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The Gathering - Indy style

posted 7/24/2008 8:56:02 PM |
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tagged: friendship, meeting

It was an enjoyable time of fun and fellowship this past weekend at Lisa’s house. A bunch of us had gone there for a gathering that was supposed to start early Saturday afternoon. Since I was already in OH visiting CL it wasn’t too far of a drive to Indy. When we finally got to Lisa’s place…..never ask her for directions, she forgets streets ….CL and I find out we were being fashionably late…….course the directions didn’t help and Trease thought Lisa was in a different time zone. It was either a blond thing, or I had... ..gotten to her somehow... she couldnt think straight

Lisa gave me the lighter for the grill. After a nice big whoosh, it was lit…..well, at least the hair on my arm will grow back. Swyeter did a great job with grilling all the meats… …and we taught Lisa what a brat was…… For some reason, Lisa was pushing the fact that there were baked beans and deviled eggs to go along with the meal

After a little chatting and waiting for the grill to warm up, we heard the Bustymobile with Mr. and Mrs. Y pull in the drive. Since we didn’t know the city, CL asked Ynot if he could take her to the hotel…When they were getting in the car, Ynot asked CL if he could take down her top…of the Bustymobile, you preeverts Y said if it started to rain, there was no way he would pull over to put the top back up - just dodge the rain drops....Mrs Y had such a small but heavy purse, she probably used it for weight lifting in the car....coins for the toll.....yeah, riiiggghht

RR must have had a hidden tape recorder somewhere, since she didn't do too much talking. Course, others were so busy yakking, and a word slid in sideways was a great accomplishment I wanted to give her a big smooch for bringing me some cheese curds, but Trease was watching me too I had already given one to Lisa.

A great time was had by all, and Lisa even got a chance to rub her bewbies on my chest…..course CL was watching closely to make sure the rubbing didn’t go too far....and yep, they're real. For some reason, Lisa was turning differing shades of pink at breakfast on Sunday morning. I wonder why???

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Jul 24 @ 9:08PM  
Yes, It was a very good time ....It`s been along time since i laughed that much . I`m glad you liked the cheese curds ...Tre sent me an email ...wanting me to get you some ....special ....she deserves the kiss ,but i think you have probably gave that many times already . I hope we can get together again sometime . J

Jul 24 @ 9:24PM  
why was I red at breakfast??? Maybe all those tricks you two told me about in the handicap shower had something to do with it???? I mean hell CL was tryin to show me and her hands were flappin alll over the place and the people kept looking at the table then CL would say OMG he is sooooooo goood in the shower and she wasn't quiet about it yanoo Then you got swyter texting me about all he seen in the hole he drilled and RR was sending me pictures on the phone I mean geezz you guys of course I was RED!!! I was jealous as hell

Jul 24 @ 10:07PM  
Ah I'm not saying who..but someone is in DEEP trouble...

course CL was watching closely to make sure the rubbing didn’t go too far...
Hey, not many women are that fresh with a guy in front of his girlfriend...I had to watch closely..
Seriously, All joking aside, I know I don't have to worry about any such thing happening... not from you or Lisa..

I was jealous as hell
Speaking of Hell.........Take plenty of ice water, Lisa... I'm just sayin' lol

But it was a really good time.....seems like for all of us...I'm glad we did it.

Jul 25 @ 12:07AM  
Lucky Yall!!!
I havnt met any blogger from AMD yet.. but I know it would be very cool too have a get together like that!!!
Congrats to You and CL...I wish yall the Best and Good Luck!

Jul 25 @ 12:14AM  
I still can't believe all you guys were in Indy....

Jul 25 @ 9:38AM  
I wish I could have been there........just wasnt possible this time.......I think the next cook out should be a bit further north...........

Btw with Swyeter and Ynot in the same room I can imagine why RR was so quiet..........for that matter I can imagine why the rest of you would need to go to another room to get a word in edgewise..............not saying that Swyeter and Ynot talk alot of course............

Jul 25 @ 12:38PM  
Dayna , the only quiet ones came from Wisconsin .....the rest ... You can add Lisa and CL ....Talk .... I`m surprised we didn`t run out of oxygen ...

Jul 25 @ 1:34PM  
Well of course I talked... I was busy explaining that I'm not really all that short.. the rest of you were just tall.

Jul 25 @ 5:51PM  
HEY! Y'all leave CL alone. She's not short, she's just under tall.

L4E, don't know how you got overlooked but if it is any comfort I kind of think the reason I was invited was so they had someone to grill. It was peculiar that it seemed that none of the other men or any of the women knew anything about grilling.

First off Lisa had stolen the grill from somewhere but she must have intended on using it as a flower stand or something since it had not been turned on for so long the knobs were all stuck. CL couldn't see over the edge of the grill to know when to turn the meat. RR was too busy shucking and jiving. Mrs. Ynot said something about not touching, or was that eating, meat. Ynot said something about he couldn't take the heat and that's why he stayed outa the kitchen. LilGriz almost blew himself up trying to light it.

By elimination that left me but I think what really happened is that all they took one look at me and assumed that the fat man had to know how to grill and just made up excuses. Guess they never heard of dinning out.

All jokes aside I had a great time and they were all great people.


Jul 25 @ 6:31PM  
Swyeter .....what is Jiving ...?? Not sure if i was or wasn`t ??

Jul 25 @ 6:47PM  
I think the next cook out should be a bit further north

well we're bout 30miles north ......just sayin

hey Griz gr8 blog!! next time we may have to find another grill cook...not sure swyeter will fall for this shit again

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The Gathering - Indy style