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Is it Just Me .. or..

posted 8/20/2008 3:57:11 PM |
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tagged: blog, bullshit

Am I the only one online that makes up new and improved words for stuff? I mean Molesticating got to be pretty popular for a while..

I was talkin to a lil cutie and he was laughing at my made up words.. so.. anyone else break all the rules of grammar cuz you can and make stuff up to suit your situation?

List your mobettahgood words here!

Mine include but are not limited to:

smallering ~ My camera is set on RAW data and takes enormous photos and quite frankly I can't remember how to reset it so I have to smallerize my images to send em to people.

Hurrier ~ Ok this one isn't quite my word.. I borrowed it from an old lady... she hasn't asked for it back yet though.

Buttweasel ~ My pet name for some of the males of the species who fit the description.

Mesmercating ~ Chewing your food while thinking deep thoughts.

Misscroonication ~ Singing the wrong words.. i do that a lot!

Blogulater ~ When you have a thought that you think you should write a blog about but you haven't got time right at the moment so you put it in the Blogulater pile.

Indifferonthefence ~ When you could care.. maybe you do care, but you're not sure what it is you care about.

Fabularious ~ When something is good and funny!

Disgustulating ~ Talkin trash.. like Dubya.

Come on.. if you haven't got some already, make some up.. give us your word and your definition... who knows.. you too could create the next Molestication.

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Aug 20 @ 4:04PM  
It must be just you

Aug 20 @ 4:07PM  
sexstragulation.........not gettin any sex.....and gettin all choked up about it

Aug 20 @ 4:07PM  

Lickalator - someone who enjoys licking a lot

Aug 20 @ 4:11PM  

Here are some i have heard.

Comiserating = 2 ppl living together who long for a way out.
Provert = profesionally verted.
Buttdumpling = someone who's up your ass all the time.

Great Blog Skwirl

Aug 20 @ 4:14PM  
Yay! it's not just me!!!

These are good... yup very good.

I'm with Mr. KUW sextrangulated.

Aug 20 @ 4:15PM  



Yeah...I'm a nut job too.

Aug 20 @ 4:24PM  
Swicked = sweet and wicked

Chuggets = Chicken Nuggets

Reuninstall = attempting another uninstall after the first one didn't work

Thermomoleter = that doo-hickey in your car that tells you the radiator temp. (I can't take credit for "doo-hickey")

Jigger = a name for any inanimate object you can't currently remember the real name of. (My dad always says that one)

Gazinta = the name of an object that "goes into" (Gazinta) another object.(can't take credit for that one either)

Rountoit = as in "I'll do it when I get a 'rountoit'." (or that one)

Fudgicle = oldy but a goody....mmmmm fudgicles

Give me some time I can come up with more.

Aug 20 @ 4:27PM  
Me and Matt(mcroxton) had this word,I was telling him I was gonna go fix a sandwich and I spelled it wrong,leaving out the "n" and now he refers to it as a "sadwich".

When I think of a "sadwich",I just think of a more pathetic version of a sandwich with not that much fixings or toppings,so its just sad because it doesn't have the joy of lettuce,tomatoes,cheese,pickles,etc lol,yeah...its goofy.

Aug 20 @ 4:38PM  
All good ones there!

Heh Luna's sadwich..

I make Sammiches.. but that's another blog in a whole other catagory.. out of the SamWitch.

Aug 20 @ 4:42PM  
^^^ got me thinkin subway again............

Aug 20 @ 4:45PM  
Damn, now I'm hungry for subway sammiches and fudgicles!

Aug 20 @ 4:52PM  
Sigh anyone been around long enough to remember who coined Wannafuck? Was it Sunny or Me or Billy or ... umm mighta even been Y.. hell I don't remember.

Aug 20 @ 5:20PM  

I've been around long enough,....but I'm not telling

Aug 20 @ 5:26PM  
I didn't know about the blogs back then or the forums for that matter!

Aug 20 @ 8:01PM  

I know there are others but I cant remember where I put my flash cards.......

Aug 20 @ 8:26PM  
Tart- Kinda like a retard

Asstweak- I think that came from Beefy goblin...

Fucktard- Ummmm, I think you can figure it out


Aug 20 @ 8:29PM  

Beep, Beep: The Nextel (2 way)

I asked 2 ladies today if Edwin had a "beep, beep?"......they both stopped and looked and me and said "What did you say??"

They thought I said pee, pee.....LMAO!!!!!

Aug 20 @ 9:07PM  

...Straddling one's face while she smothers the air out of you

Aug 20 @ 10:45PM  
AssHo-someone who likes receiving anal
zactly-kinda like exactly
moochy-the crusty stuff in your eyes in the morning

Can't think of anymore at the moment. Fun blog!!

Aug 20 @ 11:07PM  
wannafuck - been around since Day One - bet Adam used it on Eve
I did in the seventies - tending bar
I got a new one
it's digital

Aug 21 @ 12:54AM  
Buttweasel ~ My pet name for some of the males of the species who fit the description.
I always just said "weasel," when my ex was getting hit on by some guy.
She never believed me...until the marriage counselor agreed with me (AFTER the divorce!)...

Aug 21 @ 4:01AM  
Hooray for the sadwhich!!!

I made up a word once - it was "sexcellent!"

Aug 21 @ 5:00AM  
Floorbangers...people who fall down frequently.
Chorkeleaters...people who laugh backwards.
Pantologists...people who study panties.
Croaklappers...people who lick frogs.
Trollabites...cheerleaders for trolls.

Aug 21 @ 3:01PM  
"Croaklappers...people who lick frogs."

yes please!

Aug 21 @ 3:56PM  
ooppps...i forgot one

Freeballin = a man not wearing underware!

Aug 21 @ 4:14PM  
laundryminute........................going to laundrymat for a minute........

Aug 21 @ 8:05PM  
Sigh anyone been around long enough to remember who coined Wannafuck? Was it Sunny or Me or Billy or ... umm mighta even been Y.. hell I don't remember

wasn't me we go....

sexersize ....thats when we have sex n workout at the same time.....folks my bench press neva looked soooooo good

EBB....eye ball boogers

and anything else i say that might not be in da' dictionary ...well fuck it just don't count

Aug 21 @ 8:06PM  
Punctiliscious ~ he may be an ass cheese but damn he's purty!

Pusilassimus ~ some asshole always wants to start a fight

Cuntrefried Skank ~ umm yeah nuff said.

Partyheimers ~ for the day after.. and you just can't remember ... . ..

Fartomobile ~ I'm so not defining this in public.

Pubic Displays of Affectation ~ Most of the cock shots on AMD.

Aug 21 @ 8:14PM center in not to the right and not so much to the left....hmmm....reminds me...oh nm...

da' mrs calls her daughter nerdelicious.....y you ask? she's got a 4.0 every semester she's been in college...and still goin strong ....

course this is the woman who calls me cockelicious......hell long as she's happy I AM

Aug 22 @ 11:06AM son's word for a remote controlled car...he started saying that as a toddler and still uses it as an adult!

Aug 22 @ 11:10AM  
Sigh anyone been around long enough to remember who coined Wannafuck? Was it Sunny or Me or Billy or ... umm mighta even been Y.. hell I don't remember.

I don't know if I can actually take credit for it...but I do know I started using it in one of my first blogs...ranting about the 'wannafuck' emails and blogs of those early days.

Aug 22 @ 11:13AM  
Some of my personal favorites used here are:

SFF: stupid fucking female
SFM: stupid fucking male

and of course my all time favorite:

Box of Hair

Aug 22 @ 11:42AM  
Thingamabob or doohicky....things you can't think of the name of...hillbilly style.

Peter know, like..."get your peter pumpers offa my stuff.

Quivvers...pussy farts.

Fuckanosis....On a scale from.....

Fuckarama....all over the place and with surround sound

Aug 24 @ 6:00PM  
pocadotes - polka dots (thinking something or saying something backasswards)

backasswards - you get it i'm sure

feeling like dog-fuck - if I have to explain that one we have a problem.

Just sending some love to my favorite Skwirl!!!

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