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Nekkid or Lingerie??

posted 8/3/2008 8:37:49 AM |
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tagged: lingerie, sunshine

In the privacy of your own bedroom, do you prefer your partner....male or female,
to be all the way nekkie or in some sexy lingerie?? I'd have to say for myself, that 99% of the time I'm nekkid. I'm not one for lingerie. It always feels itchy and funny to me.

So, nekkid or Lingerie?

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Aug 3 @ 8:41AM  
I prefer my guy to be naked....but I love to wear pretty things, and stockings...

Aug 3 @ 8:48AM  
I like him naked ....i like to wear sexxy things

Aug 3 @ 8:58AM  
A little lingerie, so i can take it off of her....

Aug 3 @ 9:01AM  
well good question sometimes i wanna get right down to business so naked would be just fine lol but having said that I also happen to think its very sexy to work you way up and slowly reveal the nakedness lol. sometimes its just really hot to leave some clothing on

Aug 3 @ 9:04AM  
If she is well built, nude. If not, something silk or satin is nice and dim the lights.

Aug 3 @ 9:24AM  
never again will I view dimmed lights the same

Aug 3 @ 9:29AM  
dim the lights

For some reason, the older I and the women got, the more clothing and darker the room. Sometimes is is just best to dispense with the visual aspects.

Aug 3 @ 9:29AM  
If she is well built, nude. If not, something silk or satin is nice and dim the lights
SO Bruce..........what kind of silk or satin things do you wear?

I like wearing sexy outfits..........and i like it when he takes them off me.... and i want him to be wearing nothing but a smile.........

Aug 3 @ 9:55AM  
Lingerie during forepaly, nekkid after that. Preferably all night long.

Aug 3 @ 10:04AM  
I like Nekkid...but most women like frilley Lingerie, soooo, whatever makes
'her' happy. (Within reason).
I've noticed that some women like to wear stuff for nooners......
Really, I'm don't even notice the stretch marks or love handles.

Aug 3 @ 10:06AM  
I like it when you wear lingerie and I wear my thong.

Aug 3 @ 10:10AM  
SO Bruce..........what kind of silk or satin things do you wear?

I actually have a couple of satin pajama type things. I may be mistaken, but the term is lounge wear. I used to have a silk kimono, but I got to big for it, so I gave it to girlfriend about ten years ago.

Aug 3 @ 10:18AM  
I used to have a silk kimono, but I got to big for it, so I gave it to girlfriend about ten years ago.

Bruce's cock was hangin' out! Thank god she didn't ask you it you were having a "viewing"......(funeral)

Aug 3 @ 10:23AM  
can we PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS NOW>>>Bruce is having his viewing! HA! NAKEDNAKEDNAKEDNAKED...unless of course Kris and I are roleplaying...I have a ruler and he is in his lil catholic uniform....Bunny chases him arond the room with ruler...NAKEDNAKEDNAKEDNAKKED.....

Aug 3 @ 11:03AM  
I'm a naked kinda girl, but will put something silky on for him. He should be naked, hot & hard!

Aug 3 @ 11:04AM  
bunny we can do it with the lights on babes lol and you don't gotta chase me I wanna be caught .

Aug 3 @ 11:24AM  
Bruce is having his viewing!

Rigor mortis is a good thing with certain parts of the anatomy.

Aug 3 @ 11:41AM  
lingerie in the summer
my bunny jammies with the feet and the tail and the floppy ears in winter -
they're so cuddly and warm
did you mean her???????
ok - ignore this

Aug 3 @ 12:17PM  
Rigamortis....kinda made me horny...omg now i have that wierd fetish...ewwwwwwwwww...when I bartended this man used to come in and he was the make up artist at the morge (SP?)....he was very strange...if you moved to fast around him he would flinch! Hmmmm

Aug 3 @ 12:19PM  
Anything SILK or SATIN...not chiffon cause it is itchy. I prefer nite shirt style.

I can't help but think about a few years ago when a certain person would come during the day to play...I hated it!!! So I fixed him....I covered the bedroom windows with tinfoil and since I didn't have a bedroom door, I hung a heavy blanket instead. You walked through it and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face!! Then a small candle and it was perfect!

Aug 3 @ 12:43PM  
not chiffon cause it is itchy

I don't like wool or muslin for that very reason. Flannel is nice in the winter though.

Aug 3 @ 1:17PM  
I like my Lady in what ever she wants, I do Love Lacey things..though!!!... I'm a Kiss you all over type of guy! So the clothes want be on all nite!!
When I was in Progresso Mexico last Fall, one of the vendors had a Hand Made fishnet type of gown/thingy, it was sooo Sexy!!!...I almost bought it.. even though I had noone to give it too!!
I told her to find a Lady that could wear it and send her to the ship!!!
Oh yeah.. Ill wear what ever she wants me too...I do have silk shorts..

Aug 3 @ 1:28PM  
I think naked is the way to go!!! Lingerie just gets in the way lol! Although I have to say crotchless panties.....OH YEAH!

Aug 3 @ 2:04PM  
I prefer my partner to be nekkid too. The whole lingerie thing does absolutely nothing for me.

Aug 3 @ 3:09PM  
I like to be unwrapped slowly like birthday present.

Aug 3 @ 3:45PM  
DangerousCurves999 said:

I like to be unwrapped slowly like birthday present.

Ya know... my birthday is coming up here...

Aug 3 @ 4:11PM  
sexy lingerie

I prefer this...

Aug 3 @ 5:42PM  
Does a half-unbuttoned shirt and jeans bunched up around the ankles count as lingere?

Aug 3 @ 5:44PM  
Meet me at the door wearing something sexy. We're both nekkid by the time we make it to the couch, bedroom, wherever.

Aug 3 @ 7:50PM  
mcroxton my birthday is coming up too on Sept 3 and I will be unwrapped in Chicago by John on that day

Aug 3 @ 7:53PM  
Naked of course.The only way to be in my eyes.

Aug 3 @ 10:43PM  
HEY! I see lookin4fun has finally joined us in the blogs!! I've been trying to talk him into it for ages.

Welcome him please....and gals....he's really single....good looking (too young for me ) but we've been friends for a year now. He's a super nice guy, easy to talk to. Yes I've met him, he's honest to the core....and we're just friends. So go get him ladies!

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Nekkid or Lingerie??