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Would You Take the Chance?

posted 8/23/2008 3:02:08 AM |
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Many of us look or hope for that one special love to last the rest of our life.....

What if you met the person that you knew would be the love of your life...absolutely your perfect match and you couldn't ever love more or be happier than with this person....But, some how you could see into the future and knew ahead of time that for some reason it wasn't going to last for very long ( maybe 1-4 years at most) and your heart would be completely crushed when it ended..

Would you take the chance?
Or would you walk away too afraid of that loss and hurt?

Would it make any difference on how or why it was going to end?

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Aug 23 @ 3:34AM  

To little info to make a decision like that. How do you know it won't last more than 1 to 4 years ? What are the circumstances ?

Then on the other hand, Would you rather spend that 1 to four year lonely and
by yourself, or with someone and happy ?

To little to go on. Sorry.

Aug 23 @ 4:31AM  
Well,no one really has the foreknowledge of how things will turn out,that's what makes life so interesting;we don't know know what will happen tomorrow.

Anyway,I guess if that were the case,no chances taken.

Aug 23 @ 5:16AM  
I`m would rather have 1-4 yrs of happiness like Chuck said than 1-4 yrs of being alone .......but that is me . I would have great memories to look back on ..... Some people never get that much time w/ someone or never find it .


Aug 23 @ 5:22AM  
'Tis better to have loved and lost...

than stay home and jerk off!

Aug 23 @ 6:04AM  
well...i had to think this thru a bit..and yano what that entails ..this fuckin early.....but...i'd say...GO FOR IT!!!

Aug 23 @ 7:04AM  
DISCLAIMER: NO, this is not going on in my personal life or anyone elses that I know of right now... It was just a scenerio that went through my mind based on a conversation with a friend not too long ago....

NO, noone can actually see the future to know..
I was just saying WHAT IF?
And Not advice for anyone else...Would YOU?.

Regardless of HOW it was going to end would that make a difference to you whether you would allow yourself that love and happiness for that time frame knowing what would happen eventually??

The 1-4 years were just numbers I used...It could have been 2-8 just as easily, but I didn't want to say that long...


Aug 23 @ 8:14AM  
The older I got, the more likely I would be to go for it. At the age of 57, no.

Follow up hypothetical. What if you could see into the future and you would meet the love of your life and live happily eve rafter, but this meeting would not take place until 2018. What would you do in the interim?
1. Wait around for ten years without dating?
2. Have a friend with benefits situation?
3. Date around if the opportunity presented itself?

I would go for two or three.

Aug 23 @ 9:17AM  
Wow..........interesting question.........Oh and i already knew this wasnt a personal may think you know everything........but your not up to foreseeing the future..........

Thats a tough question.......but if when I met him I already knew that it was going to only be 1 to 4 yrs, i would probably not go near him again........because than i am taking another person in and submitting them to heartache.

If i didnt know until we were already in love well than i would try to make the best of the 1 to 4 years so that we both have the greatest memories to help us thru the heartache.

In the same scenerio........we never know how long we have with someone.......things can change at a moments notice.........we can fall in love and the next minute tragic hits one of us..........there is no with that in mind when two people are in love.........maybe they should live like time is limited........


Aug 23 @ 9:52AM  
a good plan today trumps a better plan tomorrow never in the here and now is the only way to stay balanced

Aug 23 @ 9:55AM  
What if you met the person that you knew would be the love of your life...absolutely your perfect match and you couldn't ever love more or be happier than with this person....

I did, and the 35 years we spent together seemed like a brief moment in time; when she passsed last year I was completely crushed

Aug 23 @ 10:09AM  
I'd take the can never get that experience back. I'd rather have an experience than not have experienced it at all!

Aug 23 @ 10:32AM  
I would take the chance... Better to of had love then not of loved at all..

Aug 23 @ 10:37AM  
Hmmm well knowing that my last dad was supposed to die maybe three years into my parent's marriage and that he lived another twenty years.. Id most definitely go for it.

Aug 23 @ 1:36PM  
I'd got for it...without a single bit of hesitation.

As a matter of fact, if I knew it wouldn't last long, I probably not take the relationship for granted, like I, and everybody, normally would.

We're not supposed to take things, or people for granted, but we all's human nature.

Cherishing every waking moment would be real special.


Aug 23 @ 2:24PM  
It's my opinion that if you really loved that person it wouldn't matter because you wouldn't have a choice.... You'd want to be with them no matter what, for as long as you could.

Aug 23 @ 3:18PM  
Sure I would take the chance. Of all the women I've dated, five of them were my soulmates. It's just a matter of not getting very attached to them when you are with them, that way you aren't hurt so badly when things ultimately do break up.

Aug 23 @ 3:27PM  
Hypothetically speaking.......... if you KNOW it won't last........ then it couldn't qualify as "perfect" now, could it? And again, hypothetically speaking....... how can you "know" someone you just met is perfect?

I did find someone who was perfect....... for me. It ended because I wasn't perfect for her. IF I could go back in time.... would I do it again? I've thought about that for 5 years and still don't have an answer. Is it worse to search for perfection and never find it....... or find it and lose it? I'd say the latter.

Aug 23 @ 3:32PM  
gotsoe raised such an important point... it bears repeating.

If you know it won't last, you won't ever take that love, that person, that moment for granted.

I'm thinking we should do this with ALL of our relationships.

Aug 23 @ 4:49PM  
As long as the thread has spun down towards relationship breakdowns. I will add mine: long story, loser kids, that made mama's life miserable. If mama ain't happy , nobody's happy. Couldn't deal with the drama, pity.

Aug 25 @ 4:32PM  
Yes I would take that chance regardless of the outcome I saw.

Sep 20 @ 9:36PM  
Of course you go for it. There are no guarantees that any relationship will last. Breakups happen and sometimes folks die just way too soon. Any chance for that once in a lifetime love.......gotta go for it. Besides as my lil squirrely girl pointed out, if you knew it was limited time, might be less likely to take it for granted. Who knows, by cherishing them more, not taking the time together for granted then perhaps it might keep it together much longer than you "saw" in the future!
Good thought provoking blog Treas! I've missed these too! Shiny green thingy to ya!

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