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How Good Is Your Memory?

posted 7/26/2008 3:43:54 AM |
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Okay, I'm not sure if it's actually a new day or's almost 4 in the morning and I haven't been to sleep I kind of think it's still the same day.... for me anyways.
My point being, I'm feeling much better but I can't sleep...Again. Those of you who actually know me know that my mind just will not shut down when I can't sleep and it goes some bizarre places...NO, nothing too bad. Just like penguins mating, how many times a female monkey will copulate while in heat..( Hey, you never know when this info might come in handy, and I like the discovery channels..lmao) and disney songs stuck in my head.

So, while my mind was on a personal situation, I came up with a thought that you just automatically think, "Well there's a blog topic."

Your very first actual sexual experience....what position where you in? Was it planned and where were you?
Your last sexual experience --umm and by that I mean with another person-- , what position were you in? Was it planned and where were you?

Hey, it doesn't have anything to do with the discovery channel or animals mating.....At least I hope not, and if so, please don't tell me..... ....... Some things are better left alone..

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Jul 26 @ 4:07AM  
My gawd...I can't remember...

Jul 26 @ 4:24AM  
Wow... we are talking Years ago...
1st time Its was all Hands, Standing...!
OMG she sure did taste good! We wereYoung... she had a "Puppy Type" of smell..mmm can we back up in Time PLZ??

Last time... I just had Sex...Doggie!
How about You CL? Do Tell?

Jul 26 @ 4:50AM  
ooops my bad, Ist time, not planned and we were in a Church yard! lol
Last time: Planned, My house.

Jul 26 @ 4:57AM  
My first time .... in a sleeping bag at a friends house. I don't think we knew any other positions, so it was straight missionary. Planned to spend the night together, didn't plan on going "all the way".

Last time .... in my bed, yes it was planned. And umm, kind of ,sort of missionary..I was on my back. I think......Well except for when I was on my knees. Okay, so not in one particular position.

mental note to self, don't ask anymore questions in the blogs..

Jul 26 @ 7:30AM  
CL I would have made to have mentioned the shower

1st time planned missionary, his place
last time my house umm all over the place and that was a long time ago

Jul 26 @ 8:49AM  
1st time was in the back seat of his car..It was over before I knew it started.

The last time was my bed a long time ago.

Jul 26 @ 9:04AM  
1st time ...not planned ...missionary

last ...riding of course ...and being ridden ...

Jul 26 @ 9:10AM  
First time was her place - she finally got tired of just stroking me all the time, stood up and sat right down on me. First for both of us

Last time was at her house Was definately planned.....many months in advance. Yep, started out sorta missionary and ended a long while later

Jul 26 @ 10:34AM  
First time was planned. My parents were gone and the house was empty so she came over. We went up to my room and got into bed. It was the first time for both of us so we didn't have a clue. I got in between her legs and put it in her and before you know it, I was cumming everywhere as was she.

Last time was with the girl I'm currently seeing. Wasn't really planned but we pretty much end up in bed every time we see each other so that could kind of be a plan? She likes it on her back so that's how she got it....and good. Same results as my first time also...I came like crazy, as did she

Jul 26 @ 10:56AM  
Last time isn't much strain to remember.. it was spoons .. cuz I was sleepy and just mildly horny...

First time.. OMG you want me to remember that far back? It was not something I'd care to remember anyway thanks..

Jul 26 @ 12:09PM  
1st was the back seat of a Pinto...he's 6'4" so you can imagine how interesting the positions were. My first experience with oral..OH MY GAWD! We didn't/did plan it. You know teenagers...always going to park & make out, hoping...

The last time? On my knees. My bed. Not planned but planned, if that makes any sense. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure he planned it. Yeah, maybe I did too.

Jul 26 @ 12:21PM  
My first time was on the roof of a building, easily accessable through an unlocked utility door. We were in the missionary position (I didn't know too many other creative positions back then). It wasn't planned, we originally went up there because I dared her to get naked in public (as a challenge to her stating that she wasn't afraid of anything )

My last sexual experience (with a person) was me giving her oral while holding her hips off the bed. It was planned and we were at her place, in her bed.

I think my memory works well so far.

Jul 26 @ 12:43PM  
It depends on what constitutes a sexual act?! I will show you mine if you show me yours...and then he touched it, considered?

Jul 26 @ 12:54PM  
I'd consider touching bunny id she'll touch me back

Jul 26 @ 1:21PM  

First Time my bed, mostly trial and error, experimenting with two girls. I was in the fourth grade at that time. Not planed.

Last time with a married woman. We did it for 10 1/2 hours straight with no let up.
Her husband watched for a while then went in the front room to watch TV. Her bed.
1984 and not planed by me anyway.

Jul 26 @ 1:42PM  
What was the question

Jul 26 @ 3:09PM  
First experience sucked.... it was with my ex husband... I was only 14 and he was 18...... it was on the bathroom floor of his parents house, because he didn't want to mess up the bed because of his mother.... It was doggy style.... the rubber broke, and then he took me home... yup.... cried myself to sleep that night.... that should have been hint enough to me not to marry him 4 years later..... glad that one is over!

Jul 26 @ 3:10PM  
last sexual experience was last night... with hubby, not planned, and I rode him cowgirl style!!!!

Jul 26 @ 3:29PM  
1st: In my bedroom, on my bed. Missionary. Planned.

Last time: A few days ago, on my bed. Doggy. Unplanned

Jul 26 @ 4:26PM  
First time I was 13, he was 18 and I didn't have a clue. It hurt and I said stop and he wouldn't...not a good experience.

Last time? Doggie style....some time ago now.

Lisa? We need to talk told me.............................

mental note to self, don't ask anymore questions in the blogs

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How Good Is Your Memory?