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When someone you went to high school with is killed

posted 7/1/2008 2:27:04 PM |
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tagged: death, sad, straddle

Monday morning around 9am there was a car crash here in my area. I went to high school with this woman whose name is Heather Tolbert. She was in a grade or two below me and she was 39 years old. I knew her a little in my senior year before graduating. I haven't seen her since. Reading about this accident makes me value my life even more after this tragedy. She was driving a 1988 Chevy S-10 pickup truck. She went off the right side of the roadway and onto an embankment. She overcorrected and went left of center stricking another vehicle head-on. The guy she hit head-on is 49 years old, and he's okay. She was unrestrained and was tossed from her vehicle. She was transported by squad to the hospital and was later pronounced dead. It was on front page news in todays newspaper. If anyone would like to checkout the story you can on the newspaper's website (

I still can't believe another former high school student from my highschool era was killed. The last one being a woman I went to high school with which was killed back in 1996. My thoughts and prayers goes out to Heather's family.

Have any of you ever experienced a death with anyone from your high school days who you went to high school with during the time in high school, or life after high school?

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Jul 1 @ 2:33PM  
I've had a classmate die in a motorcycle accident, two take their own lives and one of my teachers also committed suicide. This was all during my time in high school. I doubt I would get any news on their deaths now as I live quite far from where I went to school. But it does make you reflect.

Jul 1 @ 2:43PM  
I read that in the paper..People fly down 140..That road is curvy...Especially around Sheila blvd where the accident happened..

Jul 1 @ 3:12PM  
In high school:

Kenny M
Byron H
Jeff R
Shirley S

After high school:

Jeff A
Nomi S
Laura (sis)
Arnie (1st love)
Karen C
Vince W (Karen's cousin)
Herman C

All people I went to high school (and/or middle school) with (or knew at that time); of them all, only one died due to natural causes - the rest were drug or alcohol related in some way. One was murdered.

Jul 1 @ 3:20PM  
Heather was a cute looking girl in high school. She was tall (5'10" or 5'11" in height) and pretty thin. She had short dark hair, and I think she may have even played basketball in high school. But I think she was considered a "wild child" from what I remember.

Jul 1 @ 3:23PM  
One was murdered.

Man, that's nuts, Nomi!

Jul 1 @ 4:37PM  
well my best friend in high school kill himself this year and no one knows why he was getting married and things where good for him, he had home just a year after leaving the marines where he was in iraq for 6 years on and off .
he will be miss god bless you ray

Jul 1 @ 4:39PM  
I went to a small high school. The class of 69 graduated 89 students. I went to the 20th and 30th graduation reunions. There will not be a 40th reunion because only 9 members are still alive.

Jul 1 @ 5:07PM  
I've had so many people I went to high school with that have been killed I can't even keep track of them all....the 2 that hurt the most though were my 2 best friends who died within a year and a half of each other

Jul 1 @ 5:17PM  
let's see..........

drug overdose
car accident
diabetes complications's a rough world

Jul 1 @ 5:18PM  
Well,so far none of the people I care about are gone thank merciful Deity.

Jul 1 @ 5:23PM  
Weird timing on the post. Today I took a neighbor who knocked on my door requesting a ride, down to his aunt's to attend a funeral. He is a black guy raised in the "hood" and his cousin was murdered along with somebody else in a car. I won't get into details beyond saying it was material for the show "48 hours". I understood and could understand his grief. What I could not understand, and did not inquire about, was what a 27 YO mother of four was doing being out, away from her family after two in the morning, the time of her murder. This is totally fucked up.

Jul 1 @ 5:27PM  
Almost all of my buds from my show biz days are dead. Many died in their twenties and thirties as a result of car wrecks, overdoses, or murder. Then those that survived had to pay on the credit card of life from intensive partying, and died from liver failure, cancer, and heart attacks. It is a lifestyle that few on here would relate to I suspect.

Jul 1 @ 5:29PM  
Oh, I forgot, among the casualties from my rock and roll days, three were murdered.

Jul 1 @ 5:51PM  
one died of vehicular accident before we graduated high school and that was it. Mostly from my class became lawyers and drug addicts and drug lords

Jul 1 @ 6:41PM  
I had high school friends start to die of heart problems when they passed 50. The life expectency in the U.S. is around 74. That means about 50 % of people will die before they are 74. Enjoy every minute, the good and the bad, because you never know when your time will come.

Jul 1 @ 7:53PM  
About a month after graduation...a good friend of mine died in a rollover accident. He had been at a graduation party drinking, and the seat belt laws weren't in affect yet..but I do know that's when talk about it becoming law was starting. He was thrown from the car and it landed right on him. According to the coroner...he died instantly. A year after that....someone I went to school with, he was a grade under me, died in another drunk driving accident..he tried to beat a train, and lost. The train slammed the car, and it burst into flames. He and the other 3 teens in that car died. Then a very good friend of mine.....was like a brother to me, we had been friends since 1st grade was gunned down...he died on the operating table at the hospital.

Yeah...I'd say I've lost a few friends/fellow classmates since 83. Hell...lost a good friend while in jr. high...he was shot in the neck opening day bow hunting season.


Jul 1 @ 8:01PM  
One girl I graduated with was killed (along with her two young children) in a house fire, a border that lived with them came home drunk through the night and decided to put a pot of grease on to make fries, then went out to have a smoke, the back draft lite the house up so fast, he being severaly burnt and mom and children died upstairs all huddled together, very sad! One guy who was I believe a grade younger then me was killed trying to out run a train.........and lost. Then back in '92 one of my very dearest friends was murdered at work, people may remember about the McDonald's murders here in Canada, Nova Scotia, made big news, extremly devasting!! Also a girl I graduated with and also worked with many years later died of cancer back in 2000.

Jul 1 @ 9:00PM  
My best friend, from high school, died seven or eight years ago in a car accident. The accident
was the morning after our team's last dart match, and he had dropped me off. He was
driving his father's truck, since his car was in the shop, and he just ran off the road and hit
a pole, or tree, for seemingly no reason...
He was a quiet, unassuming guy, but the funeral was surprisingly well attended; I met
lots of people who knew Jim just as well as I did, but whom I had never met!

High school seems like just yesterday, but all of a sudden it's 30+ years later; I'm sure
that many others from my class are gone, but this one hurt the most...

Jul 1 @ 9:26PM  
A couple years after I graduated a girl who I went to school with, she was murdered at the neighborhood swimming pool (never went there again). She was working as a life guard and had gone back to the shack to get something...

I found out when I was walking up to get something from the store, and had to walk around all these cop cars and an ambulance.

Her name was Ali Kemp . Anyway, even though I barely knew her, it was probably one of the most shocking things that I have ever experianced. That kind of chill... well it isn't something you forget.


Jul 9 @ 9:26PM  
Strad your not alone my best friend & 3 other friends & one burned alive in a truck ....It happened in 1987 ...Im almost 42 & it still messes w/ me today

Jul 9 @ 9:59PM  
I lost a friend ....our lockers were next to one another all through high school ....we did track together .... She was murdered less than a year out of school after graduation . I have lost quite a few through the years .... drunk driving , shooting themselves while drunk ...or killed by drunks .

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When someone you went to high school with is killed