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Do you think there's a link to cancer with cell phone use?

posted 8/3/2008 3:50:49 PM |
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I read an artical about a week ago in the Columbus Dispatch about possible links to cancer as far as brain tumors go with the use of cell phones. I read it again yesterday in my local newspaper. The head of a prominent cancer research institute (Dr. Ronald Herberman of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute) issued an umprecedented warning to his faculty and staff: Limit cell phone use because of the possible cancer risk. He is basing his alarm on early unpublished data. In his memo he stated that children should only use cell phones only for emergencies because their brains are still developing. Adults should keep the phone away from the head and use the speakerphone or a wireless headset. He even warns against using cell phone in public places because it exposes others to the phone's electromagnetic fields.

My question to you all with cell phones is, knowing something like this exists, are you likely to cut down on the use of your sell phone, use the speakerphone and/or wireless headset from now on, or get rid of your cell phone all together? Also, would you cut back on the use of it in public areas around other people?

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Aug 3 @ 3:58PM  
Yes, Luna, I'm doing another cell phone blog!

Aug 3 @ 4:15PM  
Remember when cordless phones and car phones first came out. There was this big deal the gov't put out about cancer from both of them. Then all of sudden they said oh everything is just fine, no risk. The same will happen will this cell phone study and then we will all die of brain tumors.

Aug 3 @ 4:23PM  
cordless phones

Boy, if this was true about cordless phones then I would be screwed!

Aug 3 @ 4:53PM  
I don't use my cell phone in public. I keep it on in case my Mom clls because she is 84. I think it is rude to talk on your phone in open areas around other people. Especially the ones who talk loudly...they are also the ones who smack gum loudly in public. I think it is selfish. So if I get a tumor it will be my tumor from talking to my friends and family in the privacy of my space, and you won't be harmed from it...I will own my tumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , and I pay monthly for it too! Maybe AT$T will pay for my surgery...hey I bet they could start an insurance plan....!!!!!!!!!! OMG...don't tell them...

Aug 3 @ 4:56PM  
smack gum loudly

I do this. Always drove Kim nuts!

Aug 3 @ 5:12PM  
Sounds like Kim is gone?

Aug 3 @ 5:19PM  
Hm.Sounds like scaremongering,I wouldn't sweat it. Seems like one week,things are good for you;then one week,they're bad.Please throw me a fricken bone here!

Aug 3 @ 5:23PM  
I didn't mean it like she left cause of the gum smakin honey. Is she gone? I have no clue! I was just teasing cause the way you worded it. Belive me I wouldn't hit below the belt on purpose. Sorry.

Aug 3 @ 5:30PM  
cell phones are evil ! ! ! ! !
toss them in the trash ! ! ! !
talk to your neighbor ! ! ! !
embrace your neighbor ! ! ! !
fuck your neighbor - forget the phone ! ! ! !
hey bunny - need a neighbor ???

Aug 3 @ 5:34PM  
fuck your neighbor - forget the phone ! ! ! !

can I fuck my neighbor's sister instead? She's got the tightest little ass you ever did wanna eat

Aug 3 @ 5:51PM  
I depend on my cell for work and usually exceed 2,000 minutes per month. So, I got a Bluetooth headset, just in case the warnings are correct. Of course, someone is eventually going to release a study that Bluetooth signals cause cancer, too.

I carried my cell in my pants pocket until I heard about a possible cancer link with cell phones.

Aug 3 @ 5:57PM  
can I fuck my neighbor's sister instead? She's got the tightest little ass you ever did wanna eat
as long as we're bein' neighborly
let's all fuck your neighbor's sister

Aug 3 @ 6:10PM  
no way dude! I been waitin on that ass for 5 years while I sat by and watched her douchey bf treat her not so good. He used to come over all the time to buy car parts off of me and now he's gone for good. I WILL tap that ass...if it's any consolation I'll webcam it and let yas watch

Aug 3 @ 7:28PM  
Everything just freakin causes cancer, it's scary thinkin one day you're going to blog that dicks causes cancer. . . please don't let that happen, still waitin on that one to come my way

Aug 3 @ 8:29PM  
All I hear is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah......

Aug 3 @ 8:44PM  
Click I have tried to be neighborly...but your too busy...Hey rnj, I hope you get to TAP THAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God knows if it were a keg ya already would have done it!

Aug 3 @ 9:17PM  
my neighbors fine ass sister got cancer from her cell phone while i was tappin that ass

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Do you think there's a link to cancer with cell phone use?