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Do you still give money to your children?

posted 8/4/2008 2:44:56 PM |
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Do, or did you ever give money to your children when they need(ed) it? Natasha tried to call yesterday when I was out and when I got home I saw where she tried to call and I thought instantly she wanted money....AGAIN! lol Well, she called me today right before 1pm and I answered. Sure enough she asked me for $40. I told her that I can give her $20. She said that she needed it for her car insurance due at 4pm today before they close. I guess she's going to ask her aunt Patty for the other $20. She brought her new bf (Brandon) down with her as she did last time she came along with a few of her other friends. After that last visit she asked me what I thought of Brandon and I said he seemed nice, but looked a little faggy looking. Well, she told him and it came up whenever I asked him if Tash was dressing him now since he had a Michigan shit on, and he laughed and said no that he's always been a fan of Michigan. Tash then said yeah, he doesn't look faggy now. lol Man, talk about an awkard moment. I told him that Tash wanted to know what I thought of him and that I had told her that you seemed like a nice guy, but looked a little faggy, and that I meant no disrespect torward him when I had stated that to Tash over the phone. He pretty much laughed it off and I don't think he's going to hold that against me. I told Tash that what I said was only meant for her ears about that. She smiled and said that she's pretty blunt and doesn't hold back. So then I got a little even with her and embarrassed her with some stories with me and her mom years ago. lol Her face got a little red and Brandon laughed. Anyway, they were here for about 45 minutes. I did ask her that I thought that she was getting a check around the first of the month. She said that she has to give her aunt Patty $390 every month. That's who she's living with along with the caregivers for Alex. I didn't know she was giving her aunt money for all of that. As for Willie, there has been no news on that yet. Maybe in another week they will finally take him into custody.

Getting back to my question now. Do you give your children money when they need it? The last couple of times I have tod her that I didn't have it, and since it's been a while since I have given her anything, I thought that I would give her a little something today.

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Aug 4 @ 2:56PM  
Btw, right after I talked with Tash around 1pm before she came down here we had a tragic accident above pizza hut, right up the street from me in New Boston where there's been bumper to bumper traffic in front of my house. Here's what I learned about it. There's an assisted living retirement place right up the street from me and pizza hut which back in the early to mid 80's when they built it it was orignally a Best Western Inn. A female resident got away from her care worker and was hit by a red pick up truck while crossing the street. He her was wrapped around the axel of the truck and she was believed to be D.O.A. by the highway patrol, and that the coroner was on his way there to the scene. Traffic is still backed up after two hours where they have everything still blocked off. I really hate to see and hear things like this happen, especially when it's so close to me.

Aug 4 @ 3:25PM  
red pick up truck

I just learned that the red truck was a heiner's bread truck that hit her.

Aug 4 @ 4:38PM  
All my kids are still living with me. Except the one that ran away to live with his aunt. He's had a job this summer and hasn't cost too much. Even my 13 year old is doing some caddy work for some extra money. It helps a lot. I don't see me giving them too much money once they leave the nest.

Aug 4 @ 4:50PM  
When I was between 11-16 years old me and my sister shared a paper route and we had grass cutting jobs in those years. I loved making money, and then blowing it spending quarters on video games at stores and the arcade. lol We earned our money growing up.

Aug 4 @ 6:13PM  
My momma still helps me out here and there. My dad is a mechanic and takes care of maintaining my truck. Sometimes I buy the oil and filter or brakes and sometimes he gets them. Just depends. My momma is good to me!!

Aug 4 @ 9:01PM  
When they get in touch with you mostly when they want something, it gets damned old. There are a lot of losers in the world and every one of them is somebody's kid. Mine finally outgrew all of that crap, thankfully. It didn't happen until her mom and I quit enabling her and stopped reaching for our wallets, opting instead to say "tough shit" to all of the long, sad stories.

Aug 4 @ 9:05PM  
My son is on SSI and if he needs money and I have it I do try to help him, but its rare that he needs any.

Aug 4 @ 9:10PM  
Well there has been times my kids need money and there has been times I have needed money from them.........we dont give each other money.......we make loans and we pay them back.........that way no one feels like anyone is using them but its nice when in a moment of need you have ppl you can count on.......

Aug 4 @ 9:19PM  
we make loans and we pay them back.........

Tash always asks "if she can borrow money". I know it's easy for someone to say borrow instead of saying something like"hey, can you give me $20-50"?

I should say after she says that next time, "sure, I'll give you a loan, but you have to pay me back". But I doubt that I could actually ever do that. I'm sure she's not the only one to say "borrow", a lot of teens do that expecting not to pay it back to their parents. lol

Aug 4 @ 9:31PM  
Its more like the other way around.

Aug 4 @ 9:39PM  
a lot of teens do that expecting not to pay it back to their parents.

Yea well if the parents let them get by with it, I am sure they do......I taught my children the value of money........and they know that I dont "give" them money..........they don't "give"me well for us........

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Do you still give money to your children?