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What a screwed up world we live in... *Sighs*

posted 7/21/2008 2:51:46 AM |
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tagged: angel, rant

My fiancee and I were out and about in town tonight when we were suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by an asshole (to say the least). After the brief run in with this "less than pleasant" individual, we were left completely baffled by his behavior. The situation unfolded as follows:

Our trip to town consisted of a visit to the local Wal-Mart. We were searching for a laptop they currently have for sale, but that particular store was sold out already. We decided to call Directory Assistance to ask for the numbers of the different Wal-Marts in surrounding towns, allowing us the opportunity to call ahead of time to see if they had the laptop in stock before we wasted the gas on a useless trip to each one that didn't have it. Since we were driving down the road, we thought it would be safer and wiser to pull over in a vacant parking lot to make our calls.

We had been sitting there for no more than 5 minutes (each of us on hold with a different Wal-Mart), when all of a sudden we noticed a car approaching us from the entrance of the parking lot. The man in the driver seat was saying something and gesturing with his hands. We had no clue what he was saying (since our windows were still up), so my fiancee rolled his window down in order to see if the man needed help. What came next floored us both.

The man in the car proceeded to talk, and this is what he said: "I've been across the street (at an Arbys) trying to eat for the past 30 minutes, and I couldn't even enjoy my food because your headlights were blinding me. I don't really appreciate it, so turn the damn things off." What the fuck??? Wait just a damn minute here!! How the fuck so? We were sitting in a vacant parking lot (for no more than 5 minutes... how the hell did he come up with "30" minutes?), with 3 empty rows between us and the main road, and from that point, there was a 4 lane road (not including the turning lane) between the parking lot we were in and the parking lot of the Arbys in question (which was located on a hill compared to where we were sitting). There's no way in hell that our headlights were disturbing him. He was simply looking for trouble.

After he said a few choice words, including "fuck you," he pulled away and darted out of the parking lot. Ok, again I say, "What the fuck?" We were done with our phone calls, so we proceeded on our way. It just so happens that we were going in the same direction as "Mr. Pleasant." We were ready to put the experience behind us, but we soon noticed that the same guy had slowed down in the right hand lane, as if he was waiting for us to catch up to him. We had no interest in doing so, so we moved over in the turning lane to make a left turn to get to where we were going. This didn't stop him from showing his ass one more good time. His window was still down, so he chose to cuss us quite loudly as we were attempting our turn. We simply shook our heads at his obvious show of stupidity.

His little temper tantrum made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I don't feel that we did anything wrong, so what gave him the right to pull his shit? Who died and made him "Headlight God?" Oh well, I gave up on trying to understand people a long time ago. It isn't worth the time and energy it takes to attempt to figure them out, especially the ones who choose to act like it's their world and everyone else just exists in it. *Sigh*

I thank you for reading my rant. May you all have a wonderful night.


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Jul 21 @ 3:03AM  
Angel....Some ppl are 100% assholes....dont worry be happy! He will get his!

Who died and made him "Headlight God?"
I lol when I read that! Thx!

Jul 21 @ 3:11AM  
Personally, I think he is suffering from "cranial retinitis"... a malady usually accompanied by an over sized ego compensating from a really small penis.


Jul 21 @ 5:16AM  
Just get mid=evil on his ass
when he gets out of hospital he is a nicer person

Jul 21 @ 6:39AM  
Who died and made him "Headlight God?"

Sorry that was one of my subordinates, he gets that way on my day off. I didnt leave him in charge.....

Jul 21 @ 7:12AM  
Angel, it seems as if the total assholes are starting to outnumber the decent folks. People like your "Mr. Unpleasant" usually get what the ask for.

Jul 21 @ 9:11AM  
These are the times that you need to pull that rocket launcher out from under your seat and show him who the real Headlight God is..

Jul 21 @ 9:28AM  
he should have ate in the mc donalds inside the wal mart..........that way the headlights could have permanently blinded him

Jul 21 @ 12:20PM  
I see his point. He had his heart set all day on enjoying the classy ambiance of an Arby's and you went and spoiled it for him.

I just wonder if he puts the same kind of effort into everything he does as he did in waiting on stop lights, crossing a busy intersection, and driving into a Wal-Mart he didn't intend to go to just to hear himself bitch.

Jul 21 @ 12:28PM  
It's called road rage i believe..i had a similar situation..i was turning off an exit with a steep hill & it was icy..i slowed down so i wouldn't end up in this deep ravine when this car out of nowhere decided i was going to slow..i refused to speed up & his back end actually started to slide from his constant accelerating..I also pulled over to let him by...but he decides to get out of his car & come at me..i took off down the road & was actually running red lights to get away yet he continued to follow..eventually i made it home & called the cops..they actually sat there waiting for the police to complain about my unsafe driving & that because i was going so slow I almost caused them to go into the ditch...

With people like that the best thing to do is call the police, he ended up driving off still complaining about my driving & the cop gave him a warning & had the nerve to tell me I shouldn't have drove home I should have gone to a public place & ask for believe me it does happen, glad nothing serious happened to you :)

Jul 22 @ 7:10PM  
Last time i fucking eat at Arbys Dammit.

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What a screwed up world we live in... *Sighs*