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Domestic Men

posted 8/19/2008 1:39:31 AM |
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tagged: women, men, work, straddle, cooking

How many guys out there can actually fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner for yourself or family? What about laundry and house cleaning? If so, what are some of the things you fix? Not too many guys can do all these that women can. I guess a lot of guys feel like they don't have to learn these things and will marry a woman who will do it all for him. But to the guys out there that can, my hat's off to ya. I am one of those guys that can do all that. As for cooking, I can whip up most things, but there are some meals I would choose to pass on because of the time involved and the mess that I would make. Haha

Botton line, it's not just a womans job, it's also a mans job! Nothing wrong with helping out around the house.

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Aug 19 @ 1:58AM  
You know what Shawn, hat's to you, but if I am around a guy doesn't have to do that, I think i was raised to that that for the guy. Ok, he can do the grill

Aug 19 @ 2:02AM  
You know what Shawn, hat's to you,

Thank you, Geena!

. Ok, he can do the grill

Just don't let Tom around that grill. You know a disaster is waiting to happen...

Aug 19 @ 2:19AM  

Yes I can and do clean house, do laundry and everything else it takes to maintain a house. And there is absolutely nothing I can not and do not cook. In fact I have been praised for my cooking.

Aug 19 @ 2:21AM  
I don't wanna take the risk of burning that steak..geez can you emagine what's gonna happen? h

Aug 19 @ 5:45AM  
Having never been married, I've learned to be quite domestic. I have a few meals that are quite tasty, but, for the most part, my culinary efforts are passable. Housecleaning? Again, passable.

I did live with a lady for just over a year. Any attempt on my part to cook or wash dishes resulted in something being thrown at me. Luckily, I'm just as quick as I was in my younger days.

Several years ago, I had an older lover for whom I gladly did "man things" (her words!) around her house. I would put on a tool belt and do whatever and usually get hot and sweaty. She would watch and get turned on. When I was done, she would show her gratitude in the sexiest way possible. She would let me cook, too, but only because she would molest me while my hands were busy. BTW, bare chest + fry cooking = ouch! ouch! ouch!

Aug 19 @ 5:47AM  
Dammit, I knew I forgot something as soon as I clicked Post!

My goal in life is to make toll house cookies as good as my aunt. I've come close once, but have never done it. The results are still quite tasty, but still....

Aug 19 @ 6:10AM  
I like men who can be domestic, its wonderful when they help out. I work hard all day and don't want to come home and work all evening too. Sharing the chores is the way to go.

Aug 19 @ 6:38AM  
Well, living alone, I have no choice but to be at least somewhat domesticated.

I think my house is above average when it come to cleanliness, and I do know my way around the kitchen.

I would say my best dish is crawfish etoufee. I can also whip up some tasty boudin.

Aug 19 @ 7:50AM  
I am cheif cook, bootle washer and maid here. I am sexy in my french maids outfit...

Aug 19 @ 10:46AM  
How many guys out there can actually fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner for yourself or family? What about laundry and house cleaning?

Both genders need to be able to do everything around the house, inside and out. When I left home after high school, I didn't know how do any of those things you mention as it was my mother's domain and "woman's work".

Not only can I do all of it, I do all of it. I can cook anything I want from scratch, often without a written recipe. Laundry no problem, but I hate cleaning the house.

Aug 19 @ 10:55AM  
I taught my son while he was growing up to clean, do laundry, cook, sew, and just about anything else i needed to do during the day..........He is an awesome cook.....and he can sew just about anything he sets his mind to.......but he is still kinda a slob.........but I dont have to pick up after him anyways so i dont care .........

Aug 19 @ 2:59PM  
I need a domestic man......Please, I'll consider all serious offers.

Aug 19 @ 4:46PM  
I don't know,something about a man who can cook,if not better than you is hot.

Also,the same for a man who is tender with little babies,puppies and kittens.(sigh)

Aug 19 @ 8:55PM  
I need a domestic man......Please, I'll consider all serious offers.

Same here!!!! Hey...I can change the oil on my that's one thing he wouldn't have to worry about.

Aug 19 @ 10:52PM  
I need a domestic man......
imports won't do?

Aug 20 @ 12:15AM  
imports won't do?

No,because they always fall apart.

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