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Heard from the devil himself

posted 11/21/2006 8:36:52 PM |
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tagged: drama, straddle, daughter

Natasha came on down to pick up her money and visited some where we had a cheese pizza and some chocolate cake. She brought her half brother with her which made things a little uncomfortable, but after roughly 15 minutes she went on back out to the car to convince him to come on in. I first asked her how come he wasn't coming in, and she said that he just doesn't like meeting new people and that he's uneasy about that. I didn't have a problem with him coming in, he was more than welcome to come on in. Anyway, she finally brought him in and everything went well. After about almost an hour they had to leave and about 25 minutes later I get this phone call from the same number I tried calling Natasha to see if she was coming in earlier. There's this guy who has appearantly been drinking that asked if my name is Shawn, and I said yes, speaking....He wanted to know what nerve I had to call Natasha my daughter, and where the hell I was the last 18 years where he's changed her diapers and raised her, and that he's her dad. I asked him what's his name, because as things were developing with this phone conversation I'm pretty sure who it was and told him that if I found out that Natasha was mine I was going to look him (Ann's husband) up and deal with him after hearing about how he beat on Natasha off and on over the years (and beat on Ann too). During the summer I was willing to try not to continue on with this rage I had about knowing that if Natasha was mine I was going to hurt this guy I have never met. This guy I have heard is into drugs, and has had a lot of undesirables in and out of their house over the years and Natasha wanted no part of that lifestyle. Getting back to this guy now.....I called the guy a coward because he wouldn't tell me who he was and wouldn't tell me other information, and the fact that he hits on women (and he even stole gasoline here in my county back around Memorial Day and spent a few days in jail for that). He then threatened me saying that I should do that, because he's going to get a lawyer and sue me for all the child support. I told him that he didn't have all his facts and DO NOT call my number again, and he told me not to ever call his number again. He then asked me if I f*** Ann, and I paused, and then he asked me again if I f*** Ann and then I said no, I made love to her, and before I could say that I was her first love and first person and only person she "made love" with he hung up on me. I really wanted to get that in there with him too. So after a pretty good visit with Natasha and her half brother I get this moron calling and causing some problems. I tried to call Natasha's half brother's cell phone to talk with Natasha since their still in the car on their way back up there, but it just rang and went to the voice mail where I didn't leave a message. And to think that I was considering not folowing up on looking this guy up if it did turn out that Natasha was mine because of all the stuff that I have been hearing that's been positive. Now it looks like I'm having a difficult time in letting it go. His son seems like a person that you can get along with, so I'm sure his son isn't like him as far as being a sleezy person who hits on women and gets jealous over anything. Right now I'm a little pissed off and I'm not even sure what side Natasha is even on, especially since she's staying in a small camper that belongs to her mom and this idiot close by to where they're living. Natasha is suppose to come in for Thanksgiving and spending it with me and my family. I did give her $90 to go back home with.

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Nov 21 @ 11:09PM don't deserve that!!! You're trying to right by her...well, by everyone! I know that it's hard to share being a parent with someone new, but it sounds like he's got some insecurity issues. Just be careful, guy - I don't want to see anything bad happen to you! My thoughts are with you, hon...

Nov 22 @ 1:49AM  
Well, people can sure press each other's buttons. I can't speak as far as who was doing the pressing becuase I hardly know you much and I don't know the other guy at all, but I know whom I'm inclined to believe: The guy I know who's been trying to do the right thing all along.

This kind of drama erupts fairly frequently around the holidays. So don't take it personally. Taking assholes personally only gives them power over you. (I know I don't follow my own advice too well there, but I never claimed not to be human.)

In addition, I have family that works for the PA liquor control board and you would not believe the increase in sales from Thanksgiving through the new year. I guess if people have to spend time with loved ones they need to do it while toasted. I guess this guy is just working himself up early.

You take care and try to be the better person. I know it may not count for much, but you have my respect.

Nov 22 @ 2:09AM  
damn, what an ass. hopefully you and natasha don't have to have more dealings with this man than absolutely nessesary.. Sounds like it's a good thing Natasha's going to be with you this thanksgiving.

Nov 22 @ 3:05AM  
This guy sounds like a coward trying to act like a man. To actually have the nerve to ask where you been the last 18 years. You did not know about your daughter,so how could you have been there? If you had known about Natasha I believe you would of done the right thing. For him to say he's going to sue you for support just proves one thing. All he cares about is the all mighty dollar. Stay strong and don't let this idiot stop you from being the best dad you can be.

Nov 22 @ 7:54AM  
Man, I have to agree with everyone. Being the stand-up kinda guy you have shown to us, if you had known Natasha might even possibly be yours years ago, I'm betting you would have made the effort then as well.
Don't let the freak bring you down to his level. I don't see this freak offering to pay for her heating this winter, now do I? No, that's you.... I dunno doll but my guess is that he is a cowardly worthless sack of skin who just likes terrorizing.

Nov 22 @ 1:57PM  
ohh hell this guy sounds like a real douchbag! keep a cool head when dealing with him....sounds like you're doing well with it..and IT WILL be tuff...cause if he's a doper he's probably a good manipulater...just make sure you continue to ACT ......not RE act

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Heard from the devil himself