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posted 8/2/2008 8:57:18 PM |
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I've not been on here for awhile, well...not actively anyways. So this evening I'm going to type. Really, really type! I've got a few things on my mind, and well...this is as good a place as any to vent. Right? Don't like it...don't read it.

So, first things first. I was on Myspace a little bit ago. I know some of you may think I'm too old to be on that site, but alot of my family and Billy's family is on there and that's how we keep in touch with people who don't live close...without having to write each and every person an individual email...yanno?
So anyways, one of my younger cousins wrote a blog today. It seems that the husband of one of her co-workers went for his daily bike ride in the afternoon and never came home.
You see my friends...he was hit by a drunk driver on a residential street. The driver was going 55 mph. He was killed instantly. cousin didn't write all of this in her blog...but told me after I emailed her to see if she was ok.
See...something like this tends to hit close to home for us.
At times like this...I ask myself; What does it take to convince a person to take a cab, ask a sober friend to drive them...or just stay the fuck home? A ticket? A DUI? Or actually killing someone?
Unfortunately, too many times its that last one. Another, usually innocent random life has to be taken "accidently" for a person who gets behind the wheel drunk to get the message.
How many of you know a person who has been killed by a drunk driver? I know oldest brother. He was a passenger in the car...and was also drunk.
Does this make a difference...because he wasn't killed by a stranger? Not to him...and not to his good friend who was driving.

Now how many know a person who got behind the wheel drunk and killed someone? I know two...I'm not going to go into details here except to say they both served time in prison and they're both sober since the incident. But for both of them...that's what it took. They both spend a part of every day wishing they could go back...wishing that they would've gotten the message sooner. Both of these people are very close to is also close to my cousin that wrote the blog that inspired this. That's why I said it tends to hit close to home.

Other things...

Things are getting a bit tight around here again. I lost my job a few weeks ago, and unfortunately the job market right now sucks! I came so close to getting a great job at one point...close to home with great pay and benefits...only to lose out to someone who is bi-lingual!
So we're having to tighten our belts again, but its not as bad as things were last year at this time. And the Wyldechild is helping out as much as he can. I know...right? The Wyldechild??? Yes...he is! We're not in any danger of having the power or phone cut off...or of losing the house. And since the Criminal in Chief signed that shiny new housing bill...we might just be able to refinance next fall and get our interest rate down! Yea! That will help immensely...if we can squeak thru till then. Having a huge vegetable garden has helped out a little...but that won't last forever. Oh...we have plenty of maters and cucs...lots of peppers and tons of squash! The beans were in abundance as well...but they came in faster than we could pick 'em, and most went bad in the last week or so. And the corn...about 50 or so stalks of corn...all got worms! So...we pick and eat what we can, or give it away to the neighbors if there's too much. We even have eggplant! I love eggplant...but no one else here does...and the neighbors I think are afraid of it. I think eggplant must be a yankee thing.
We also have some watermelons coming in...and pumpkins! Well...the pumpkins got planted too early (April?) so we may end up pulling those up and replanting more in a week or so...that way we'll have some in October.

Billy's son is doing well, and healing quickly. I took him to his second follow-up the other day, his surgeon said he's doing well and will probably get the headgear off in a couple more weeks. Gawds...has it been 5 weeks already?? Fortunately, they can probably take it off in the office, just using a local anesthesia...that will save us another hospital bill and Billy won't have to take the day off work. His son asked me today if I minded if his mom took him to his next appointment...since he hasn't spent any time with her all summer, other than when he was in the hospital and the few minutes he see's her when she comes to pick up his brother every weekend. I I said of course I don't mind! What was I gonna
As I was sitting here typing that...I got to thinking about it and had to stop typing...
Either me or Billy need to be there too...if he does get his headgear off...just so we can hear first hand what type of care he'll need afterward. So I talked to Billy's son...he said that's fine and probably a good idea...then I talked to his mom and she said that's fine too.
Wow...we've come a long way, huh?
So now I get to look forward to a half a day spent with Billy's ex? Oh well...its all good. I can't wait to see the look on the Doctor's face when he see's us both together! He's known this family since Billy's son was a newborn...

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Aug 2 @ 8:57PM  
I was going to go into other stuff here, but I think I'll end this with a smile for now. I was a little irritated about something...but what the fuck. The little online bullshit isn't worth getting into a snit over...right? I mean...I understand that alot of people here live for the stuff that happens here. I don't...not anymore.

So hopefully ya'll enjoyed this...not really a rant. If to my boss. Oh yea that's right I don't have one anymore. I'm gonna go snuggle with my honey and watch a movie!

Aug 2 @ 9:21PM  
I once sold a car so I wouldn't kill anyone - including myself - while driving drunk
after a "mishap" while drunk in which I trashed only me - I swore off riding til I was sober
I stopped drinking and driving so I wouldn't kill my son or his friends as I transported them here and there
I never caused injury or damage to another person or vehicle while driving drunk
which I am truly grateful for
I was really lucky
I no longer count on luck
I quit drinking

a kudo Madam
thanks for sharin'

Aug 2 @ 9:23PM  
Click...thanks for that. I won't pretend I'm perfect...nor will I say I never drove drunk. I will say there but for the grace of the Gods go I. I never hurt or killed anyone. But I could have...yea, it could've been me just as easily.

Aug 2 @ 9:28PM  
Sorry to hear of the job loss.I hope something turns up soon. As for eggplant, I love it!! Glad to hear Billy's son is doing well and it's a good thing you and his mom get along.

Aug 2 @ 9:33PM  
It's funny...I was looking at a blog I wrote a few months ago, one where I mentioned "looking at the big picture and letting the little details work themselves out".
Today, with the loss of income and funds being tight...I find myself doing the opposite. I'm taking care of the little things...getting thru each day one day at a time...and trying not to get overwhelmed with the Big Picture. It works...for today.

Aug 2 @ 9:46PM  
"looking at the big picture and letting the little details work themselves out".
I read a recent horoscope of mine which told me to
"focus on the details - the little things, the rest will fall into place"
that would be the same horoscope that onced asked
"if you're so smart why aren't you rich?"
we all end up in the hole from time to time
some say how you handle these times builds character
the way I see it
I got another day - good or bad
I'm gonna enjoy it in some way

things'll work out
if you work at em


Aug 2 @ 10:20PM  
Thanks for the update. A bit too much to comment on right now. You do have a remarkable outlook at attitude.

Aug 2 @ 10:27PM  
lmao only say that cuz you're not here to witness my occasional petty tyrades over annoying little things like not lifting the seat and putting dishes away improperly!

Aug 2 @ 10:31PM  
I know maybe a couple of people over the years that's been killed by one. As far as knowing anyone drinking and driving and killing someone, I can't say that I know anyone.

Aug 2 @ 10:44PM  
Sadly many people that drink do not know or think that they are impaired, or should we just say drunk, until they have an accident or hurt someone innocent. Though what is worse are those individuals who continue to drink and drive even after they are involved in an accident. Not defending the first group but truth be known or if they would admit it many, or maybe even most, of the individuals on AMD could have received a DUI had they been stopped at the right time. As to the second group too often they get too many “second” chances. Recently there was a local individual driving intoxicated with revoked license cited for the sixth time. Previously they had four accidents two involving serious injuries to individuals in the other autos. The sixth time they killed an 18 yo girl in the other car. Now they are arguing in their defense that had the state locked them up so they could have received treatment for their “disease” it could have been avoided, go figure.

Sorry to hear about the hard times you have encountered lately job related. Seems a lot of people are losing their jobs lately and it getting harder to find a new one. Maybe you need to cross into Mexico and sneak back across the border.
One can only hope the economy may start to turn around with the next administration, whoever is elected. After all they cannot be worse.

Aug 2 @ 10:58PM're right. Too often people don't want to see that this can happen to anyone...whether its an alcoholic who habitually drives drunk, or a social drinker who has had a one too many. And also too often, a habitual drunk driver will blame the 'system' and refuse to take responsibility.

Sneaking into Mexico? Wow...that's a great idea! Only...I'd have to learn to speak spanish, and if I did that I'd probably be able to get a job anyway! I know...I should just learn the language, right? me stubborn, but's not me who needs to learn the language. Not when its a company's customers or clients who LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY that they are attempting to accommodate!

Eh...that's a whole 'nother subject and one that really gets my ire...

Aug 3 @ 12:30AM  
I had a Step Niece that was Killed in a wreck while ridding with a Friend that was Drunk! 17 years Old!! What a waste! Thats all I'm gonna say about that!!!!
If I drink...I stay home, even if its just a couple of beers!!
If I'm out and Drink, I have a Driver!! If I dont have a driver, I dont drink, no biggie!
Billy's son is doing well, and healing quickly.
I'm sorry to hear about "Hard Times".. but ya know.. I can think back to when My X and I were first married, They were the Brokest times of our Lives....
I worked 2 or 3 Jobs, and still couldnt make ends meet!
Hind sight?.... They were the Sweetest, most Wonderful Memories that I have, out of all those years!
When we had Nothing at all, We always had each other!! and We were Happy, Very Happy!
Good Luck and God Bless! Take Care!
Flowers for you ^5's for Canu!!!

Aug 3 @ 9:55AM  
Sunny I am so glad to hear that Billy's son is doing so much better!! That's awesome. It brought a smile to my face reading how you handled the situation with the ex very gracious of the both of you, because I'm sure it lightens the load for the kids, and that's a BIG thing!! That takes a special person, because I KNOW that couldn't have been easy!! Sorry to hear about work, hopefully something soon will come your way, just another stress that you don't need. Now the not so nice part......DRINKING AND DRIVING!! My 20 yr old nephew and his 19 yr old girlfirend were both killed a few years ago by a drunk driver! They were on their way home from his last day of training for becoming a paramedic and she was starting nursing in the fall! Two beautiful lives( who would have been dedicating theirs to saving and helping others), cut short by someone who had been charged numerous of times in the past. My nephew graduated top third in his class, they presented his parents with his graduation certificate, AT HIS WAKE!! Such a senseless waste of life!!

Aug 3 @ 8:13PM  
9 years ago I had an accident that almost killed two kids and two adults with me because of a drunk teenager. It left me on comma for three days and not driving. I just started driving again, but once in a while i have to pull over somewhere just to cry because flasbacks still occur. Now I just decided to really get back to driving because my son is married and has a life of his own, he drove me to work and home for years because I refuse to drive. He can't be nursing mama's wounds of the past forever.

My friend Tom lost his friend over drunk driving, and it's good that he drives for a living and not being able to read this because I don't want him to think of his friend Billy again.

I may not be your friend here but I've witnessed how you and Billy got together and had a life together and reading your blogs, I know it may not be the happy ever after kinda story but it gives me hope about someday with someone. Lost my job too, but you see if we were neighbors, I'd be happy to happy to have some of your eggplants, ever heared of eggplant omelet?

Btw, I am happy to hear of Billy's son's recuperation.

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