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Should the police be blamed for fatal police chases ?

posted 8/6/2008 8:53:10 PM |
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Should police be blamed for all the police chases across the country? Over the past few years I have seen people blame the police for fatal crashes whenever the police pursue the criminals and the criminals crash into other cars killing innocent people. The cities across the country have now banned their own officers from pursuing these criminals because they feel that it puts the public at risk. I say sure, there are risks involved in a police chase, but I feel that it's the criminals fault, not the officers involved. Criminals get away with just about everything today!

Also, how do you all feel about camaras on traffic lights? I'm all for that too to cut down on speeders and people running red lights. Also, it cuts down on crime on the streets muggings, thefts, and robberies.

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Aug 6 @ 9:10PM  
no, its the suspects fault, guilty or innocent or no lo contendre or not guilty
by reason of stupidity or being deaf and dumb or blind or bein in bad taste.
you gotta pull over absolutely immediately or be shot to death. if totally
stoned outta your mind and due for jail duty, accept it. its a hard thing
to give up, your house, your wife, your car, your kids, your job, but
ya just gotta accept it. should not have taken the first drink.
quit drinking or go to jail. a.l.a. the alcoholic liberation army and mothers
against drunk driving, and fathers against drunk driving, and sons against
drunk driving and daughters against drunk driving and drunks against drunk
driving and brothers against drunk driving and punks against drunk driving
and sisters against drunk driving and nuns against drunk driving and satanists
against drunk driving and anymore against drunk driving i should mention?
it costs about 200 thousand dollars or more by the time you get through
with processing. and more, if you get convicted, because they aren't
gonna sentence you to AA anymore. AA has been banned as totally baloney.
ya can't get your court card signed anymore. only people who go to AA
anymore are sober s.o.b.'s who hate drunks. they just sit around and
tell everyone their sad tale of sober woe. how boring it is to be sober
forever and ever. if you're a drunk you have to sober up even if you are drunk
when you are sober and sober when you are drunk. think, thunk drunk.
etc. red lights behind you in the red light district? oh, crap. ah well,
it was a nice life while it lasted. o'bummer.

Aug 6 @ 9:17PM  
Its always someone elses fault but the guilty....

Aug 6 @ 9:17PM  
they should quit chasin'
start catchin'

never chased a mouse - caught plenty
smart-assed response aside
if they're going to stop someone
have backup in place before the attempted "pull over"
not always feasible but
if it seems suspicious - have the "run routes" covered
shut em down before they get up a full head of steam
just a thought

Aug 6 @ 9:19PM  
Also, how do you all feel about camaras on traffic lights? I'm all for that too to cut down on speeders and people running red lights. Also, it cuts down on crime on the streets muggings, thefts, and robberies.

Aug 6 @ 9:21PM  
I didnt know it was only drunks that committed crimes..........

Shawn, in my opinion, police chases should be stopped......yea i know the criminals will get away..........but isnt that better than innocent ppl losing their lives......I dont know i guess i would rather they just caught them some other way.......and yea i know if police chases are banned all criminals will flee.........but at least more ppl will live......and it doesnt matter whose fault it shouldnt happen..........JMHO

Aug 6 @ 9:22PM  
as a general rule, police are not allowed to engage in a pursuit that goes over 100 MPH (dont ask me how I know this). they must get authorization, rarely given, unless State Troopers become involved, and even then, only when on a state highway. Ever wanna elude the police.....just gun it up to 160 in town and hope to hell you can drive like Grand Theft Auto...

Aug 6 @ 9:23PM  
The eye in the sky is alrighty with lobg as they aren't in my bedroom! Oh...uh...never mind.

Aug 6 @ 9:33PM  
I have one ticket in the last 25 years. A stupid traffic light camera shows me about 15 feet beyond a red light. I remember it being yellow as I went through, and I wasn't speeding. After a thorough test of their system the concluded I must have been going 65 in a 35 mph zone. In the picture you can see a car in front of me and a car behind me. That would have meant we were all traveling that speed. I was warned of contempt twice and paid my $95.00 fine. I guess I could have paid an attorney $200 to get me out of it for the principal of it but I thought better of it.

Aug 6 @ 9:41PM  
Yeah, I gotta say, they should be blamed. As well as the criminal they were chasing. A better solution would be to get as much information on the vehicle as possible and let em go. you can always pick em up grocery shopping somewhere.. everyone has to eat.

Aug 6 @ 9:50PM  
If you start pushing blame on the Police every time something goes wrong, it makes it pretty hard, if not impossible, for them to do their job.

Aug 6 @ 10:15PM  
Wait till they go to the STORE....I won't even reply to that!

Aug 6 @ 11:05PM  
I would say the blame would lie with the criminal who took off, therefore causing the chase.

Skwirl made a good point..get all the info off the car they flee in...look for them that way. Putting 100's of innocent lives at risk just to make a quick catch..isn't worth it. There are ways to catch criminals...most screw up sooner or later and get caught.

Aug 6 @ 11:26PM  
That’s a hypothetical question which cannot be answered in the definitive.

As example, a high speed chase that started as a minor traffic violation that’s stupid; they usually already have the license number so go to there house or work and arrest them. If the cops continue they are also placing the citizens at risk they are supposed to be protecting. In those cases I could understand them having some kind of liability should someone killed injured or killed. But if they are chasing someone that robbed, shot and or killed someone then we have a completely different prospective.

In general, I feel it is a question of does the chase constitutes a greater risk to the general population than letting them go? If so then they should probably back off and let them go. However, if the criminal is a greater risk to the general population than the chase then they should probably try and catch and apprehend them. But in the process of the pursuit the cops need to remember that though the individual may be able to out run their cruiser I have never seen a car that could out run their Motorola.

Aug 7 @ 12:36AM  
Get all the info off the car you can, it is hard enough for cops to get the license plate let alone much else with certainty in a high speed chase. That I know from 2 friends that work in law enforcement.

In 25 years they have made in the USA 9 million Honda Accords and yes there have been model changes like ever 4 to 6 years but the point is getting the cars description really isn't much help when they get away. Which dark blue Honda Accord was it?

I agree with swyeter thoughts on this subject. Point well made.

Aug 7 @ 12:37AM  

Yep; The chases should be stopped. With all the Tech. they have these days,
They can set a road block ahead of them and follow with choppers just to name a few things they can do.
And like EWE says, it's not just drunks that are criminals.

Aug 7 @ 1:16AM  
Here is a little reading material on a high speed pursuit that made it to the Supreme Court and left the driver a quadriplegic. He tried to sue the officer.

Aug 7 @ 3:58AM  
In Calgary we have two police helicopters that track criminals who sure has cut down on accidents....and yes ...the more camera's the better...if your not doing anything illegal then why worry about survelience.

Aug 7 @ 5:23AM  
Car chases - equip police cruisers with small thermonuclear devices. Nuke 'em! Kidding!

I'm not fond of red light cameras for three reasons. One, if a motorist commits an infraction, they should be notified immediately, not via snail mail a week or two later.

Two, it's a money grab. The manufacturers of speeding and light cameras get a cut of the fine.

Here's an article by the god of motoring Patrick Bedard.

Aug 7 @ 10:59AM  
I would as soon the gent does not reply to my post.

Let's talk about Police chases ...

In my home town area, there was a man who killed his mother and father in a very brutal manner. In the resultant man-hunt, two vehicles not bearing the man in question were involved in HSP of the alleged criminal. The result was two destroyed cruisers at the tax payer's expense along with one of the innocent partie's vehicle. Needless to say, they didn't catch him because in his pickup on rough terrain he knew like the back of his hand.. he was outta there.

Two weeks later the man in question sat at the local Dairy Queen for 3 hours while calls were made to the Sheriffs dept and PD stating that he was in the restaurant. Nothing happened. He finally drove his pickup INTO .. yes literally INTO the damned jail in order to get arrested.

The point of this whole thing? If the cops had followed up on tips rather than sitting on their coffee sippin hineys..they could have gotten him without damage. But no.. sigh .. shutting the fuck up now because it won't make any difference what I think.

Aug 7 @ 12:57PM  
Two wrongs do not make a right. A judgement must be made on clear and present danger before engaging in a high speed chase. If you are talking about a mass murderer on a tear, that is on thing. Somebody, drunk with warrants is another. It is a case by case issue requiring judgment. Many law enforcement agencies do this today, though we did have one in Dallas recently where the chase went awry on a GTA bait car and the resulting crash killed a woman.

Aug 7 @ 6:00PM  
Chasing is really dangerous. You have the person's info, catch them later.

Aug 9 @ 12:09AM  
Swap those puny helicopters the cops use for a good ole AH-64 Apache Gunship. Let the crook think he snuck his ass out of populated areas & then POOF! no trial, no repeat offenders & the taxpayers save a fortune.

Ok Yeah so I'm grouchy today.

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Should the police be blamed for fatal police chases ?