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Is it soft drink, pop, soda, or cola where you live?

posted 8/13/2008 6:06:21 AM |
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I know different parts of the country has their own slang for different things as far as what soft drinks are called. I was chatting with my friend Tom about a week ago on here and some how this topic came up. I think he likes to call it just plain soft drinks. He knows most if not all of Ohio (my state) calls it pop. That's what I call my pepsi, or any other soft drink. When people call it soda like they tend to in the south I always think of baking soda.

What do you and others call soft drinks in your area of the U.S.?

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Aug 13 @ 6:09AM  
Okay, I'm being a blog hog and blog hoe this morning, so this will be my last one for a while. I may blog again in a few days.

Aug 13 @ 6:15AM  
Around here everybody calls them sodas. Growing up in Cali we called everything a brand name. Everything was a Coke. Jeans were always Levis. Tissues were always kleenex.

Aug 13 @ 6:16AM  
in IN it's pop also....but in NYC it's ''soda'' and in most of texas it's ''soda water'' .....shall i continue with the other states i've been in?

Aug 13 @ 6:16AM  
I grew up in New Zealand calling it soft drink and then when I moved to San Diego I learned it as soda.

Now up here in this part of Alaska where we have the biggest coast guard base in the USA and folks transferring in and out from all over the USA every summer it gets called any variety of the above depending on who you are talking to and where they are from at the time.

Aug 13 @ 6:23AM  
All I know is that in New Orleans you call it coke cola, and then they ask you what kind you do you want mountain dew, sprite, ect. Weird right.

Here, as long as you tip, you can call it whatever you want.


Aug 13 @ 6:27AM  
in most of texas it's ''soda water''

I've lived in Texas for 35 years and never heard anyone call it that. Can't recall anyone anywhere calling it that, now that now that I think about it. Soda water is club soda or seltzer as in scotch and soda.

Aug 13 @ 6:41AM  
I've always thought that Coca-Cola is a company that will always have a leg up on they're competition, simply because of the patent "Coke".

That's what people here, and a lot of the places I've traveled to, refer to their soft drinks as.

Even if someone is a Pepsi or Dr. Pepper consumer, they'll normally say something like "I need a Coke", or "Can I buy you a Coke", before buying the beverage of they're choice.

Certainly this isn't always the case, as there are a number of hardcore Pepsi and Dr. Pepper drinkers that will refer to those brands by name, but you'd be surprised at the number of people that drink those products that rarely mention it by name.

Coca-Cola was either brilliant or just plain stupid back in 1985, when they changed the original formula to "New Coke", depending on whether they actually did want to change it, or it was a publicity stunt, like many claim.

Whatever the case, there's no denying the power of the "Coke" patent.

Just off the top of my head, Kleenex is the only one I can think of that evens comes close.

Under Armour might be a brand that's on it's way to getting there, but it's certainly not in Coke's class yet.

So, "have a Coke and a smile", even if you plan on drinking Pepsi or Dr. Pepper.

Aug 13 @ 6:50AM  
pfft ,well ....eeeeveryone knows them Americans have weird names for everything.
just for the record, Aussie's call it soft drink.

Aug 13 @ 7:18AM  
Words is correct ~ soda water is used in the bar as a mixer - as in scotch and soda drinks, much like tonic water, as is quinine water (basically the same thing). Soda water is a great cleaning agent - we used to clean up the bar itself and a great stain remover. (reminder to self: use on blouse after next Strawberry Daiquiri disaster) It really does work....

Being a bartender for many years..... I had a tendency to drink soda with lime.... as it appeared I was "drinking" my usual gin and tonic to prevent drunks from continuing to "buy me drinks" after I was off work and ready to go home - ever try to tell a drunk NO, I don't want a drink but thanks anyway??? They are rather hard headed but also customers you don't want to anger..... so what they don't know - don't hurt them

Oh yeah, back to original subject....... people here call it pop.

Aug 13 @ 7:48AM  
Pop? is that a lolipop
Soda? Only if you have a bottle of gin on the table wtih it Coke
unless of course it is a Dr. Pepper...than it is a Dr. Pepper
Pepsi...who would drink one....ick...just personal preference.

Aug 13 @ 8:46AM  
Soft drink is mostly what ppl aound here call them.... though, brand names are used, Pass me a Diet Dr. Pepper plz!

Aug 13 @ 9:18AM  
I call it soda. People around here tend to call it pop. When I first moved here and called it soda I was asked if I wanted a phosphate. Had never heard of that...or a tenderloin (ew, gross stuff, in my opinion).

Aug 13 @ 10:58AM  
I call it pop, but only cuz it irks the piss out of my oldest daughter.

Yeah, G is from Nawlins.. and it's all coke.

Aug 13 @ 11:22AM  
I've worked for a food concession at the airport a few years ago and most people that come here are from different part of the country or maybe the world, and I heared them all. I even noticed that some folks go crazy looking for Dr. Pepper and some for Ginger Ale. A lot of places there only cater to Coca cola products. Anyways, Las Vegas just refers to it as "soda". I only drink Sprite if I eat heavy after 5.

Aug 13 @ 11:31AM  
As I mentioned in the "Yankee/Dixie" blog, my parents (from New England) called it
"soda," but my friends growing up called it "pop," so now I do, too.

It's GOTTA be Pepsi or nothing, for me, as far as particular brands go!

When my ex and I went to Gatlinburg, I went for three days without pop before finding a
drugstore that sold Pepsi 2 liters...for a price!!

Aug 13 @ 11:54AM  
pop in Northern MN

Aug 13 @ 11:58AM  
i think it was pop in Boston

Aug 13 @ 12:53PM  
My in-laws were from Michigan and called it soda. Most people in Hoosierland call it pop.

Aug 13 @ 12:55PM  
i prefer the term cold bubbly beverage...
but in these part's it's typicaly a coke, or a soft drink. i think that the latter is used more often due to the amount of beer thats consumed here

Aug 13 @ 1:58PM  
i call it beer!

Aug 13 @ 7:16PM  
I've lived in Texas for 35 years and never heard anyone call it that.

well pardon me...maybe it matters WHERE in Texas? i mean it IS a reasonably large state

Aug 13 @ 8:34PM  
We call it pop up here in Michigan

Aug 13 @ 8:41PM  
I have had ppl to call it sodie water, coke, pepsi. pop. the biggest thing I noticed about soft drinks is that the area you are in has a big impact on the taste. It must be the water. Up north the Pepsi's do taste better than thay do in the south. Here they taste flat and have a dirty film taste. Dr. Pepper has a good burn, Coke has a good first drink burn then fades.

Aug 14 @ 6:28PM  
Soder (like soader)

Aug 14 @ 10:21PM  
this is too damn funny! I haven't been on in awhile and this is what I run into! My friend was just making fun the other day for saying Pop! I never thought of it until that moment! She is from Milwaukee and said that they say soda!

Aug 15 @ 12:33PM  
high fructose butt filler

Aug 16 @ 9:31PM  
Well, let me think.... . Since I am a Washingtonian by birth, I will list it first.... it's a "pop" up there. Then I moved to Alabama and now I live in Texas. In the South, when someone asked me for a Coke, I learned to ask them what kind because "coke" is anything sweet and cardonated....

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Is it soft drink, pop, soda, or cola where you live?