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Why Do You Wake Up?

posted 7/17/2008 6:32:42 AM |
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I am one of these people that can usually find a silver lining in "just about" anything..It may take me a little whle to think about it, but eventually I can find something about it that shines through or a good reason for it.

No, not everything. there are some things that are just too sad, or painful and there doesn't seem to be any good that can come out of it. Unfortunately that is just a part of life. Like it or not.
We've all lived those moments and chapters in our life. Hopefully they are short ones and the rest of the book is full of laughter and love.

I've learned the hard way to look at the glass as half full, with lots to savor and enjoy yet instead of how much is missing. If I dwell on that, I can't enjoy what's left.
And I plan on enjoying what is left of my life right down to the very last drop..

I am quite insomniac and there are days it used to drive me crazy. But it happens, and I refuse to let if worry me or make me mad. I talk and sometimes visit with friends who are on that schedule, enjoy the solitude of the night, read a book, listen to music, take the time to reflect on all the wondferful things and people in my life, play on the computer, clean house.....misc... Hell, I'll sleep enough when I'm dead..I'm just hoping that's not for a long time. I'm not that tired, yet.

On the nights I do sleep,I love waking up in the morning. The sunshine, the birds singing, a new day for new beginnings and finding what else life can bring that it forgot to add to yesterdays list. A chance to right the wrongs I may have made yesterday. A new day to continue to love and appreciate so many people in my life. Another chance to leave a loving or funny memory for someone that I will someday leave behind.

I love my life! Although it is far from perfect, it fits so well. Ya know what I mean? I am so blessed and have so many reasons to wake up every morning. I'm thankful for everyday that I wake up and thankful for everyday that I have had. Even the bad, they have taught me something and made me who I am.

I've heard a friend complain numerous times about having to get up too early, wishing they could sleep for days to catch up on 4 hours of missed sleep. And yes, we all have those days on occassion, but..not everyday. Some people tend to forget that they have lots of reasons to wake up and enjoy that day....not waste it.
You will notice I did not say you have to "get up" to enjoy the day... lol Just don't waste it.

What's your reason for getting up every morning.... Why do you do it? And I don't mean just because the alarm clock went off...... Why do you bother to wake up every morning...or whatever shift you are on....and start over?

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Jul 17 @ 6:42AM  
These days I wake up with a alarm to get to work.
People bitch about going to work early or whatever time of the day.
But these days those of us who have jobs are lucky.


Jul 17 @ 6:47AM  
Goodmorning , as soon as i see the sunrise makes me smile and peaceful .....or read a email from someone special .... There are soooo many reasons to get -up .... good blog

Jul 17 @ 7:29AM  
For my 2 beautiful children!!

Jul 17 @ 7:58AM  
In an ironic coincidence, this morning I woke up because of the stench from a foul fart one of the dogs (probably the rottie) let in bed. Ewwww. Not the first time it has happened. I suspect that it came as a result of letting them have some old leftover spaghetti sauce I had pulled out of the fridge last night.

Jul 17 @ 8:05AM  
I love my mornings for coffee and smoke, my pup is cute, and then I get a Sunshine joke!

Jul 17 @ 9:08AM  
I work Nite shift... a Fucked up nite shift at that!! lol
I Use to Love to get up in the Mornings..., but now Im going to bed in the Mornings.. WTF? I Hate it!!
But, when I did "get up" in the Mornings... I Loved the Start of a New day...
Id put the coffee on, grab a cigg and crank up the Ole puter and see if Some Angel has fell in Love with me yet!!! (I Had a Dream.................................. righttttttttt!!!!!)

Jul 17 @ 10:04AM  
well the reason i get up in the morning is the same reason i log onto AMD........curious to know what the hell is going to happen next...........

I had a man ask me that same question a couple of weeks ago.......and my answer then is the same as it is now............a few years ago.....i got up in the morning to fix or repair what I had broken the day before.......whether that be a promise, a hurt feeling, or whatever......I was unhappy and i was ungrateful for what i did changed for me because I made a conscious decision to make that change.........happiness is not made......its accepted because it is is the act of being grateful for all you have instead of being pissed off cause you dont have the things you think you want or i get up in the morning and I thank God that I have one more day to embrace life, I thank him for all of the things he has given me and I thank him for watching over all the people in my life that I love whether they are still here on earth or have another realm. It is my time to reflect and see if I have things in my life that i need to make changes with and my time to be grateful that my daughter and granddaughter sleep in in the mornings so i have the quiet time that i so dearly love.

Jul 17 @ 10:12AM  
I wake up for my children... And to say good morning world....

Jul 17 @ 1:58PM  
I wake up (however many times a night) for my crying baby and then I look at his beautiful face and the world is a better place.

Jul 18 @ 2:21AM  
When I get up I usually check my panty collection,get coffee,smoke three cigs and stare at stuff until I get, shower and get out to enjoy the day...

Jul 24 @ 1:45PM  
Don't really have a reason to get up, I just do because it's expected of me.

Jul 24 @ 5:16PM  
I wake up because it's always going to be another adventure!! Loving life!!

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Why Do You Wake Up?