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Should your absentee vote be thrown out if you die before election day?

posted 7/27/2008 5:49:23 PM |
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tagged: people, election, straddle, vote, soldiers

Should your absentee vote be thrown out if you pass away before the general election? Oregon and Florida counts the ballots regardless what happens to the voter, but South Dakota doesn't. The way South Dakota see's it, once you die, do does your vote. South Dakota's secretary of state Chris Nelson said he doesn't understand why a dead person's vote should be counted on election day. Sorry, but I don't agree with this. What about the military absentee votes with our soldiers? What if any of them was killed oversees in war and they had voted absentee, what would some of these states do, throw out their vote after they had died for their country? I feel that if any state opens up their 60 day pre voting period before the election, then it should be legal for each state to count that absentee vote regardless if the deceased had passed away right before the general election day or not.

How do you feel about this?

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Jul 27 @ 5:55PM  
What difference does it make.................theres enough dead people already voting............

Jul 27 @ 5:59PM  
theres enough dead people already voting............

We're not talking about Chicago!

Jul 27 @ 6:01PM  
I agree with you, if you weren't dead when you voted, it should count. God, that sounds weird.

But I do want to ask and request a quantified link to substantiate your contention on South Dakota. No offense, but there is too much unsubstantiated information floating around the Net that is bull shit, distorted, or pure propaganda. Too many fine people buy into fallacies that are simply not true or radically distorted.

Jul 27 @ 6:06PM  
Btw, I have been fighting an ear infection since Friday and finally went to the clinic yesterday morning to get some meds for it. Trying to shake this in my right ear. Hopefully it'll start clearing up very soon. The thing is I have no idea how I got this. The first and last time I had an ear infection was back in July of 1989. That at the time was the worst pain I think I have ever experiened. It wasn't too bad this time though. All I know is I was going to take care of this before it got to the point it was 19 years ago.

Jul 27 @ 6:08PM  
Geez, link this link that. I got this from the Columbus Dispatch yesterday, Bruce. Maybe you can pull up the newspapers web site to check it out.

Jul 27 @ 6:09PM  
The thing is I have no idea how I got this
I believe air whistling thru the ears can cause infection.................

We're not talking about Chicago!
Like Right..........chicago is the only place that has done that...........

Jul 27 @ 6:12PM  
Count my Vote..... But I'm still lost as to who to vote for!!!
Maybe I'll know before then!

Jul 27 @ 7:14PM  
Hmm....I guess if it were in on time, it should count

Jul 27 @ 7:44PM  
And then there is the old story about some reporter, asking LBJ when he was running for some Texas state office in the '60's or so.......'bout how so many of his votes came from dead people with the voters names being right off the headstone.

"If they were alive, they'd have voted for me." Or something like that.

There is voter fraud going on today. Last election or so, I believe it was near
Travis County...the Republican had the office he was seeking, stolen. Not
wanting to be a sour grape...he did not press the issue.

Point is, WE have no right to bitch about other countries 'officals' stealing the
ballot box, when it's a regular thing here.

YOUR vote counts no more than mine, and it's subject to change by anyone with
the lack of morals to do so.

Jul 27 @ 7:49PM  
I agree with Dayna....

Oh ok...I'll TRY to be serious.

I think if one votes by way of absentee ballot, and it's turned in in a timely manner, then yes, it should be counted. Regardless if the voter dies the day before election day. They made their choice...and in this we learned in 2000.."every vote counts".

Just ask Al Gore.

sorry...couldn't help it.

Jul 27 @ 8:16PM  

It should be counted. But then who's really is ? Your vote doesn'tmean shit anymore. They go by electorial not populus. And now they can even get eletorial from other countries. It's all Bull Shit these days. The people do not count anymore.

Jul 27 @ 10:14PM  
Shawn, you have to stop sticking things in your ear,there are just some things to kinky even for you......see what it got you...and infected ear

Jul 27 @ 10:26PM  
Shawn, you have to stop sticking things in your ear,there are just some things to kinky even for you......see what it got you...and infected ear

Good one!

Actually I think they call what I have is "swimmers ear'. I had been in water swimming this week.

Jul 28 @ 10:02AM  
I think if the vote was cast while they were alive, it should count.

Jul 28 @ 10:11AM  
Well, since i can't vote..not sure what i would want to have happen Shaun..Oh that's right here is a kudo. Tease.

Jul 28 @ 12:20PM  
Remember John Ashcroft? He was Bush's first attorney general. The reason he became attorney general was that he had lost his senate a dead man. His opponent (whose name I can't recall, Carnahan?) was killed in a plane crash a few days before the election but his name was allowed to stay on the ballot even though it violated the election laws and he won. Ashcroft didn't challenge the election. The dead man's wife took his seat on the senate.

Did you think John Ashcroft was a good attorney general? Some of the things he did I approved of, others I didn't. Someone else probably would have been A.G. if not for this event.

My point is that we have got to make election laws BEFORE the election and stick to them. All this feel good touchy feely crap after the election takes place, twisting the laws, to include people whose own actions have excluded them, interpreting votes that aren't clear and making up new rules to fit the situation just destroys the democratic process.

Should the votes of the dead be counted? I don't know but we should make those decisions before the election and stick to them. Otherwise we are going to have another situation where the Supreme court is deciding whether 454 discounted votes will be counted or not and our next President might be elected by the dead.

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Should your absentee vote be thrown out if you die before election day?