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Fear of the Unknown...

posted 7/10/2008 12:17:49 PM |
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I read WhisperingComets blog about another thing not to do earlier.. It sounds like she is learning new things But the even better part is that she is just enjoying life as she does it..Kudos to her.. I think that is such a great way to live..and learn.

They say we learn by our mistakes.. And I figure as long as we live through them...and noone got was worth it for the experience of knowing .

Anyone that knows me well knows that I will try just about anything once..( and try it again if I like it.. Oops, different )....and very few things in life scare me...Other than the fear of something ever happening to my family and being claustrophobic the only things that I can think of that physically scare me are working with electricity and bats..OMGosh, I am beyond terrified of them.. Yea, you can stop laughing now... Wake up with one flying around your head in the middle of the night, 3 different times, 3 different summers and see if they don't make you at least a little unsettled..If not, well you are a braver person than me...

But let's go back to electricity thing....
I love doing simple house repairs ...nothing major...But I'll knock down walls, rebuild them, do drywall, paint, try my luck at "some" plumbing, replace windows or just the glass in them...flooring, ( although I have never done ceramic tiling and would love to learn)...I've helped build cabinets and lay wood floors...replace a sink or a toilet...shingle a get the picture. If I get a notion or someone will show me how to do it , I will try it...Except electricity.. Nope!! Not going to happen.

So a couple weeks ago I needed to have five of the electrical outlets in my house changed... the friend I would normally have do this wasn't available when I needed to have it neighbor that does some things for me wasn't either...and electricians are expensive!! The more I thought about it the madder I got at myself for being afraid of it. I am not real good at playing the helpless female role. So I decided what the hell, I'm doing it. Well maybe, yea I might try it, ok I'm doing it, what's the worst that can happen? Oh hell, maybe I won't..Damn it I refuse to be afraid of it, I am doing it...
Isn't it crazy when you argue with yourself ...and only one of you can win? lmao

I called LilGriz and asked him a few questions about doing it.Okay, a lot of questions and tried to get my nerves settled. Maybe I was even hoping he would talk me out of it..but truthfully, I would have been mad if he had tried. He encouraged me to do it.. Even told me he was proud of me for deciding to do something like this knowing how much it scared me..Damn!! Now I had to do it!! lol
I went out and bought all the stuff I needed, and the put it off for 4 days..Not something I usually do either...I hate it when people procrastinate..

Sooo, my very first one I ran into a big problem. Did I mention the house was built in 1898 with original wiring? The wires were too short to pull the outlet from the wall. Damn!! That just pissed me off and made me more before I did something totally stupid I called a friend that I have known for many years and he was trying to explain to me how to cut the wires that came up through the back of a utility cabinet and splice new wire to them..Was he out of his everloving mind?!?!? Not Me! What if I don't do it right and my house catches fire in the middle of the nght? So, I sweet talked him into coming over the next day....Well actually I think he wanted to come watch me try this and get a better laugh at me. In thirty some years of knowing each other, he has never known me to be afraid of anything and he was finding this hilarious..and was a little worried I would get mad and just rip it out or do something stupid...

So, the next day I went and bought more stuff and he came over..We had a great time laughing and talking while getting it all done..Yes, he did quite a bit of it, but I did get brave and completely changed one the night before..all by myself ...And it worked!!! lmao...
He showed me how to do the wire splicing and adding..It was actually very easy and .......well........I discovered that my biggest fear was the unknown. The power was shut off, it wasn't going to hurt...and even if it wasn't it still wasn't going to kill me, just seriously remind me and make me a little more cautious next time..Like I said, as long as noone gets's worth it for the experience of knowing.

It was also nice knowing that both men had that much confidence in me to believe I could just do it... with no hesitations..
Sooo... now I'm thinking I would like to install a couple new outlets........

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Jul 10 @ 12:30PM  
Never be afraid to do or try new things like that. None of us were born with the knowledge to fix stuff,we all had to learn. It's just not some women that do not know how to do this; I have a "handy man" business that I do part time to supplement my income,and I have met many guys who do not have a clue on how to fix anything. I have also met many women that can do any fixing of anything in the home.

I happen to know that there are several women on AMD that are very accomplished at home repairs,and a few that are trying to learn more about fixing thier homes.

Just Rock on darlin,have no fear

Jul 10 @ 1:08PM  
Larry, for the most part electricity is the only thing I was afraid of trying...I have a friend who buys houses and does anything from minor remodeling through sometimes completely gutting them and starting over.
I have helped her for a # of years now..with the tearing apart and fixing. I have always loved playing with power tools and doing this sort of stuff..and I enjoy learning how to do things I've never done...As long as it had nothing to do with electricity.. Now I feel a little better about that...I just needed to try it to know. Now it's not quite so unknown....


Jul 10 @ 1:31PM  
I just love a woman who loves playing with power tools

Jul 10 @ 2:06PM  
I just love a woman who loves playing with power tools

As long as it's not laranna Bobbitt!


Jul 10 @ 2:52PM  
Now Now Treas...........I told you when you were getting ready to do this project that you can do anything............and if something should happen.......well at least you wouldn't have to pay for a permanent for your hair...........just saying......

Alrightie then,,,,,,,,,,i have commented on your're not going to yell at me anymore are you?

Jul 10 @ 4:42PM  
Congrats on facing your "fear"!! That was very strong of you!!!
It sounds like you have awesome, gr8 Guy friends!!!! congrats!!!
Although.... U should replace all of the wiring...and fuse pannel... Just saying..

Jul 10 @ 5:26PM  
Nope, no way. I will not mess with the electrical in my house. I'm chicken, I admit to it. Besides, I already deal with the frizz and fun of naturally curly I don't need a "shocking" experience for that.

Good job on doing it yourself! I got a lot of respect for you being able to over come that fear.

Jul 10 @ 5:59PM  
I`m proud of you .... I have the same fear ....Show me a 1500 lb horse rearing and striking problem .... Tell me i have to do anything electric ... I `m nervous .... My Dad showed me all the percautions ...we have put in 220 outlet for the stove .... new circuit breaker done it ....,but now i have to do it alone ... Call me chicken .... CL , you have inspired me.... I have a breaker to put in ....this weekend i`ll do it . Thanks ,

Jul 10 @ 7:19PM  
Electric is nothing to be that afraid of....just double check to make sure the juice is turned can do it..

I have changed two ceiling fans, and four light fixtues, but it seems to me that three hands are to hold the new light, two to do the new wiring...but that is neither here nor there.

I have a little fear of plumbing....I recently changed a facuet in the bathroom, and shep walked me through it....except I didnt know he was waiting for I took a nap....all the while he was waiting online to advise me...


Jul 10 @ 8:28PM  
Ya see, I said you could do it.

Sooo... now I'm thinking I would like to install a couple new outlets

Well, I guess I know now what I'll be watching next weekend.......

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Fear of the Unknown...