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Ladies and Gentlemen Please give me some Advice

posted 7/21/2008 8:09:18 PM |
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tagged: breasts, woman

I am new to the world of blogging and would like a little advice. I have been on the site for a few years and I have recently become more interested in the blogging aspect of the site. I am requesting some insight from the members....

Ladies you respond to all your emails? Do you find it insulting when a male refers to your god gifted breasts as "tit's".....maybe it is just me but especially if the man is of significant age I would think he would be able to come up with more wordly interuptation of the female anatomy. If you want to get a reply....guys please be creative.....Not that I would be age discriminating but I would expect it more from an 18 yr old...not the elder.....LOL

Men you actually think that woman should reply to your email or are you just writing the email out of haste and want to humor yourself to see if you get a reply?

Okay Okay I said my peace....I will go back to reading now....

Oh wait yes I think I can hear some of the respones now....Freedom of Speech..LOL

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Ladies and Gentlemen Please give me some Advice
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Jul 21 @ 8:15PM  
Ok,,,first question,,,first I answer all my emails,,,,i try,,,many say "thanks I am very flattered...

to the youngsters that "but I love older women"....but I dont love younger men, but find your email is very flattering...

to the vulgar email...ahh, now I gotta block you....

just my 3 cents

good b log

Jul 21 @ 8:16PM  
Do I respond to all of my emails? Nope, I don't. I say quite clearly in my profile why I'm here....and when I get an email where they obviously did NOT read my essays..I don't bother answering.

Do I find it insulting when my breast are called tits?'s just a word. There's more in the world to get worked up over than that. That's just me.

Welcome to the world of the AMD blogs. Tighten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

Jul 21 @ 8:30PM  
I dont expect all my e-mails answered. If they do, they do, and if they dont, they dont. I am here just to have fun....

Jul 21 @ 8:58PM  

From an older males point of view, and please do NOT take this as an attack on you. I'm simply stating my opinion.

I have emailed very few people on here in the almost three years I've been on here.
Usually to friends or as a friend showing sympathy and comfort. Do I expect a reply ?
No I do not. I'm just trying to show care and concern, or just friendship. I look for nothing in return, and not humoring myself. It's just me being me. I care about people.

If someone emails me ? Unless it is a spammer, web cam request, or hate mail.
I do try to respond in a friendly manor.

As for your breast ? It seems to me that a person who post 14 pictures, eleven
of them being nothing but close ups of her breast, is flaunting them and putting them out there to be commented on. So when they are refered to as tit's, boobs,
puppy's, girls, or breast,. Rather than be upset, she should be flattered the the man or men took notice of what she isputting out there.

Again this is not meant as an attack on you or in a mean or hurtful way. I am just stating my 2 cents. Keep blogging and have fun. I wish you the best.

Jul 21 @ 9:02PM  
I will let all the women who get the "wanna fuck" emails answer........

Jul 21 @ 9:17PM  
try the flip side and ask them if they habe a big cock to fuck your faboulous generous tits with...that always stops them...they can't take it when you are looking for more than they have to offer!

Jul 21 @ 9:30PM  
I try and answer them, but I can't answer all of them.
I have given up on writing back to one liners. I don't waste
my time seeing as they didnt take the time to write more then
"hi there". And I block the offensive ones.

Jul 21 @ 10:19PM  
have fun
if they annoy you
block em

Jul 21 @ 11:06PM  
I dont answer all of my emails although at one time I did........I use to think it was rude not to but when I started getting nasty replies when I said Thanks but no thanks........I just decided why bother..........I also dont respond to the Whats up emails that come from 20 something guys cause I am not interested in writing to anyone that can only come up with a two worded email and I am definitely not interested in someone that is younger than my children......

As for having my breasts called tits........hell if the man I am with is enjoying playinng with them as much as i am enjoying having them played with I dont care if he refers to them as Ernie and Bert as long as he continues doing it......... but as Sugar said its only a word............

Welcome to AMD Blogland..........enjoy there are a lot of great people here.

Jul 21 @ 11:20PM  
Glad to see a new blogger. I'm relatively new to the site, but here's my 2 cents:

If I took the time to e-mail someone, I'd like a response... or at least an acknowledgment. :)

Jul 22 @ 12:51AM  
I usually try and answer all of them. But, I am not always very lady-like in my replys. Really depends on the email though.

Aug 19 @ 6:25PM  
as long as ive been on here i prrefer to blog i have only one person on my friends list,also because of distance most will reply by a very nice your to far away from me
i would comment on how good the woman looks in her her pics but wont go the other way, also i wil say here i have all over my profile NO PIC NO NO REPLY NO ADD TO FRIENDS still i get the the no pic emails and still the get deleted,lastly i would rahter see a woman show what she has to offer than see a damn black bar accross her chest!

Jan 12 @ 12:56AM  
I think all e-mails should be replied to. Men would much rather get a "thanks but no thanks" response than be ignored. Ignoring an appropriate e-mail is self-absorbed and rude.

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Ladies and Gentlemen Please give me some Advice