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Did any of you have a steady job growing up (in your teens)?

posted 8/4/2008 5:12:11 PM |
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tagged: fun, money, job, work, straddle

How many of you actually had a job growing up and made money and to only blow it on fun things such as video games, candy, and dates? Growing up between the ages of 11-16 me and my sister had a paper route and grass cutting jobs. We both spent our money on what we wanted and had fun doing so. I spent a lot of mine and video games and candy, and other entertainment stuff. Paper routes are going by the waistside today, and grass cutting jobs, well, I don't see many teens doing that today as well. Hell, do teens even work today?

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Aug 4 @ 5:16PM  
My first job at 12 .. it was full weekend time.. 24 on Saturday and 16 on Sunday.. so yeah it was even full time.

Aug 4 @ 5:19PM  
I started working at age 14 summertime was full time and winter was part time plus school plus taking care of the farm as my father was ill...........spend on anything i want to? must have wanted to pay the electric bill and buy groceries as that is where my money went..........

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Aug 4 @ 5:19PM  
My first job at 12 .. it was full weekend time.. 24 on Saturday and 16 on Sunday.. so yeah it was even full time.

I didn't think the government allowed a minor to work a full time job. What kind of job was it?

Aug 4 @ 5:37PM  
i fished golf balls out of the creek n sold em bak 2 the golfers......mowed lawns,,,,,,,,bagged groceries...........i was always workin since i was 8

Aug 4 @ 5:55PM  
I didn't think the government allowed a minor to work a full time job. What kind of job was it?

"Back in the day" Shawn, the government didn't give a flying rats posterior how many hours you worked a kid! My first was from age 9-13 driving hay trucks (how I learned to drive!) and bucket and bottle feeding 65 head of calves every morning and every evening. Wasn't just a family operation so yeah I got paid a small "stipend". Then from 13-17 worked for a dairy queen type operation for a whole $1.50 an hour! Which wasn't bad considering gas was only .47 a gallon! Didn't get to blow it tho, paid for all my own clothes, gas, oil and car insurance after I was old enough to get a license!

Aug 4 @ 5:57PM  
I worked at a very small telephone answering service that also had the associated Oregon Loggers radio service. Maybe the laws didn't allow it.. but my financial situation did. I was contract labor though so I think that's how we got around stuff.

When I turned 16 I was receptionist for an Aero Club.. yup and also recruiter for new members.


Aug 4 @ 5:57PM  
Oh yeah.. I got to spend mine on anything I wanted as long as it was food or clothing items.

Aug 4 @ 5:58PM  
I babysat until I was old enuff for a job

Aug 4 @ 6:06PM  
I got high and painted houses, had a paper route, and did other work (bailing hay, etc...)

Aug 4 @ 6:14PM  
I started workin when I was 12 for my neighbor who was a builder. I was a gopher at first until I learned how to frame. Then at 15 my neighbors on my other side started a landscaping business so i went to work for them and when they split up the business I went back n forth between em for the next 15 yrs.

Aug 4 @ 7:19PM  
I have worked as long as I can remember. Whether it was for something I wanted or something I needed. My Dad had me do chores so I could pay for my ballet slippers and costumes and classes. Any special equipment for sports I participated in I had to purchase. My first regular job at 13 was a paper route in Lansing, Iowa. I started with fifty papers and ended with 350. I bought an English Peugot (SP?) Racing Bike that I rode everyday and till I was 23 when I sold it for a small price to an elderly man with a sick wife. He paid me $5 a week for sometime until he had given me the $50 I wanted. Ever since the I was 13 I had a regular job. Bought my own car, paid my way thru college, and have my own house. Yadda yadda these days...HA! I remember when my Dad used to say that about my generation...

Aug 4 @ 8:02PM  
I worked on a tobacco farm every summer of high school. Living in a rural are, it was the only job I could get w/out a car. I blew some of the money, but saved the rest to buy a couple of cars. During school, I worked at a McDonald's, print shop, and a local deli. The last two summers, I worked the farm during the day and McDonald's at night.

Aug 4 @ 8:04PM  
I had a morning paper route starting at age 10. My mom helped me til she passed when I was almost 12. At this time I took up an afternoon route to go with it. It was the easiest route you could imagine. Six apartment complexes. At 13 my dad let me operate the lawnmower. At 14 I bought the best moped in the city. A $643 Motobecane. It was bad to the bone. My friends mopeds couldn't touch it. I used the moped for my morning paper route and got done in 15 minutes versus the 45 - 60 it was taking me. I was able to double the size of that route. It was disgusting. My friends parents would give them anything they wanted. The had just gotten new skateboards. I woke up one Saturday morning with no money and 10 lawns later and gallon of sweat I bought a $100 dollar skateboard that blew theirs away. Their parents bought them a $250 - $300 bmx bike, I came back with a $500 bmx bike. In the winter I made more money shoveling driveways and in the fall it was raking leaves until spring came and I cut grass again. The summer I graduated I was working three jobs 80 hours per week to get the car I wanted. After the summer was over I paid cash for a 4 year old 1978 sky blue Camero. $4000 bucks cash for 3 months hard work plus I was buying other things too.

Aug 4 @ 8:50PM  
Paper route, mowed yards, stock boy, bus boy. All of that shit and it went for gas and car insurance with enough left over to pay for a date and some eight track tapes.

grass cutting jobs, well, I don't see many teens doing that today as well

Around here the only people that do that speak Spanish. Nobody seems to be hiring Americans.

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Aug 4 @ 8:58PM  
eight track tapes.

What's those? j/k I know what they are, I had some of those too when I was a kid. Damn you're old! Bruce, j/k again about the age thing. lol

Aug 4 @ 9:09PM  
My Grandparents owned a clam shop and I started shucking clams before I ever even went to elementary school. Yes I did get to spend my money on what I wanted, and some summers I paid for my own school clothes as my father rarely paid his child support and we couldn't afford to buy many new clothes otherwise.

Aug 4 @ 9:32PM  
Busboy/Dishwasher/Cook/Server at an Italian restaurant
Bagger/Stockboy at a grocery store
Muralist's assistant
Basement Waterproofing Salesman

Spent it on my car, sound system for car, gas for car, insurance for car, lunch at school, dates (when I could get them ) etc. Also saved for college. But I ended up getting a scholarship so I spends it on beer and weed. Good motivation to keep the grades up!

Aug 4 @ 9:40PM  
Cold calling for renewals of magazines owned by Time Warner when I was 17.Some of you folks might've hung up in my face for all I know.I figured if Hell exists it would be doing something like telemarketing for an eternity.Anyway,when I gave some of my pay to my mom,I went to the mall or flea market on weekends...

Damn,I miss it.Being carefree,not the job.

Aug 4 @ 10:12PM  
I though growing up in my teens was a full time job ... well at least the way I did it anyway

Aug 4 @ 10:32PM  
started working as a jr. g-man, jr. t-man, actor in movies and tv at eight
years old to 14 years old, then gardening, washing windows, musician
and then jerry's drive in and jack in the box as cook and cashier till
high school graduation.

Aug 4 @ 10:49PM  
eight track tapes.

Actually, before those came out, I had four track tapes. At least I am not old enough to have every bought 78 RPM records.

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Did any of you have a steady job growing up (in your teens)?