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Guys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses

posted 8/13/2008 11:41:07 AM |
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Wanna bet? At least that seems to be my experience.

Well, maybe not really. However, there does seem to be a big turn-on in regards to my glasses amongst those that do make passes.

So, what’s the deal? Is it the kind of glasses? Is it the idea of glasses? Is it just me? Why the turn-on?

For years it seems that most females I know were vain and resorted to any reason not to be caught wearing their glasses. Some resorted to contacts (I ventured there for awhile…never could see as crisply as I do with the glasses). Others went without and gave up trying to see anything very clearly.

So…what’s your opinion on this?

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Aug 13 @ 11:47AM  
I have been told a couple of times that glasses are sexy..........but i tend to wear my contacts more.......unlike you I see better with contacts than i do with glasses and besides that I get to wear great looking sunglasses and can change the type anytime i want to lol

Aug 13 @ 12:07PM  
Glasses can help some... and hurt others...Just gotta have the right pair.. I guess!!
Youre just sexy is all! My 2 cents!

Aug 13 @ 12:22PM  
I too tried contacts briefly...didn't work but I've worn glasses so long that without them you can still tell I've worn glasses for years...kind of a shaded look around my eyes. I look better with them than without. I don't know that they're a turn on for guys but they haven't seemed to be an issue one way or another...I need 'em so I wear 'em.

Aug 13 @ 12:39PM  
a lady in glasses is a turn on for me
i think generally, it's seen as a sign of wisdom and intelligence which makes it even better when they let that naughty inner-kitty loose for a romp.

Aug 13 @ 12:56PM  
maybe it's just cuz you are so damned delish baby doll.. and the glasses just are the punctuation mark on that sentence?

Aug 13 @ 1:28PM  
I have an affinity for guys(and sometimes girls) in those cute horn-rimmed glasses.You know the ones,kinda like Buddy Holly. I don't know,it makes them seem endearing in a nerdy sort of way.

Aug 13 @ 1:43PM  
well I gotta admit I've worn glasses for so long I don't pay attention to it anymore but I don't wear them to bed so ummm I hope he likes me without them to

Aug 13 @ 3:49PM  
Oh yeah, I love women who wear glasses. They make even the most dimwitted dame seem like she's hiding an intellect. I dont' know where this rumor of men not being attracted to women in glasses came from.

Aug 13 @ 3:53PM  
I look like a librarian in my glasses... you know... white sheer blouse, short skirt, stockings, heels perching with my legs crossed on the edge of a desk... hair up in a french roll... burgundy lipstick chewing on my pencil while I peer over the top of them to look at you while you try to explain about why your library book is coming back late

Aug 13 @ 4:55PM  
Guys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses

That's because if they could actually see what I look like they wouldn't talk to me and run away screaming!


Aug 13 @ 5:04PM  
That's because if they could actually see what I look like they wouldn't talk to me and run away screaming!
Not true Bandy........if anything they would want you turning away to see that hot ass you have.......but anyone i know would be running alright.........chasing after you............

Aug 13 @ 6:47PM  
dont tell nobody but my baby is my librarian with her glasses on......and one super hot babe too i might add!

Aug 13 @ 8:14PM  
A quick thought....maybe, they reason that if she looks that hot WITH glasses much, moreso, that she will without them??? Just my 1 1/2 cents on the topic.

Plus, the guys attracted by wit and intelligence probably started the rumor to keep those special ladies to themselves......

Take my kudo, please.

Aug 13 @ 8:42PM  
Glasses are hot.

Mind if I polish your specs?

Aug 13 @ 9:10PM  
I think you have a beautiful smile ...

and a mischievous look in your twinkling eyes!

(Uh, what was the question again?)


Aug 13 @ 9:10PM  
L4E, it's you, not the glasses, silly girl!

With the right pair of glasses, almost anyone will look better. I usually rely on the sales clerk to help me pick out a pair. I have to, since I usually wait until I can barely see out of my current pair!

Glasses make a woman appear more intelligent, mature (not older, though!), and, dare I say, more of a challenge.

Plus, it's one more article of clothing I can remove... slowly... while I gaze into her eyes....

Aug 13 @ 9:23PM  
One more thing...

What's the deal with ugly ass sunglasses these days? I've seen many, many attractive, stylishly dressed women, ladies, and girls completely ruin their appearance, IMHO, but wearing the most hideous shades ever made?

I've always thought that most folks looked silly wearing Oakleys. Most race car drivers tend to wear butt ugly shades, too.

But how did this trend trickle down to the masses? Did some geek chic designer let this fashion statement loose as revenge for being mistreated by the beautiful people in high school?

Sorry for the mini rant. I'll go back to watching the Olympics. Y'all behave yourselves. Or not.

Aug 14 @ 3:50AM  
I made passes at ya....Wanna get naked????

Aug 15 @ 2:40PM  
Personally, I've never subscribed to the theory that "Men don't make passes at girls that wear glasses." I find an attractive woman is even more sexy if she wears glasses. Something about the glasses that I have no explanation for. Other than they make me want to just take them off

Oct 26 @ 12:51AM  
I have had lovers with and without glasses....
and I do sometimes find it a turn-on...
Actually, I don't know that it makes a difference.

Oct 26 @ 7:35PM  
They just up your hotness scale.....waaayyy up!!!!!

Oct 26 @ 11:27PM  
four eyes are better than two.
some women wear x-ray glasses,
they can see right through you.
some women have eyes
in the back of their head,
and know who is following
them from behind.
some women wear colored glasses, to be psychedelic. rose colored glasses.

Jan 29 @ 4:46AM  
I was told that near sighted...women were more tactile.... as he was trying to get my blouse off...

Jan 29 @ 7:51AM  
For me, glasses is definitely a turn-on. I love them. If I'm with a woman that wears glasses, they stay on during sex!

Now, of course, there are sexy glasses and there are ugly ones, but I really like the "secretary look" with glasses combined with formal but sexy clothes...or the innocent-but-naughty look with summer dress, pigtails and glasses. Yummy :-)

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Guys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses