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Warning... Has anyone else had this happen?

posted 7/2/2008 11:32:40 AM |
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tagged: mama

Ok I know I haven't been on in awhile to post a blog..
Been busy around the house..

But I thought I should post one today....
Been talking to a friend of mine and we both have gotten offers for this very sick thing....

Incest with others and our children...

Now come on people how far will you go..
It is just plan sick.. I would never even dream of doing anything like that...I love my children but not that much to want to go play with others with my children...

What do you all think of people like this????
Has anyone on here had that happen to them?

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Jul 2 @ 11:36AM  
That is just plain SICK,I hope that you reported them to the authorities.

Jul 2 @ 11:40AM  
No, and I feel ill thinking about it! WTF?!? I saw a profile of a woman who casually mentions she lives with her 2 daughters, ages 20 and 21...they're close and have lots of fun together. I was thinking "escort" or something, but dang, now I wonder...

Jul 2 @ 11:43AM  
WTX... I know I did not sure if my friend did... Yes it is very sick..

Jul 2 @ 11:49AM  
FUCKED UP...and they were probably just trying to get a rise out of you. personally I don't think you should annouce you have children on this site just for the reason people can use information to fuck with you...jmo

Jul 2 @ 11:51AM  

Wanting to involve the kids. These people are not only SICK. They would be considered Pedophiles as far as I am concerned.

Jul 2 @ 11:51AM  
That makes me want to PUKE. Ew.
My mom and I have a very close relationship, she knows just about EVERYTHING I do and lets me be me. She knows that I go out and have random sex with people, she knows I hook up at the bar, fuck when I was a pure romance consultant... I sold her her favorite vibe! LoL but it would never... NEVER go to that level. Ew ew ew ew ew. Ew.


Jul 2 @ 12:03PM  
I hear you, Ladie - I have 2 kids (ADULT kids) on this site (though they're not around much lately...) and while we might be adult about being here, there are lines we don't cross...and playing together is just not okay!

My first "adult toy" party was at my mom's house - I think I was 18 or 19...I also sold adult products ala home parties and not only did my son refer a friend to host a party, but his girlfriends have come to mine. But again...we know where to draw the line :)

Jul 2 @ 12:19PM  
So glad to see everyone here is just as sicked out by this as I am...
I think on all sex sites they should start checking profiles also and if they say they are into this kind of sick shit then block them from the sites..

Jul 2 @ 12:22PM  
.... About a year ago there was a guy in here who was writing to women that had young children mentioned in their profiles, suggesting the same sick idea with their children, he was asking women to send him child porn pic's of their kids.
I think he lived in England, but who knows..
He was run out of AMD.
He maybe back using a different nic-name.

Jul 2 @ 12:28PM  
That is really a horrible thing to offer to a person but the sad and sick thing is somepeople would do that.

Jul 2 @ 3:20PM  
Scam.....Beware of Romans bearing gits......

Jul 2 @ 5:24PM  
truly sick they should be reported.....

Jul 2 @ 7:01PM  
Yeah, Janet told me that had happened when that one chick messaged her not too long ago wanting the incest thing.


Jul 2 @ 7:27PM  
I could watch twins as long as they were both girls.

Incest is one of them things that if you sound too innocent it makes you look guilty.


Jul 2 @ 10:51PM  
I used to be quite gullible and trusting... a few years ago was seeing a guy I met from here.. I let him tie me up and blindfold me at my place..

He asked too many questions about my daughter,,while I was tied up he seemed to be wandering around the apartment. I think he might have been snooping in her room.

And I get the distinct feeling he was excited at the possibility of her coming home while we were there.

It chilled me when I realized some of the horrible possibilities..including his fondness of rivers with a strong current.

Fortunately we have moved since then. It still gives me the creeps.

I now have a process. I will only meet good pervs. And no one comes to the apartment.. No one.


Jul 2 @ 10:58PM  
Oh my.... shock.. Would gave me the creeps..


Jul 2 @ 11:20PM  
What do you all think of people like this

This is a sore subject for me cause my niece was the victim of a pedophile...and as far as I'm concerned....the bastard should have been the balls.

Jul 2 @ 11:33PM  
Its just me but If I was to catch a mental case of this magnitude ....I know some say they can't help it but I don't care.... a very slow miserable torture a being of this kind the death of them afterwards brings out justice.....Of course a child is innocent until they turn to a when they grow up but I am sorry hopefully this offer doesnt come from someone you know;

Jul 3 @ 12:42PM  
A female friend of mine had a situation she is gay & looking for a partner, she met this woman on a site & after talking they discussed meeting each other the other woman asked her if she had any family members that would want to join in because she had been in a threesome with a mom & a teenage daughter & that she found incest hot. So now we have to be careful of woman pedophiles which i do have to admit I never thought about until my friend mentioned this to me.

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Warning... Has anyone else had this happen?