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What is your definition of "slutty"?

posted 6/28/2008 9:57:39 PM |
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I'm a slut by almost anyone's standards. I've come to terms with this... in fact, it kind of makes me proud. Proud because I don't let other people and their opinions dictate how I choose to live my life.

I was thinking today, what exactly is a slut? Whats slutty? Are there people out there that are so slutty you wouldn't poke them with a ten foot pole? (I might be one of those haha) Are you a slut by your own definition?

A slut to me is someone who is in a committed relationship, but can't seem to stop fucking other people. Someone who sleeps with their finance's brother is a definite slut. Someone who's cheated on their finance so many times you lost track, someone who doesn't use any form of birth-control other than abortion. Those are slutty characteristics. I can honestly say, I wouldn't sleep with any of those people.

By those definitions, I am NOT a slut. But maybe my slut standards are the way they are so I'm not a slut in my own mind? Hmmmm....

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Jun 28 @ 10:09PM  
Hmmm, I've pondered this before, too...(oh that the first sign one is a slut???)

I think that to be a "slut" one must be indiscriminate...and discretion isn't of much concern, either. So, not only does a slut not have much in the way of standards, but he or she doesn't care who knows it, either! Of course, numbers come into play here, too, but those will come with the indiscriminate part. Eh?

Jun 28 @ 10:09PM  
Webster defines slut as a promiscuous woman. So, then, ya gotta define promiscuous which is "not restricted to one person". Now, ya gotta decide for yourself if that means in a lifetime? How about a decade??? Or a year???? Or a week??? Or a day???????? Or at a time?????????? Damn, this is all too confusing. Perhaps I should just send you a wanna fuck, but, then, would I be a male e-slut?

Jun 28 @ 10:19PM  
There is an old country song..."I like my women a little on the trashy side". Slutty? maybe that too, not sure. Depends on how she acts out her sluttiness. I like Sxze's point...being indescriminate is not cool. But we're all human. Some more than others.

Jun 28 @ 10:34PM  
in the eyes of many
doing what they wouldn't deems you
a slut - it's their label
I don't let other people and their opinions dictate how I choose to live my life
neither do I
we choose to live our lives as we see fit
and that really pisses them off
and so they label
we are - in some way, shape or form, all of those here - sluts
as defined by "them"
I so prefer the company of sluts
a kudo - cuz I can

Jun 28 @ 11:09PM  
sleeping with other people while you are in a committed relationship doesn't make you a slut, just immoral. But by your actions, you can't state that you are in a committed relationship now can you?

No, a slut is simply a woman that sleeps around a lot. Honestly, I think it's only women who put the stigma on being one. Heck, when men sleep around, they are studs. If women stopped making sleeping around such a taboo, being a slut wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Just watch out for the diseases out there.

Jun 28 @ 11:10PM  
Oh honey,,,the answer is very simple....a slut sleeps with anyone that want to sleep with her....a woman sleeps with any one she desires....and well,,,,not really sleeping...

Jun 28 @ 11:20PM  
What is a slut?

What is the difference between a slut and a lady? 3 drinks

A slut is the gal who screwed your best friend and wouldn't even look at you.


Jun 28 @ 11:22PM  
I consider "slut" to be a term of endearment when uttered by the right man. That I can feel like a slut without guilt or shame also gives me a certain sense of pride.

But I would not say I am an indiscriminate slut. I am not in an exclusive relationship, but those I see know that I play with others. They even know pretty much when I see someone else. The man I consider my my Master insists I tell him about all my cums, whether it is with someone else, my hand or B.O.B. He also wants to know whenever I suck cock and always praises me if I swallow. And part of the praise is calling me a slut. LOL.

I have on a couple of occasions seen more than one man on the same day, usually not intentionally, but when that happens, I feel particularly slutty.

I believe in testing in addition to other safe sex precautions. Whenever the Health Dept asks me those questions about the number of partners, I feel really really slutty.

I am a slut, there is no dispute there. Depending on your standards , I am a good slut or a bad slut.

And from Clickanad's observation, I think I am in good company.

Jun 28 @ 11:27PM  
What is the difference between a slut and a lady? 3 drinks

Oh HELL YEAH!!! I'm rarely a slut! I can barely make it past 2 drinks!

Jun 28 @ 11:35PM  
Nomi,,,you cant be a are a lisbian...oh hell, the typing and spelling are going...I am on my fourth drink

Jun 28 @ 11:39PM  
I'm not a lisbian, dammit!!!

I prefer female-oriented.

Jun 28 @ 11:45PM  
Yes, let's be politity correct...but nothing changes...Nomi is a lisbian...Nomi is a lisbian

Jun 28 @ 11:48PM  
We know nomi, but it is so much fun getting a reaction out of you. Sorry.

Jun 29 @ 9:58AM  
A Slut -

Can't remember how many men you have slept with or their names!!!

Jun 29 @ 10:14AM  
I liked whisperingcomet's definition.

Personally, I think we should get Jeff Foxworthy one this.

You might be a slut IF...........

Jun 30 @ 12:56AM  
What brought this question up? I think it has to do with morals and ethics. I also don't allow others to dictate what or who I do. Just remember the raincoat

Jul 1 @ 11:05AM  
LDS to me what you are describing is a trifling cheat. Not a slut....

However, I dunno what a slut is.

Apr 21 @ 9:42PM  
A Slut -

Can't remember how many men you have slept with or their names!!!

So if a woman can remember all 100 names of different guys she slept with in the last month she isn't a slut?

Apr 21 @ 9:44PM  
I want to be a slut but I cant get more then 1 girl to sleep with me ...If I was a woman I'd get laid every night

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What is your definition of "slutty"?