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What are your top 4 candy bars?

posted 7/19/2008 6:43:27 PM |
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tagged: food, candy, chocolate, straddle, good

I was talking with Tom earlier this afternoon and we got on the subject of candy bars and he asked me what my favorite candy was. I answered that I had 4 top ones and named them. He stated what I named were candy bars and not candy as far as hard candy. I told him that now that I think about it I don't think I really like any hard candy (old people candy...j/k lol), and that candy bars are about the only candy I actually love. Mmmm....ya gotta love chocolate! My top 4 are...

1. M&M's (peanuts)

2. Reeses

3. Kit Kats

4. 5th Avenue

What are your top 4 candy bars?

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Jul 19 @ 6:49PM  
1. Three Musketeers.

Chocolate covered bananas.


Jul 19 @ 6:50PM  
I see Megan (above me) had to straddle me and my blog again.

Jul 19 @ 6:52PM  
you only listed two candy bars

Jul 19 @ 6:55PM  
And, listed NONE!!

I like--and not in any particular order: Butterfingers, Snickers, Chunky Bar, 3 Muskateers

However, I eat like maybe 2 candy bars a year. I'm not a lover of chocolate or sweet stuff.

Jul 19 @ 6:56PM  
you only listed two candy bars

No, I didn't. Maybe three, but M&M's is still a candy bar to me, so that would make 4.

Jul 19 @ 6:57PM  
Oh and M&M's and Reese's aren't candy bars......

Jul 19 @ 6:57PM  
Okay fine..well Dove milk chocolate & chocolate covered strawberries..Now i have done 3.

Jul 19 @ 6:59PM  
oops, I mean 4..Oh it has to be candy bars?

Hmm, Almond Joy, Mounds, & 3 Musketeers w/ mint.

Jul 19 @ 7:00PM  
Oh and M&M's and Reese's aren't candy bars......

Well, they are to me!

Okay, how about candy or chocolate that better?

Jul 19 @ 7:04PM  
all of Sunshine's - M&Ms - always
100 Grand bars

Jul 19 @ 7:10PM  
forgot Hershey's
can never forget Hershey's
bars - kisses - syrup
does Hershey's syrup ease the sting of
palm meeting bared cheek?
wanna find out?
it is a Sexy Saturday

Jul 19 @ 7:26PM  
not candy bars but..

Gummi Bears
Gourmet Jelly Beans
and Ice Cream Snickers bar

Jul 19 @ 7:35PM  
M&Ms with peanuts
Reeses cups
Baby Ruth
Damn now i want chocolate....

Jul 19 @ 7:39PM  
hershey with almonds
and if peanut m&ms count...

Jul 19 @ 8:03PM  
Ferrero Rocher


Jul 19 @ 8:04PM  



Nestle's Crunch

And all are great with an ice cold glass of milk!

Jul 19 @ 8:06PM  
1. don't care if it's not a candy bar "jaffa cakes"

2. Violet Crumble bar.

3. Butterfinger

4. Hershey's with caramel inside it...

Man straddle, now i am hungry!

Jul 19 @ 8:38PM  
all of them

Jul 19 @ 8:49PM  
I don't think I know that many women named Candy.

Jul 19 @ 8:56PM  
How about dipping 4 of these women in chocolate and making them the new favorites???

Jul 19 @ 9:08PM  
In no particular order:

Mountain Bar (chocolate with nuts and a vanilla cream center)
Rocky Road (chocolate with nuts and a marshmallow center)
Abba Zabba (taffy with a peanut butter center)
Hershey's with almonds

BTW, I am the guy that stocks up on candy after V Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

It is kind of funny how people interpreted these things. Maybe you should have framed around candy served individually wrapped that can be purchased for under a buck. That way you could include Starburst and sweet Tarts.

Jul 19 @ 9:09PM  
Hey no fair, we don't get to dip you guys in chocolate..come on now let's be fair about this right ladies? chuckle...

Jul 19 @ 9:11PM  
1. Mint Patty
2. Three Musketeers
3. Milkey Way
4. Forever Yours (if they still make them) Hershey (if they don't)

Jul 19 @ 9:36PM  
Chocolate covered cocks, now that does sound good!

Jul 19 @ 9:55PM  
In no particular order, my 4 favorite candy bars are 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Mars, and Milky Way.

Kit Kat and M&M's aren't too far behind either.

Jul 19 @ 10:38PM  
Chocolate covered cocks, now that does sound good!

*Spreads chocolate all over his cock* Oh Megan, I got something sweet for you...

Jul 19 @ 10:39PM  
1 hershey's
2. baby ruth
3 M&M's (peanut)
3 Payday
3 1/4 Zagnut (when I can find them)
3 1/2 mounds
3 3/4 Reese cups
4 TWIX hehehehe

Jul 19 @ 11:30PM  
Really REALLY depends on my mood...usually I am not a big fan of chocolate...if I indulge, then it's MILK chocolate for me (my 'sweets' tend more towards Sweet Tarts, Smarties & Sour Patch kids). But, what are the four favorites? Hmmm...

In no particular order...

Symphony (with toffee & almonds)
Snickers (preferably the mini ones and frozen!)
the 'new' Snickers bar that is really the 'old' Mars bar

Jul 19 @ 11:53PM  

Clark bar's

Cup O Gold

OH Henry's

Heath bar's

Jul 19 @ 11:54PM  


100 Grand

Baby Ruth

Jul 20 @ 12:07AM  
I am not much of a candy bar eater..Once in a blue moon I will eat one..Or part of one..

How much time do you spend a day talking to Tom on the phone..You are always talking to him..

Jul 20 @ 12:32AM  
Baby Ruth's
Symphony Bars
Anthony Thomas' Chocolate bars with Carmel inside and the one with Almonds!!
M&M's with Peanuts or Almonds

Hell, I love Chocolate!

Jul 20 @ 12:52AM  
Hershey bars;
Milky Way;
Rolos (chocolate covered caramels, in a roll)

Can't forget Zero bars, either!

For an interesting taste, buy both a Hershey's milk chocolate bar and a Hershey's
dark chocolate. Eat a square of the dark chocolate, then a square of the milk chocolate
when the dark chocolate is finished. The sweetness of the milk chocolate is much

Jul 20 @ 1:28AM  
Any dark chocolate
dipped in peanut butter
any dark chocolate
dipped into strawberries
any dark chocolate
dipped into cock...can you package that?!

Jul 20 @ 8:56AM  
I will take a dozen bunny...chuckle.

Jul 20 @ 8:25PM  
I forgot - again
that baseball/sports/fund raiser chocolate
World's Finest - ???
that stuff is yummy ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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What are your top 4 candy bars?