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Virtual BBQ- Cum one, cum all!!

posted 7/4/2008 3:05:04 PM |
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tagged: bbq, sunshine

We're having ourselves a virtual BBQ, right here in my lovely backyard. There are swings and hammocks everywhere, grills- charcoal and propane scattered about. Giant swimming pool, crystal clear with diving board and slide. Horse shoes and hula hoops. We have fireworks get ready to party down.....

What are you bringing??

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Jul 4 @ 3:08PM  
call me when naked tag starts

Jul 4 @ 3:16PM  
MY ASS! A rip off bikini! Beer...Bourbon...and my favorite German style potato salad...

Jul 4 @ 3:36PM  
What? Nekkid lawn darts??

Wow....bunny is bringin' the whole liquor cabinet!

Jul 4 @ 3:46PM  
ahh...that isn't the whole liq cabinet...ya gotta save some for when you get home with the guy you were trying to fuck in the pool, but everyone kept interupting...geez will ya give it up with the cannon balls I can't get his cock in the cunt with all those waves going on! save me a weiney....I can't get any here!

Jul 4 @ 3:47PM  
if bunny gives me some of that bourbon, I'll rip off her bikini and play naked darts with her ass

Jul 4 @ 3:50PM  
Your weiney is saved bunny. Now someone wants to play darts with you. That sounds fun. Where the hell is everyone else??

Jul 4 @ 3:51PM  
as long as your the DART!!!! otherwise keep sharp pointy objects to yourself...I bet Rnj wants his cock to be the horseshoe toss thingy...what ever ya call it!!!

Jul 4 @ 3:54PM  
if your pussy is the horseshoe my cock will be the horseshoe thingy as you called it

Jul 4 @ 4:02PM  
Horse shoe

I have some corn...heard corn was fun to fuck.....

Jul 4 @ 4:06PM  
Where is everybody? I guess they have real BBQ's to go to...I got stood up! i was supposed to have a date last night that wanted to cook dinner for me, and he asked me to his families for today's festivities...then his young son showed up unexpectedly and I got blown off. he said he could come over saturday, but i told him I had plans...of course I lied, but ya can't have me at your convienence...I am not going to go out or have him over...this isn't the first time he has done this...but it is the last. Don't fuck with Murphey!

Jul 4 @ 4:11PM  
Real BBQ's....Yup, I coulda been at the beach. The day my family left to the beach my boss told me to take the next 5 days off.....WTF? I could have went to the beach!! I'm pissed. So, anyway.....Glad your not stooping to dudes level. Givin' him a dose of his own medicine. Hope he likes it!

Jul 4 @ 4:20PM  
what kind of fool turns down bunny sex?

Jul 4 @ 4:21PM  
Don't you fucking hate when your boss does that kinda shit! I am not evil, but I don't play...anyones games.

Jul 4 @ 4:25PM  
Rnj said Bunny sex!!!

Jul 4 @ 4:27PM  
Yea I did .....but I don't think my banana is big enough for her

Jul 4 @ 4:40PM  
I have brisket on the grill right now and am holding in reserve about a dozen rib eye steaks.

Jul 4 @ 4:44PM  
I'm cumming!! sorry...meant coming .....

got my 4th of July bikini on and got some pasta salad...that ok with everyone?

Jul 4 @ 4:45PM  
Who gives up ANY SEX!!!??? rnj said "BUNNY SEX"! is that taboo?

Jul 4 @ 5:57PM  
We got a special 4th of July bikini....any guy have the matching speedo??

Jul 4 @ 6:00PM  
I got fresh cucumbers out of my garden!!! Anyone want one?

Jul 4 @ 6:07PM  
TAG.....Rnj is it!

Jul 4 @ 6:09PM  
What are we going to do with cucumbers when we have rnj's nana!?

Jul 4 @ 6:11PM  
We can use and abuse Rnj too!

Jul 4 @ 6:16PM  
rnj and 3 women????

Think he can handle it, girls?

Jul 4 @ 6:18PM  
Looks like he is the only one up for it, maybe I under estimated him?

Jul 4 @ 6:21PM  
we shall see! we shall see!!

He said to let him know when naked tag started, he got tagged and haven't heard from him since!!

Jul 4 @ 6:22PM  
A foursome, you ready for this?

Jul 4 @ 6:25PM  
I have some filet mignon for the grill and some chardonnay of course. If we run out of liquer I have a couple of cases of Boone's Farm in the car. By the time I bring that out nobody will know what it is anyway.

I am wearing my infamous purple loincloth. I also have my kiss me for no reason bib on.

Jul 4 @ 6:27PM  
Thanks...I just threw up....I am outa here!

Jul 4 @ 6:35PM  
Well, since Bunny left, and rnj is missing in action.... Purple is here, that's a good thing. Although I don't do Boones Farm anymore, but thankyou, Purple!!

Who has the music??

Jul 4 @ 6:40PM about .38 Special-Rockin into the Night?

Jul 4 @ 6:48PM  
It looks like I scared everyone out of here. Echo...echo...echo...

Jul 4 @ 7:00PM  
beer and bikinis and babes
got room for a
snakeskin cowboy?

Jul 4 @ 7:10PM  
Saw .38 Special in concert once...loved it!! Play on, Purple, play on!!

And oh yeah, I'm still here!!

And click...I love cowboys!!

Jul 4 @ 7:14PM  
I am more of a blues, rock a billy, jonnie Cash, Willie, Roy Orbison, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Bonnie, Raitt, Nora Jones kinda girl...but have fun ya old school rockers!

Jul 4 @ 7:23PM  
really like roy orbison here too bunny

Jul 4 @ 7:33PM  
I like all those, too, Bunny!! Except for Cash...I'll go in the other room with click when you play Cash, ok? ( And play it a lot, so we can play!! )

Jul 4 @ 7:39PM  
What ever makes you happy can you not like Cash? Oh well each his own...I will play it all night if ya want...

Jul 4 @ 7:41PM  
how about the wilburys?
handle me - please !!! - with care

Jul 4 @ 7:42PM  
Dude in the blog after this one thinks he is god...and he won't let you post a comment.

Jul 4 @ 7:43PM  
I love the Wilbury's...ya know Roy? anyway...may I have you after she handles you with care...?

Jul 4 @ 7:47PM  
Hey Click...thanks for sharing...what a memory! I saw Blake Dylan on David letterman the other was good to see the result of such a character....children can turn out alright!

Jul 4 @ 7:50PM  
il stay with you bunny and listento cash and make or own music i'll bring the hammnock and screen tent

Jul 4 @ 8:04PM  
alright - weeded - watered - that's where snakeskin cowboy came from
found one as I was weeding
mowed - fed kid - fed dog
and if someone knows where the mr mom switch is so I can turn it off
well - some of that handlin' sounds like fun
otherwise it's cleanup and dishes and laundry and
oh yeah
Happy Birthday America !!!

Jul 4 @ 8:17PM  
geez - thanks Bunny
I read the god blog
and he proposes
using hallucinogenic drugs
I may or may not be speaking from experience when I state
using hallucinogenic drugs
doesn't make this a better place
but it can make it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
more colorful
ya know?

Jul 4 @ 8:27PM  
Sounds like he's doing those drugs now.....

he's scary!! And click, grab a beer, sit down and the button is turned off!!

Now c'mere!!

Jul 4 @ 8:36PM  
Looks like I have to compete for Click...not my style...go ahead take over, and I will slide on by! Have fun!

Jul 4 @ 8:37PM  
What else? A keg and a bag of chips, oh and a big bottle of suntan lotion. Just incase any you women forget yours and needs help putting it on I have volunteering hands....

Jul 4 @ 8:38PM  
Actually Bunny....I'm out for the night, so go for it!!

Night all!

Jul 4 @ 8:41PM  
That was easy! I still need his participation, and he hasn't answered any of my flirty comments, so I can take a harm done!

Jul 4 @ 8:47PM  
I was mr momming it
sorry Bunny
I'm all yours - in just a bit
another thing or two ta do

Jul 4 @ 9:00PM  
Hello all, sorry I'm late...I was tied up...and it has taken me this long to get the knots undone...

Please pass me a glass of boones farm

Jul 4 @ 9:06PM  
Boones Farm Gone honey...just the thought of it made me throw up...that and some other things...we used for misquito repellent! Now if you can bow up and handle some Bourbon...a real drink...I am ready to play bartender.
Oh and by the way Click...I sure would like to play house with you...and you can be the MAN!!!!

Jul 4 @ 9:20PM  
oh no - does it show?
I got spammed - imagine that
and if I'd like I can
mail me back in my pravite Email address
I think I'll pass

Jul 4 @ 9:26PM  
back to
the MAN!!! ?
I remember that
instead of popping in and out I ease in
yeah -
am I up for that !!!

Jul 4 @ 9:31PM  
I like the ease in part...slow and sure wins the race!

Jul 4 @ 9:37PM  
I love the ease in part
slow and eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
teasin' every inch of the way

Jul 4 @ 9:47PM many inches Click?

Jul 4 @ 9:53PM  
ya gotta count em Bunny
I have been told though
I'm not average

Jul 4 @ 10:18PM  
there is nothin average about you baby!

Jul 4 @ 10:22PM  
that you Bunny
I am truly flattered

Jul 5 @ 7:40AM  
WOW, I go on a beer run and to get more ice and watermelon and I missed all this??

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Virtual BBQ- Cum one, cum all!!