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Question Time???

posted 7/31/2008 10:47:48 AM |
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Just asking here this hasn't and hope it never happens to me..
ok everyone... This has been bugging me for sometime now..
Why is it that some men/woman after so many years that have been with
someone feel the need to go out and find someone younger or as they
would say better then the ones they have at home??

They have built a life together...
They have been through all the ups and downs...
They say they love you but you alway's find out they have either been on the net looking for someone to be with or talk too...
They say they still love you after you find out..
But as soon as you turn your back they are at it again...
They say they are going one place but you find out they are somewhere
else just to be around the one they want....
They say they haven't done anything with this other person but you find out by looking online at their stuff they have..
And bold face lie to you about it.....

So why do some do this???

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Jul 31 @ 10:58AM  
My opinion...

1. boredom...looking to spice up their life.
2. dealing with inner issues they don't wanna talk about.
3. too lazy to make an effort to rekindle what they already have.
4. trying to recapture their youth...punch up their self esteem/self image.

I do believe a man or woman can really love the one they're with but when life becomes boring and mundane....and same old shit, instead of fixing it which takes work and dedication and lots of conversation which may not be readily welcomed by their partner, it's just EASIER to wander off in search of what they think they need.


Jul 31 @ 11:08AM  
I have made this statement in other blogs concerning similar situations...all about cheating in the long run...More of the offers I recieve lately are from married Men...I don't cheat by helping another cheat. it takes 2 to cheat, so by refusing to do so with that other man will stop it, and then WTF are they going to do?

Jul 31 @ 11:34AM  
I dunno!
Like I have said in other blogs... I was Married for 24 years...all except 2 years were Perfect!! I Never, ever Dreamed of Cheating!!
My X was/is a Beautiful Lady.... and didnt start working in the public till 9 years after we were married. The guys really paid att. to her, and she Gave in! I forgave..and she did it again, 14 years latter.... thus im Single!!!
I gave her the Same Att. that they did, but Like ST said
boredom...looking to spice up their life,trying to recapture their youth...punch up their self esteem/self image.
We Married YOUNG....with a baby on the way...!
My Bad! But I Loved her!!!
I'd be there today if she didnt caved in!!!
My Loss!!
Good blog! tosses you a Kudo!

Jul 31 @ 11:38AM  
perhaps the thought of keeping up with the Jones' or the grass is always greener kind of thing.. or a myrid of other things.. I will not date a married man, I will not break the bonds of sisterhood for any man... Because if I cheat with her husband who is to say at some point if I decide to travel that road that she will not return me the same favor..

Jul 31 @ 11:48AM  
Thank you all so much.. Maybe this will help my friend some in knowing why they do it...

Jul 31 @ 12:59PM  
I'm going to share a different opinion. Maybe the offended partner just took the other for granted. Maybe the offended partner just changed over the years and no longer cared to make the other feel wanted. All things human have needs and when those needs aren't met, then one partner begans to feel like they're just not important. I can see how a partner would feel like "Why should I not find what I'm not getting at home?" Sometimes, the offended partner just needs to look in the mirror and the answer will be before their eyes. But, then the offended partner would have to assume some of the responsibility. That mostly just flat never happens, though.

Jul 31 @ 1:45PM  
It's called the seven year itch; though statistically, it occurs every five years. You are just bored with the person you are with, or want to experience something new. The one you are with has been conquored. Let's see if we are still charming enough to lure someone younge, hotter, thinner, better.

For me personally, I left because she started getting obsessed with wanting to marry and that simply wasn't what I want. She also started introducing more ultimata and insisting on more stringant compromising on my part.

Jul 31 @ 1:54PM  

Jul 31 @ 2:30PM  
The three year itch in my case,but we were never really seriously dating,so I guess something like this couldn't make a big impact.

I guess I'll know when I actually am involved.

Jul 31 @ 4:30PM  
I can't speak for the ladies, but as a guy I'm always looking for someone younger than me.

I think most guys around my age are the same. Not that we're old or anything...

Aug 20 @ 11:35AM  
7 year itch ?

Aug 20 @ 11:59AM  

Often the reason the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence is because you aren't watering your own lawn.

Aug 20 @ 1:40PM  
I personally had to move on to someone younger and new because my ex girlfriend was starting to give demands, stop allowing me to do certain things, and giving me marriage ultimatums. It got to the point where certain sex acts were cut off, so I had to go elsewhere to have those acts fullfilled.

I don't care how long we spent together establishing a life, once someone in your life starts making you miserable, you have to get rid of them.

Aug 20 @ 7:04PM  
Sometimes the other person isn't interested in being close. One person is usually more horny than the other.

Sep 14 @ 8:04AM  
Personally, I'd be surprised if a man or woman didn't get bored with having sex with the same person year after year after year. And that's especially true when considering all the temptations out there (even moreso now with the internet!).

I've been married and divorced more than once and I'm now convinced that the only way to keep the sexual part of the marriage fresh and exciting is to swing together. Sure it's a risk, especially for insecure couples, but what better way is there to rekindle those erotic feeling? And what better way is there is lower or eliminate the risk of your partner cheating? Why should they cheat? They are having their cake and eating it (so to speak. lol) too!

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Question Time???