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posted 7/13/2008 11:20:18 AM |
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The Cobalt turned into the drive and raced the few feet to the side porch and steps. The silver car looked out of place when one looked at the driver. Long hair cascaded over the shoulders and he wore what appeared to be jeans and a work shirt. Jumping around in the back seat area of the car was a large black and white dog. It was obviously waiting to be petted and wining for a caress. "I would like two double cheese burgers to go please!" The man yelled when a face appeared in the doorway. He could tell it was the woman he had been getting to laugh on the computer. He breathed a sigh of relief that being two hours late due to traffic had not foreclosed on their date. He repeated his order as she opened and closed the door and walked down the steps to his car. Her dark hair falling over the shoulders of her hot pink jacket, a graceful walk that highlighted the jeans she wore. "But ma'am, I need my cheeseburgers," he demanded with a smile as he unlocked the door and made a motion for the large dog to get in the rear of the car. A first date it was. He was determined that it was to be the wildest and most awesome night the woman would experience for the rest of her life.

"Really now?" Was all she said as she turned her attention to the dog that attacked her with a wagging tail and enough attention to make the heart of anyone melt. Her eyes seemed to reveal a moment in time when her heart struggled and even cried for release. She scratched and petted the dog and held its face to hers, making eye to eye contact with the object of affection of the man in the driver's seat. A smile split her face and a set of dimples dug into her cheeks before she threw up the wall of defenses she had spent so many years building around her heart and soul.

"Get in the back, now, Chester!" He ordered and the dog lept into the back seat. It still pushed for more attention though, and forced his head over her shoulder and between her and the window frame. "Sorry for the delay but I sort of got lost," he stated as he backed out of the drive and headed toward Portage Trails and the fairy tale night that he hoped to provide her. Already his mind was racing, trying to figure out how he was going to penetrate this woman's defenses and reach into her heart and soul.

"That's alright, I was supposed to go out with someone else but the bastard stuck me up." She explained as she caught herself from rocking wildly against the door and him. Her eyes were opened wide as he whipped the car into gear and shot around the corner onto Portage Trails. "You better slow down," she cautioned him as she continued to fight off the dog's attention, "it's only twenty-five down through her and the police will nab you."

"Give the pretty lady in pink a point!" He exclaimed as he quickly slowed the car down, sending the dog hurling forward between the seats. He then saw those defensive walls around her heart lower yet again. A heart that he was able to look into for a brief moment. A heart that had never really known spontaneous joy as he planned to show her tonight. Eyes that could never have revealed her past now showed him a glimpse of the damage to her heart other men had caused her. "Relax, I am like no man you have ever met before in your whole life, I only ask that you never treat me like you treated other men." He replied as he whipped the car onto the on-ramp for route eight South.

He then gunned the engine and raced the Cobalt onto the freeway. “I would have been here sooner except that there was a wreck somewhere and the whole freeway was frozen for over an hour until I left it and then had to find my way back to the damned thing,” he explained as he raced down the freeway, darting in and out of traffic to put the fear into her that would crumble her defenses. He knew that most women like her, built fortresses against any man’s attack on her heart as a necessity. They had been hurt in love so much that they feared leaving their heart open to anyone, let a lone a man. But when he looked at her he saw the beauty that had to lie underneath the callous face. No real dimples had crossed her face for a long while and he intended to put a few there regardless of the risk he had to take. He wanted a woman he could climb wooded hills with, carry across streams and camp with. A woman he could go canoeing with and know that she felt loved.

He had no dreams of love for himself. He only wanted to make a woman smile and here was one he was sure that could smile like the sun had risen over her heart. Here was a woman that he could spend hours shoveling the snowy drive of one moment and spend hours giving pleasure the next and trust that she would never throw that love away foolishly. Here was a woman who he felt he could trust to be a friend for life. A woman who would not make him and enemy. A woman that could shine and know that she was on top of the world and never want to give it away. A woman, even if they were never to have a relationship or would break up a relationship, could still be counted on for the rest of his life to be a friend he could talk to and live for. A woman that he could set and stare at and know he had brought the sun into her nights.

“That must be the accident there,” he said pointing across the freeway at a burned out hulk that had once been a car.

“Ya think,” she said as she threw a cigarette out the window and he darted around another car.

“Chester doesn’t bother you does he?”

“Oh no,” she smiled and he could see that wall go up again to protect her heart. She clutched her purse and massaged the dogs neck fur, confident that this guy was not going to get into her heart, but knowing it had been too long since she had felt a man’s shoulder under her head, making the burdens she carried lighter.

“That truck is slowing down pretty fast, there my dear,” he said as he neared a truck in front of him due to the gradual slow of Southbound traffic. God, but he wished she would just open up and let him give her a fantastic evening. It was so much like he was talking to a robot. The he saw the Buctel exit. A thought popped into his mind and he darted the cobalt up the off ramp. He glanced at her face and saw a slight shimmer to her defenses as he had caught her off guard now and he was able to see a glimpse of the woman behind the appearance she tried to keep up. When he stopped at the red light, her cell phone rang and he waited until she answered it before slamming on the gas and darting the cobalt wildly through the intersection.

“It’s my daughter,” she explained, obviously concerned that he had become angry over the disruption. She continued a brief conversations of “yes,” “no,” “uh-hum,” and “ya-think” before closi

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