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If Your Kids are Grown and Out of the House... (Repost)

posted 8/23/2008 8:38:51 AM |
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...would you get get involved and live with somebody that had a child living with them under the age of 15? I chose the age of 15 because that would represent a minimum of three years of living with them. Please don't comment with "if I loved them".

I posted this back in April. There were some pretty good comments, generally indicating "hell no". The age of the commentator and their children is the determining factor apparently.

In my case, unless the kid was 15 and an exceptionally fine young person, no way. I have been a single parent and she turned out to be a fine woman...after being an alien force for a decade. There was no warning at the age of ten that my little darling would star in a reprise of Linda Blair’s role in a remake of The Exorcist in just three years. I cannot express how delightful it is to now go to bed at night without being concerned about a call in the middle of the night from the hospital, police, or her mother.

Pam Anderson may be the ideal girlfriend if she lives next door. There are two reasons for that: one of her kids is eleven and the other is ten. I don't mind hearing the pitter patter of little feet around the house as long as the creatures have four feet.

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Aug 23 @ 9:18AM  
Back in January I had an invitation to live with a guy who had an 8 yr. old son and I gave it some serious thought....then I came to my senses.

Obviously at 63 I have no desire to live with anyone who still has kids at home...even teenagers.

If I was younger I wouldn't have a problem with it but it would all depend upon how the kids received me. I'd never move into a situation where they either didn't like me or didn't welcome the arrangement.

Now after being away from kids for so long I have enough trouble with my own kids and grandkids getting on my nerves after a couple of hours. Like the old saying it when they it better when the leave.

Aug 23 @ 9:29AM  
I had one woman tell me, "Life begins when the last kid leaves the house."

Many years ago a friend of mine began seriously dating a fine lady. She was a real sweetheart, had a good job, and quite attractive. The only drawback was that she had sex one time too many, resulting in her eight year old son, a real terror. The boy had a way of making relationships with his mom more trouble than they were worth. Being optimistic, my friend moved in with her after about three months of dating. The kid told my friend, "I've seen 'em come, and I've seen 'em go, and I'll see you go too!!!" He was right.

Aug 23 @ 9:33AM  
YEAH!.....what Softy said... .....AMEN!

Aug 23 @ 9:39AM  
Theres a difference between can and want to...............just because you want to doesnt mean you can..............and just because you can doesnt necessarily mean you want to.................I am somewhere in between...........

Aug 23 @ 9:57AM  

Depends on the situation and the size of the house.I would also want a room with a lock on the door, so I can run to it.

Aug 23 @ 10:29AM  
Ya know Bruce, I agree with you. But I can tell ya this.....I get so many offers from guys and they all say they don't care that I have kids....I think it's a lie. Just like when Dumblonde wrote about her being sick with and guy saying they can deal with her sickness....I think they say it, but damn sure don't mean it. They aren't thinking longterm, they are thinking now and they are most likely thinking with their dicks. IMHO!!!!

Aug 23 @ 10:40AM  
Whew! I think it is all to easy to get lost in the romance of a situation and not see the harsh reality.

Not a choice I would make, but all thw more power to those that have the guts to do it!

Aug 23 @ 10:52AM  
In all honesty.. no. I don't want the pressure of raising someone's kids.

Aug 23 @ 1:32PM  

I also was a single parent with two boys. When I married for the second time,
the woman had 4 kids of her own. So between us that made 6 kids. We were together for two years. I did all the cooking, got the kids off to school and attended the school functions. We both worked.
But after about 8 months with this woman, her true side came out. She loved to party and drink. After a while I found that her so called late hours at work were
actually spent in the bars and motel rooms with men as a prostitute.
I packed my kids up and left her. When we got divorced, Her kids wanted to live with me. Of course the courts wouldn't allow it because they were not mine.
I love kids, But at my age now ? I would have to say NO.

Aug 23 @ 3:25PM  
Hell no....I would give a second thought to kids under 30!

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If Your Kids are Grown and Out of the House... (Repost)