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The Things You Like To Eat...

posted 7/9/2008 12:56:11 PM |
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No, not those things.......I know where your mind went... and that's not what I was talking about.... However another day, another blog..

I'm talking about actual food.. stuff you buy at the grocery store, get at restaurants or even grow.

Everyone eats weird combinations sometimes...well maybe not so much weird to them maybe, but to others. My best friend got my oldest granddaughter eating sliced pepperoni dipped in chocolate pudding everytime we go to Golden Corral. Now she gets upset if a restaurant has one but not the other.
I have a friend that eats mayonnaise on shredded chicken sandwiches. Eww Yuke!!

Lately I've been eating some things together that even I wouldn't normally do...but they've just sounded good ....and were..
Last night Griz and I were talking and he had mentioned eating something and I told him that was just gross!! Those don't go together..But he's weird, what can I say? lmao
I had mentioned eating sauerkraut and mashed potatoes together and he thought I was nuts. I know lots of people who do that, evidently he doesn't. lol
But he's never had a fried bologna sandwich either..... I thought everyone probably had.. I guess not..

So what are strange or weird combinations of things that you eat together? ......on a regular basis or just a time or two and were really good. At least right then...
You know things that people look at you and make a face like "oh gross" or they are going to be ill or " are you nuts". sorta looks.

Lately a few of mine have been.......
sliced spicy pepperoni and sweet coconut,
dill pickles and fresh white peaches,
blueberry yogurt and sugarfree lemonade
mild banana peppers and lowfat cottage cheese
Steamed red potatoes w/parsley and honey drizzled over them and banana peppers

So...What are your "different" combinations of things you like together? Or that someone you know eats and you almost need to leave the room?

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Jul 9 @ 1:14PM  
I like Lays potatoe chips and chocolate ice cream....the sweetness offsets the salty.

Jul 9 @ 1:14PM  
Ok, ok mmmmm... Lets leave the dessert for last

I feel sort of lucky when it comes to food ... There isn't a whole lot of foods that I dont like ... I do like spinach and I have to have hot, spicy foods . There are certain things I wont try though... No frog legs for me, no horse meat or exotic type meats . People always say it tastes like chicken. If thats the case, then I'll stick to chicken.

Mexican dishes are my favorite

Jul 9 @ 2:04PM  
OOOOooops !! I goofed

I had tried pineapple on a pizza once and nearly threw my guts out . I always eat hot, fresh jalapeno peppers with plain potato chips .... Hot is good no pun intended.

Jul 9 @ 2:05PM  
for some reason lately I've been into apple slices with peanut butter

Jul 9 @ 2:36PM  
Hmmm. I like peanut butter and onions sandwiches... It's the hillbilly in me.....

Jul 9 @ 3:05PM  
Ok some of my favs are tortilla with peanut butter, BBQ sause, ham, honey and a bannana all wrapped up, and oreos, french onion dip with fritos! I also like fries dipped in a milk shake and I would eat most exotic meats! Don't know about horse but I have had snails and cat(I didn't know till after I had it)

Jul 9 @ 3:18PM  
Just last night I was confessing to a friend online about a craving that I have had lately: Hersheys Milk Chocolate bar dipped in Bleu Cheese I'm sure I'm not pregnant

Jul 9 @ 3:27PM  

I dont eat weird combinations.

And yes; I'm pregnant. Gonna have a baby elephant.
The trunks already coming out.

Jul 9 @ 3:47PM  
I think I may have this one beat...

Soft drink powder(i.e Kool-aid or anyother) in milk;the citric acid makes the milk coagulate.It looks gross but its so good,esp frozen.

Wendy's fries dipped in chocolate frosty.

Ranch doritos w/ with gummy bears.

And as a kid,I used to put mayonnaise and ketchup on my ramen noodles.Ew,I know lol

Jul 9 @ 4:17PM  
And the prize goes to.............................................lunanegra ^^^

Jul 9 @ 4:32PM  
No, not those things.......I know where your mind went...
Yep Im guilty!!! lol
I'm not Picky..and there are only a few foods that I dont eat.
I like to mix corn in my Smashed taters, esp. TV dinners.
I have eaten peanut butter and nanna sandies with Mayo,
and Peanut butter and bologna, sandies.

Jul 9 @ 5:18PM  
Chocolate chip cookies dipped in cheese dip with a cold budwiser.
Is mayo on hot dogs a wierd mix?

Jul 9 @ 6:06PM  
Pizza and doritos maybe

cum and strawberries...

Jul 9 @ 6:09PM  
i like toast w/ butter and pork and beans and make a sandwich ....not toooo weird . When i would have a beer.... i like chocolate w/ it

Jul 9 @ 6:38PM  
Is ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise on a hamburger odd? I love it.

My mother eats mustard and onion sandwiches and my grandfather's favorire sandwich was peanut butter, bologna, and picante sauce on whole wheat with butter and lettuce.

I will try almost any "exotic" meat and my favorite food is calf fries, aka Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Jul 9 @ 6:47PM  
And the prize goes to.............................................lunanegra

You like me,you really like me,lol

I forgot another since everyones mentioning peanut butter on stuff.Peanut butter,raisin and banana sandwiches on wheat which is pretty mundane but delicious.Raisins make a good substitute for grape jelly.

Jul 9 @ 8:40PM  
Ok, here's something I don't have anymore, since the family gave up the dairy cows. I would always go out to the cooler in the morning and skim the fat off the top of the milk cans. I would take it into the house, pour it into a bowl, sprinkle salt on it and dip home made sourdough bread into it. We always saved some cream so there would be some for later.

Jul 9 @ 8:54PM  
Wendy's fries dipped in chocolate frosty.

Who doesn't do this?? YUM!!!!

That's like girlcountry and her potato chips and ice cream!!

Jul 10 @ 2:19AM  
Wow...some of you eat some really strange combinations... I'll never think anything I eat is weird or bizzare again.. lol

Jul 10 @ 11:17AM  
Whenever my mom cooked a ham, she always made home made potato salad. So.... if I have ham without any...... I feel deprived.

As for dessert....... pies, cakes....... they all go better with Ice cream !

Just picked the last of the cherries yesterday. I've been eatting fresh cherry crisp for 2 weeks now. That should last me until next year! If not....... I froze a bunch too

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The Things You Like To Eat...