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Are you an agressive or passive Driver.....

posted 7/15/2008 5:08:42 PM |
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[B]I am new to blogging so I hope everyone will be easy on me!

Well I just needed to sound off to someone who might listen...this has been on my mind for a while now especially every morning I drive to work....

I attempt to enter the highway....and yes I realize that I must yield to the up coming vehicle's and I try to slip in....yes I do patiently wait especially if I see a Tractor Trailer is coming I am smart enough to say...."no I wanna live" because I know they can not stop on a dime in 30 seconds.....BUT if you see someone that is waiting to inch their way on and you have the room to ease over into the passing lane to allow the on coming vehicle in WHY do you NOT freakin move over!!!! LOL

And furthermore why is it that if you are in the passing lane....the object is to pass right? so WHY dont YOU!!!! and then go back to the traveling lane and don't continue to piss me off by trudging along.....LOL.....ok ok...yes I should have been a race car driver.........only I never learned to drive stick hhhmmm or maybe I should check out Germany I hear they drive fast there..

So are you an agressive driver or a passive Driver ?

Ps...and just FYI ...I do not drive while intoxicated....

Have a great day everyone

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Are you an agressive or passive Driver.....


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Jul 15 @ 5:22PM  
I try and let people in and get out of the passing lane. I move left when people are coming on if I can because they could hit me. Drive defensively.

Jul 15 @ 5:43PM  
I'd say I'm somewhat agressive behind the wheel, but I also believe I'm a courteous driver. Enough to move over when another vehicle is merging if the hammer lane is clear enough to allow it. When I'm merging onto an interstate or another major highway, I do it at the same speed as the traffic flow. Of course, that is if the distance between the vehicles allow that.

Jul 15 @ 5:46PM  
Well, I'm a little agressive by nature, but having gone through the police academy where they teach agressiveness along with defensively, both work for me.

Jul 15 @ 6:02PM  
Yes I agree Straddle...defensive driving is a must also and yes I do try my best to practice safe driving at all times. It is just sommmmmmmeeee day's you just want to scream and curse under yer breath and use sign language at some ppl.

Jul 15 @ 6:21PM  
I always try to make sure I have plenty of room to.... ease in.

Jul 15 @ 6:45PM  
I'm definitely an aggressive for me

Jul 15 @ 6:48PM  
I agree sweet, I run in the left hand lane between 80-90 mph driving is the least productive part of my day.

Jul 15 @ 6:50PM  
I'm somewhat aggressive...If I'm entering onto the expressway...and I KNOW I have the room to get on...I'm getting on that expressway. IMHO, if the driver has the room to move over...I'm giving them no choice but to move over.

And, if I'm in the passing lane...damn straight I'm passing. I'll move back over in the travel lane once I've got the room to do so.

I also "go with the flow" of the traffic...if everyone is doing am I....I sure as hell don't want to get ran over!

Jul 15 @ 7:21PM  
Welcome...we need another wine-o here, regardless of how you drive

Jul 15 @ 7:23PM  
Thanks whisperingcomet

Jul 15 @ 8:22PM  
I like speed ,but drive defensively ...... if you live in a big city you learn to be agressive or you will have to wait forever to get on the highway ....Welcome to the Blogs ....did good

Jul 15 @ 8:58PM  
I am not a driver but as a passenger i can put myself in the drivers seat and picture myself as aggressive because i swear flip the bird and honk the horn The driver usualy doesnt like it when i reach over and honk the horn but damn u gotta hate those Sunday drivers

Jul 15 @ 9:57PM  
Can't drive a stick? I'll be more than happy to help you with that problem

Jul 15 @ 10:20PM  
It's my way or the highway!!

I own the road....LOL

Jul 16 @ 6:30AM  
My job requires that I drive approximately 45,000 miles per year. I'm constantly frustrated by a small percentage of drivers. Whether it's due to ignorance, illiteracy, or idiocy, it doesn't matter! I find myself cussing at some other driver every 15 minutes or so.

My blood pressure is up so I'll quit.... for now.

Jul 16 @ 6:21PM  
LOL...Sunshine.....wanna race...

Jul 16 @ 6:41PM  
Passivity is for the lame...... ......I am not a road rager...........I just have ZERO tolerance for the idiot motorist...........

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Are you an agressive or passive Driver.....