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Is the NAACP really a racist organization?

posted 7/14/2008 6:54:05 PM |
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Cincinnati is hosting the 99th NAACP's convention starting today where Obama is scheduled to speak tonight, and McCain soon to follow in the next day or two with his speech there in Cincinnati to this group.

Why do we need any organization that caters soley to one race such as the NAACP? Aren't all races suppose to be equal? I feel that all races are equal, but yet if there were to be an organization soley for white people and the advancement of white people, don't you think that we would all be called racist if that were to happen? What if there was an all white school, or even an all white male school without letting women (different gender) and other races to join? I was talking with Tom (OMG71) on the phone a bit ago and we were talking about this. He stated that him being white and having a shaved head, some people would think of him as a white supremist. He gets profiled a lot by police officers just because of the way he looks it seems, he stated. Tom too feels that the NAACP shouldn't be catering to one race like it does. I am not a racist by any means, and I believe there should be equality for ALL races, not just one race. I know the NAACP is not a violent oragization like the KKK is/was, but still I don't feel like it's right to have a group that soley represents and advances one race, and get's a "free pass" for doing it because they're a minority group.

My intent for this blog is for a debate on this subject, not to cause or stir shit on race issues on here. Please be civil with your comments whether your for the NAACP or not.

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Jul 14 @ 7:30PM  
What if there was an all white school, or even an all white male school without letting women (different gender) and other races to join?

How about the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). Also, I have seen white members of the NAACP when I did their national convention about twenty years ago (granted, not many).

If you remove the title, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, it then becomes another organization advocating its "people". There are countless organizations (churches and service organizations in particular) that advocate their agenda that are dominated by one racial or ethnic group.

Are you also suggesting similarly that we should call for the disillusion of the Jewish Defense League, Knights of Columbus, LULAC, etc.

Respectfully, you sometimes seem to simplistically attempt to categorize things into black and white (I mean colors, not races) in a world that is complex shades of grey.

Jul 14 @ 7:36PM  
Respectfully, you sometimes seem to simplistically attempt to categorize things into black and white (I mean colors, not races) in a world that is complex shades of grey.

No, Bruce, I don't think I do that at all. Although there are some "no brainers" for the black and white catagory however. Trying to advance one race or another race is totally wrong I feel!

Jul 14 @ 7:46PM  
Even when you get into extreme organizations like the Klan, American Nazi Party, and the Black Panthers of yesteryear, there are constitutional rights like freedom of speech, expression and assembly that play in. There have been numerous legal battle fought for ages on all of this. Even the racially divided prison gangs have to violate some rule or law to be disbanded. I could go on about gangs like Crips, Bloods, the Texas Syndicate too. It is what it is, America.

Jul 14 @ 7:50PM  
Black Panthers

A newer version and more violent one exists today.

Jul 14 @ 7:51PM  
Some people will NEVER accept other people for many reason all coming back to -"They are different"

Jul 14 @ 7:55PM  
Some people will NEVER accept other people for many reason all coming back to -"They are different"

I agree with you. This is so sad that people are like that!

Jul 14 @ 8:10PM  
Well...if there was total equality, then we wouldn't need organizations such as the NAACP. Unfortunately, this country isn't quite there yet. There are still some out there who feel that minorities are beneath them. I just saw where I work at, a guest, (I clean hotel rooms for those who don't know) told me they couldn't get the a/c on in their room. I called maintenance for them. Our head maintenance guy, Willie, who is African American, showed up to take care of the a/c. All of a's "working". When Willie left...I could hear them in the room calling him the "N" they don't want his "kind" in their room, that he might steal something. Made me sick to hear that. Willie is one of the best workers I've seen in the 13 years I've been fact, he's been there longer than me.

To answer your question on whether all races are "supposed to be equal?" my opinion...yes. We are all equal..but..human nature being as it isn't that cut and dry. And some need the opportunities organizations like NAACP offer.

Jul 14 @ 8:45PM  
I was just emailing a friend back and forth on here talking about this, and I told her that I don't believe in quotas whatsoever. Back in 1991 after graduating from the police academy I was burnt where I didn't get hired at a local hospital for security after a second interview. They felt that they had to hire a black person and a white woman for one of the two positions I applied for. The hospital turned around and paid their two hires to go through the police academy, the one I had just went through since they didn't have those qualifications. That was the requirement to get on as security at that hospital. That has never ever happened to me before, and I have never had that problem since then. That still sticks out in my mind that I felt that I was passed over because of being white and being a male in todays society. That shouldn't happen to anyone in regards to race and/or gender. People who are better qualfied should get the job.

Jul 14 @ 8:52PM  
Some people would argue that the NRA is a whites only organization, contradictory to that belief Karl Malone (formerly of the Utah Jazz and LA Lakers) is a prominent member and occasional spokesperson.
While I was in the Army there were no black, white, brown, yellow.....we were all one color....OD Green.

Jul 14 @ 9:30PM  
Why don't we have "ALL for ONE, and ONE for ALL"! everyone should have the same...and in the END...we will all get it...join in !!!! YOu too will be a participant in the END...have a great time, your loss is mine, mine is yours...we should all be able to see that!

Jul 14 @ 9:41PM  
I try to treat all people with respect, until they give me a reason not to. Even if a friend tells me they are an ass, I wait until they are an ass to me. Please note I said I TRY. I've had black friends that were nice to me until their black friends were with them. I asked him once what was up with that, and he told me they don't like white people. Went to a bar with them a few weeks later, we all had a good time, maybe their point of view was changed.

Jul 14 @ 10:21PM  
I wouldn't put it passed the NAACP to assasinate Obama just so they can blame it on the white man...we all know black on black crime is rampant in America, and most of it happens in Memphis...and then they act like...uh...didn't see that comin! Duh...

Jul 15 @ 12:50AM  
nobody's gonna assasinate Obama
he's been hand picked by the Democratic Machine
he wasn't the keynote speaker at the 04 DNC because he was deemed
"the party's future"
when a Chicago "nobody" skyrockets to national prominence
in that short a period of time
well - if you're from around here you know
The Machine kicked it in gear

Jul 15 @ 2:22AM  
Chris Smitherman, the chair of the NAACP, was formerly a councilman on Cincinnati's
city council. He proved to be a reactionary and a buffoon (in my book, anyway...),
and was not elected to a second term.

I have no gripe with the NAACP, as they appear to be an organization devoted to the
betterment of conditions for black Americans, but this fool can only do harm to their
cause! Look for some outlandish remarks from this guy, setting his organization
back by a number of years!!

Again, JMHO...

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Is the NAACP really a racist organization?