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The "R" word

posted 8/15/2008 5:20:58 AM |
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tagged: movies, people, entertainment, straddle

OMG people, some people in this country have too much time on their hands. Let's see, we have the "L" word, the "N" word", and the "C" word that we can't say out in public now because a lot of people have to take P.C. to another level. Now we have the "R" word being thrown around and throughout the movie "Tropic Thunder" out in theaters now. That "R" stands for retard. I know that words doesn't sound very nice, but geez people, are we taking offense a little too far in today's society? People use to say "retarded" for a person who lacked the mental skills of average people. Now it's like people have to use "mentally challenged" to describe the person who is retarded. Of course I don't go around calling people a retard (I know some people I would love to call that, but wasn't "retard" used as making fun of someone or joking around in a kidding manner even in high school? Some of these people who are offended with the word "retard" in the movie are trying to organize a boycott of the movie. Geez, lighten' up, people!

What are your thoughts on this? Are you planning on going to see Tropic Thunder?

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online now!
Aug 15 @ 5:28AM  
That reminds me, where the hell is Bruce, I haven't seen him all night.

online now!
Aug 15 @ 5:31AM  
Oh shit, that didn't sound good. I meant Bruce has a passion to debate things, and I'm sure this will be another one of those topics that Bruce will jump right on in to weigh his opinion.

Aug 15 @ 5:39AM  
sure's how he is...say red and see if he says nuthin to lose right

Aug 15 @ 6:12AM  
PC is a bunch of BS. Only those that have their head that far up their arse think it really does any good.

Society has taken a nosedive with the introduction and enforcement of PC.

online now!
Aug 15 @ 6:31AM  

Did anyone see the clip from ESPN Wednesday night where one of my Bengals player (Chad Johnson) threw out a challenge to olympian Michael Phelps. He challenged him to an inner city pool competition and actually thinks he can beat Phelps.

Aug 15 @ 7:16AM  
I agree with you, Shawn. People are over reactive and overly sensitive to far too many things.

Aug 15 @ 8:22AM  
So true Straddle! We are not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA any longer! It seems we are: UNITED STATES OF THE OFFENDED!

Aug 15 @ 8:33AM  
I thought the R word stood for rectum...thought it was one of those types of movies...

Aug 15 @ 8:42AM  
What is the "L" word? I am far as retarded or mentally challenged...I really think there is a big difference there, so I don't see how one could mean the other...the "N" word is ok if you are an "N" and you say it to or about each other...but if you are a "W" you can't say can say "AA", but that gets confusing...but it is easy to find in the phone book!

Aug 15 @ 9:11AM  
I want to be called a European American. Every other race has a continent, I deserve one too!!!

Aug 15 @ 10:01AM  
It's all gotten outta hand...seems people spend their waking hours anymore just looking for something to jump on.

But here's a thought...

I have a 16 yr. old granddaughter that appears retarded...she is not. She is legally blind, has two steel rods in her back that makes her really swaybacked, and she has a speech impediment.

She will be a junior this year in school and is working a job. Mentally she is smart. Yet she gets called "retarded" which hurts her feelings. Even though she isn't, I can imagine how hurtful it would be to hear that word if she actually was.

So I guess I can say there are some words that I find offensive when it hits too close to home.

It's one thing to use the old descriptive words to make a point but quite another when spoken for the purpose of degrading, cutting down self esteem and hurting someone.


Aug 15 @ 10:32AM  

Did anyone see the clip from ESPN Wednesday night where one of my Bengals player (Chad Johnson) threw out a challenge to olympian Michael Phelps. He challenged him to an inner city pool competition and actually thinks he can beat Phelps.

Tell him to stay away from that crack pipe, Shawn

Aug 15 @ 11:02AM  
( Whewww ).....for a while, I was thinking in todays political environment, the
"R" word would be 'Republican'

Aug 15 @ 11:50AM  
Initially, "mentally retarded" was an accepted term to describe the affliction that a
certain group of individuals suffered from. Over time the term earned its derisive status,
due to the nature of the condition.

Now the politically correct term is "mentally challenged". Down the road, expect this
term to earn its derisive status as well.

The problem is that it's a label. No matter how the condition is described, the label
sets the sufferer apart from so-called "normal" people.

Such is the problem with labels. No matter how hard you try to civilize your term for
an affliction, you're still placing a person into a category by referring to their condition,
rather than referring to them as a person.

I'll get off my soap box now...

Aug 15 @ 12:38PM  
.for a while, I was thinking in todays political environment, the
"R" word would be 'Republican'

That word does offend me!

Just kidding.

Aug 15 @ 6:05PM  
Mentally Challenged has gone the way of the Dodo .. they are now Developmentally Delayed.

Heh.. had friends who used to work on tard farms.

Aug 15 @ 8:39PM  
Movie looks retarded. I wouldn't use the "R" word, I'd say "special".

Aug 15 @ 10:07PM  
Only fucktards say retard. That's mean.

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The "R" word