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Should Pete Rose be reinstated?

posted 8/1/2008 1:22:19 AM |
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Should Pete Rose be reinstated back into baseball? He is no longer eligible for the baseball hall of fame. I think that's an injustice that the greatest hitter of all time cannot be in the hall of fame since he bet on baseball. Give the guy his due, if he can't be in the hall of fame, then the hall of fame means nothing as far as I'm concern. Some of the hall of famers didn't want him in there. Ya know what I say? Tough shit, he has a right to be in there just as much as anyone already in there, if not even more! Regardless of what he did, he still had the talent to be the all time hit king in baseball. I don't think Pete Rose cars about the hall of fame though, he cares more about wanting to be back in baseball whether it be manager or a coach of any team.

The Reds still aren't allowed to retire his number 14. But the Reds will never let any other player wear his number either for the Reds.

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Aug 1 @ 1:34AM  
With Selig it's all about money in my opinion. I think he has done a piss poor job as far as keeping baseball a traditional kind of game. After Pete Rose was banned I believe he (Selig) stated that no man is bigger than the game of baseball, and yet he ordered every team to retire the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. The Dodgers should have only been the ones that should have retired Jackie Robinson's number, not all teams!

Today all you see are billboards all over each stadium in baseball. I think it all started with the damn billboards in Detroit back in the early 90's with companies advertising their products. And then you have ballparks named after companies today for extra money!

Aug 1 @ 1:34AM  
Seems to me that Baseball whipped up that B.S. rule about ineligibility for the Hall
of Fame if a player had been banned from baseball, just for Pete. So, yeah, OF COURSE
he belongs in the Hall!

I'm not so sure about whether he should be permitted to re-enter the game, though...
rules ARE rules, even though Bart Giamati railroaded him!

There aren't many saints in current locker rooms, ballparks, or stadia, tho...!!!

Aug 1 @ 1:37AM  
How many times was Steve Howe of the Dodgers suspened through the 80's with being drugged up? I think he was suspened what, about 8 times? lol druggies get off easier then what Pete Rose did. Steroids through the 90's and the past decade in baseball as well. What a joke baseball has become.

Aug 1 @ 4:45AM  
That Pete Rose isn't in the Hall Of Fame is the dumbest thing baseball has ever done and that's saying a lot.

Aug 1 @ 7:20AM  
Hmmmm, didn't Babe Ruth drink a lot, during Prohibition?

There are several questionable personalities in the Hall but Pete violated one of the sacred, long standing rules of the game. Obviously, I'm on the fence about it.

As for advertising in stadiums, it's been around for years, just not at the level it is today. Look at pics from the early years and you'll see the outfield fence lined with ads for local companies, just like little league fields today. It's especially prevalent at minor league fields. If done correctly, it can be quite classy.

Aug 1 @ 9:49AM  
Of course he should.

Aug 1 @ 10:16AM  
Yes, he should definitely be elegible for the hall of fame.

As for whether he should be allowed back into baseball........ he did knowlingly break the rules..... and lie about it for years when he could have come clean from the get go and POSSIBLY been given a chance down the road. I've hear on the talk shows that the scuttlebutt was.... the commissioner before Selig was in the process of cutting such a deal when he died. Selig wouldn't continue on that path.

The funny thing is, gambling IS legal in vegas and drugs are not legal anywhere......... and yet look how many 3rd, 4th, 5th chances some guys got.

Another question is.... how long is Bud Selig going to be allowed to screw up baseball? He SUCKS totally as commissioner.

Aug 1 @ 1:51PM  
sports betting is international. there are even bets on the elections, on whether
the sun comes up or not etc. there are huge wagers on the little league world
series, which is coming off soon. they try to escape taxation this way.
but taxation is vexation, and irs men so love to swoop in and cash in on all
the gambling receipts, just as the big haul comes in. legally of course.
what happened to all that tax money. but sire, this money is supposed to
go to ransom king richard. shut up sonny. but sire, this money is earmarked
for the poor, go play with dick and jane. but sire, this money is supposed
to go to a.i.d.s. research, and to starving africans. what did you say? are you
crazy. get outta the way, my rolls royce and private jets are waiting and my
women 'friends' in the caribbean demand my appearance. the case of embezzled
tax money in switzerland is the moot case to the key to getting our country back.

Aug 1 @ 5:00PM  
Color it any way you want but the “No Gambling” rule has been in effect for about a century. If Pete had been honest and “fessed up” he may have been reinstated by now. But instead he kept changing his story every time he got caught. The last one being that, “Yes he bet on games in which he managed but never against his own team”.

However, I would be in favor of reinstating him under the provision that he is banned from the game for the same length of time as Shoeless Joe Jackson is banned.

Pete is not the first, and he probably will not be the last, to be on the
"List of Major League Baseball figures that have been banned for life" for gambling.

Just because he is the latest “big name” does not mean that you make a rules exception for him. If you do it for one then you must do it for all. Else why have rules anyway.

Aug 1 @ 5:09PM  
Color it any way you want but the “No Gambling” rule has been in effect for about a century. If Pete had been honest and “fessed up” he may have been reinstated by now. But instead he kept changing his story every time he got caught. The last one being that, “Yes he bet on games in which he managed but never against his own team”.

I still feel that he earned the right to be in the hall of fame...

Aug 2 @ 2:03AM  

Aug 2 @ 4:20AM  
So did Shoeless Joe and he's waited 89 years. What is fair for one is fair for another.

Aug 2 @ 10:14PM  
Pete Rose never threw a game either, like S. Joe did. Not to mention that Pete Rose was more of a superior player on the field than S. Joe was. As I stated, Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame...

Aug 2 @ 11:26PM  
The hall of fame is a seperate entity from MLB. Some players don't like Rose for his gambling and others don't like him because he tried so damn hard on every play. He was my idle growing up and I was first little leaguer to slide into third base head first. They had to check the rules to see if was legal. Reinstated-no, hall of fame-yes.

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Should Pete Rose be reinstated?