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Food Phobias - Tommy

posted 8/19/2008 12:48:22 PM |
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Sometimes a childhood experience will have an impact that ripples onward to resonate throughout a person's entire life. In this case, I am speaking of being forced to eat something as a kid against your will or having to eat something frequently that you could not stand. For me, there are three distinct reactions that remain with me 50 years later.

When I was four, I was sitting in my little red wagon in the backyard bopping and bouncing around. My mother came out with a glass of milk and a Twinkie. She told me to settle down and would not give them to me until I did. When she finally did, within less than a minute, I began bouncing around and spilled my milk on the Twinkie. She got mad and made me eat the damned milk soaked Twinkie despite my screams.

To this day beyond cereal and milk, I will not eat any soggy baked product, period. This includes pancakes, waffles, french toast, biscuits and gravy, etc. At home, my bread is always toasted and if it involves mayo, ketchup, or mustard, these condiments do not come in contact with the bread. I will eat toast and jam however. Twinkies are not allowed in my house.

The second one is kind of funny. When I was seven and my brother was four, my parents decided to go out one evening. They got some girl to babysit us that never had before. My mom had gotten two brand new things for us to be served for dinner, TV dinners. We were real excited about having our favorite, fried chicken for dinner.

I recall watching TV and out of the corner of my eye noticing that something in the oven was on fire. What had happened was that the babysitter had put the TV dinners in the oven while still in the box. The instructions said nothing about taking them out of the box. The TV dinners were burnt up.

Instead of calling her mom, the babysitter forced us to eat bananas for dinner. Neither my brother or I will allow a banana in the house. We never saw that babysitter again.

Then there is the line we all probably heard as a kid, "All right young man/lady, you are going to sit there until you finish it." In my case it was beets. I remember sitting there and it getting dark, then sitting in the blackness, until it was time to get a bath then go to bed. We never saw those again. I found out many years later that everyone including my dad couldn't stand them, but he never said anything to her until that time out of respect and because she liked them.

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Aug 19 @ 1:01PM  
Well I dont know if this will fit your idea of phobias........but when i got shot when i was 15 the 22 bullet migrated down and went thru the roof of my mouth into the back of my tongue... and since then I can't eat anything mushy like oatmeal, soft bananas, anything like that........cause it makes me gag and I will be sick if i try to eat it...........

as for phobias.........since that time when i got shot and spent 63 days in bed on a liquid diet..........i cannot stand jello in an form........3 meals a day for 63 days was more than enough jello to last a lifetime.............

Aug 19 @ 1:16PM  
Yes I have a food phobia... Growing up my parents always had pea's...
Well use to love them untill one day my one brother opened up a new can of pea's and the smell that came out of that can was so gross and the look was so nasty..
Me and my brother still to this day can not eat pea"s.....

Aug 19 @ 2:46PM  
Cream of Mushroom soup.

As it got cold...the "brown maggots" floating in there all the more dfficult to swallow.

Aug 19 @ 3:24PM  
Oh gawd it was brussels sprouts for me... the stink of those horrible little cabbages from my mothers awful cooking. Place in a pot and boil the snot out of it until unedible mush. I still can't stand the smell of a brussel sprout cooking.

The other one was mashed potatoes...lumpy oversalted ones. I would have to sit until It was done too. I would stir them.. poke them.. put tomato sauce on them and turn them pink until it was time for bath and bed and the beating too.

I don't eat green fruit .. avocado, kiwi..etc because my grandma told me that green fruit will give you a stomach ache. That was about the time we were raiding the neigbors fruit trees I recall.

Aug 19 @ 4:41PM  
Liver. I have no amusing anecdote behind it,except the fact that it was the ol' "eat it or no dessert" bit.Suffice to say,no after dinner sweets for Luna.

Also,I cant stand Hostess blueberry muffins.The reason behind that was,when I was living with my very very frugal dad(mind you,even if a head of lettuce had a few moldy leaves on the outside,peel them off and voila,it was still good) who would keep somethings past their expiration date. I had a yen for something sweet that day and so I thought I would have one of those afformentioned muffins for a snack.

Something should've tipped me off by how greasy it was and how I wanted to hurk when swallowed it...and how I spent most of the night on the john with tummy pains and the trots.

So,anytime I see or smell something like packaged,not fresh blueberry muffins,I get the dry-heaves. Also,Bruce I hate twinkies too,for me its because they smell so greasy.

Aug 19 @ 4:50PM  
My mom used to cook assorted greens, usually cabbage. The smell would permeate the walls of the house, creating a stinky smelling force field, of sorts. When I came home from school and "smelled that smell" when I got 10 feet from the house, I would throw my books on the back porch and disappear. Not for a few days, like I wished, but only for a few hours, until the odor subsided.

I can eat cabbage in cole slaw or egg rolls, but otherwise, the smell makes me wanna puke!

Aug 19 @ 5:22PM  
For myself it would have to be pickeled beets.
Always served chilled, and straight out of the can. (dont know any other serving suggestions for them)
The thought of them can enduce a gag reflex for me!

Aug 19 @ 5:33PM  
POT ROAST...every sunday it was pot roast............shoe leather with gravy has to be lubys now...........or its a no go

Aug 19 @ 5:37PM  
Now I was guilty of causing a food phobia with my daughter. She was probably around ten. My wife at the time had discovered that the kid had snuck some food into her bedroom several days before it evolved into a putrid science project.

I had an idea and talked it over with my wife. A unique punishment experiment would be tried. While my wife and I had steaks, the kid was given microwaved liver without any spice. Her mom told her that she would sit there until she finished it. Gag, cry, sitting until dark when we finally gave up and sent her to bed. She used to like liver and onions. But that put an end to that. It did slow down the sneaking of food for a while.

Aug 19 @ 6:35PM  
Well I was around 6 or 8 and granny said it was time to start fixin dinner. (we was visitin in Ky) She picked up a hatchet and with one swoop got the chicken's neck the head went one way the chickens body the other. I started screamin bloody murder mom came out and asked what the problem was all I could do was point and she said Lisa Ann where did you think the chicken came from??? All I could say was Krogers I went many years before I could eat chicken again.

Then my dad went fishing I was looking forward to having fresh fish I walked out in the garage and he was umm hittin the fish with a hammer Yep I didn't eat fish till about 2 or 3 yrs ago

And that is the honest truth just ask them

Aug 19 @ 7:24PM  
I don't do any kind of fish/seafood, thanks mom and dad

Aug 19 @ 7:53PM  
LIVER ~ GUTS of any sorts... brains, tongue, innards, gizzards...
Gag reflex kicks in quick.... always has, always will!

My kids are fortunate to have a mother who NEVER forced them to eat anything they didn't like... nor would I because I was and that sucked!

Kudos for an excellent topic!!

Aug 19 @ 8:10PM  
Well, 1st off, I won't eat fish ever again after my dad catching fish and feeding it to us. I choked on a bone. I don't care if it's a boneless fish, I am scared to eat it.
I was never introduced to lobster, shrimp or crab. My parents said it was too good and expensive to feed to kids. So, to this day, I can't stand the smell and won't eat any seafood.

Aug 19 @ 8:36PM  
Well's the misfit. No phobias...never made to eat what we didn't like so I guess I'm blessed for that.

A short list of things I don't like...raw veggies except cukes and tomatoes...I will not eat a raw carrot for anything...yuk!

I love cooked cabbage but hate the smell. I love liver 'n onions and I love sauerkraut, especially homemade. I love spinach with vinegar and I hated peas as a kid but really like them now.

My weakness is sweets as long as there's no coconut involved. Alot has to do with texture and the way it feels in my mouth. I like the flavor of coconut but not the texture....same with raw onions.

This is my policy...if it doesn't LOOK good then it ain't. If it has a name like brains or tongue it ain't good. If I can't recognize it....nope, ain't gonna try it. My idea is, there's too many good things to choose from so ferget the weird and yucky stuff!


Aug 19 @ 8:50PM  
Ok, this isn't my "phobia" per say. But, I did play a role in it.

My cousin and I were at our grandparents house, she was 7 yrs old, I was 9 yrs old. Grandpa had asked us where we wanted to go out to eat...Wendy's had just opened a restaurant in our area, and I wanted to go there, but my cousin insisted on Burger King, and we kind of started arguing. Grandpa finally told us it's one or the other, or none at all..and my cousin started to say Burger King again, so out of frustration, I said, "Ok fine! We'll go to Booger King instead!". My cousin got real quiet, glared at me, then said, "I change my mind, let's go to Wendy's instead."

She hasn't eaten at a Burger King since that day.

Aug 19 @ 9:25PM  
I loved liver the way my mom made it ...... Well, one day she told me to make it .... I took one look at that liver from the butcher shop all slimy and all i could think of was i have to touch that ...... I`ve not touched it since .

Aug 19 @ 9:31PM  
Can't eat cooked tomatoes...I was about 7 or 8, mom had fixed spaghetti with cooked tomatoes in the sauce, why, I will never know. She never had before, anyway, I had to sit there and eat all on my plate. I did and about an hour later was throwing up in the bathroom. Never again will I eat any kind of cooked tomatoes!!

Aug 20 @ 5:49AM  
nothing that LOOKS or FEELS like it's been eaten stewd turkey samich where the bread like snot ....oatmeal......

Aug 20 @ 11:15AM  
Liver & onions!

Aug 20 @ 9:53PM  
I would have to say beans because I wouldn't want to take a shotgun shit.

All kidding aside, maybe liver

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Food Phobias - Tommy