 11:31PM  
I don't understand why some people think their point will be understood if they become louder while trying to reason with the other parties who are involved or not involved? Oh...HA! Why? when you have to ask there is no bad. It reminds me of an Italian boss of mine who couldn't speak Italian, but by speaking louder he thought he could make the foreigners understand him! HA! They were really Italian, and I am sure laughed right along with me!

Aug 24 @ 12:09AM  
Some people think the loader they are they get their point across. But really they don't.. They just make themselves look stupid.

Aug 24 @ 12:19AM  
Damn it is suppose to say louder not loader..

Aug 24 @ 12:45AM  
i dont think maids r thieves.......BUT....i left a pool stick b hind when i soon as i realized...i went bak........a maid said she found it and put it sum where...........but that sum where was unknown........a upside down look never found it........hope the maid was good at pool

Aug 24 @ 9:51AM  
I use to manage a hotel that was part of a major chain. An elderly gentleman came down and tried to calmly explain to me that his class ring (think about 60 years ago) had been removed from his room.

Just his choice of words...that it had been "removed" from his room stunned me. I would hav been more than upset and I was impressed with his control.

I myself quested the housekeeper who had cleaned his room. A some what long standing employee as she had been there 3 years. (this is a great deal of time in the hospitality industry)

He left the holtel for the day and I scoured that room. I tore the bed apart, had the wooden base stand removed from the room...I did it all. And then...I called maintenance up to the room and had the u-bend removed from under the sink. And there it was. The heaviest, biggest gold ring you ever saw and the stone was a very large, very real ruby.

He came back to the hotel about 5:00, two hours after my shift ended, but I had waited for him. I had taken it to get cleaned and had it put into a proper jewelry box. I felt it was the least I could do with such a beautiful piece of his past.

He cried. Wept actually. And that is a humbling moment, to watch a grown man cry.

I came back to work the next morning and there was a dozen roses waiting for me at the front desk. A very small envelope with $100.00 inside. And the maid....well, she got a $50.00 tip from the man. He had made his bed, left his room spotless and left a $50.00 bill on the pillow.

It takes all kinds to make this world spin around. Both the good and the bad. i think it is up to us to remember the good.

Aug 24 @ 11:01AM  
Yeah sugar I also work in a hotel and like you said the housekeeping staff is to work around personal items. I am in the dinning room yet I do hear a lot of things that occur. As for the one who took the childs money? Fire her! if the name was on the envelope she had no right even touching it. so yeah I'm mean. As for customers?? They are the reason for my job but there are quite a few who are assholes.

Thats my story and I'm stickin to it

Aug 24 @ 3:32PM  
I agree, people shouldn't do that

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Holy Spaz out Batman!!!!!!