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posted 6/26/2008 1:09:27 AM |
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I was wrong I have been wrong and I apologize, you have been duped . It was a bad joke, which had nothing to do with any of you.

but that stuff you people said was wrong and you should said hey, I'm calling you out so fuck. that was wrong , and here I am. I'll e-mail you my address so show up or shut up. Fuck off losers, you don't know me and I know who a lot of you are. My Mom doesn't talk to me like that, so fuck you.

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Jun 26 @ 1:17AM  
ummm ok..

Jun 26 @ 8:37AM  
turn off the pc - get sober
then log back in
that wasn't a bad joke
that was fucking sick
get your life in order

Jun 26 @ 8:38AM  
Hey Jeff. I don't know what was said to you but after you betrayed the trust of many people who like you and respected you should have expected some backlash. From what I could see a number of people here really care about you. A prank like that could get someone hurt and I'm sure that's not what you wanted. I don't know you, so it didn't affect my life one way or the other, but I thnk you may have lost a few friends and the trust of some others. Take care and good luck.

Jun 26 @ 9:21AM  

Jun 26 @ 10:20AM  
none of my business but I read a woman who was scared and concerned about her friend. if that is your way of joking with someone I"m sooo glad of my choice of friends

Jun 26 @ 10:22AM  

Jun 26 @ 10:24AM  
PP: no offense, And Clicked- I am sober. If they were my real friends they wouldn't say things like that. I've gotten along for 39 years without them just fine. I could slap a real friend and he would ask me why I did it. What happened, was I snapped a rib, and now the nerves around it are pinched somehow, I totally forgot about the dumb or sick prank, and yes , it was wrong. but I've had a broken hand, not much work, e coli, and this rib. I have things going on with my family that hurt worse than the other stuff, and I've just been feeling evil. If any of you seriously consider me a friend, thank you and I'm sorry.

Just feeling the strain, and if someone doesn't trust me, I must have forgotten I ever really cared. Someone here has been trying to turn people against me, that's part of what this dumb blog is about. I know who it is, and you're making a very serious mistake. these are online acquaintances, but you're trying to go somewhere you really don't want to go with me. So I hope you're happy.

That's between you and satan......................

Jun 26 @ 10:44AM  
Someone here has been trying to turn people against me, that's part of what this dumb blog is about. I know who it is, and you're making a very serious mistake. these are online acquaintances, but you're trying to go somewhere you really don't want to go with me. So I hope you're happy.

No one is trying to do anything to you...You get fucked up on your pain pills and do stupid shit, say stupid shit, and you expect everyone to blow it just because you don't remember or don't mean it now - and it doesn't work that way. For most everyone here, it means nothing because you are nothing more than a picture and some text on a screen...just as they are to you. But some of us know you beyond that - and we get the phone calls, voicemails, text messages, and emails that no one else knows about - and despite this, at least one of us cared enough to worry about you not once, not twice, but every fucking day for the last few weeks...and you go and post some shit like this? No, Jeff, fuck YOU.

Jun 26 @ 11:33AM  
I don't think you're psychotic Jeff...................

......just a douche.

Jun 26 @ 11:47AM  
you've got to accept responsibility for your actions
learn from your fuck ups
don't defend 'em
we're all dealt our share of life's shit, JC
it's how we deal with it that molds - determines who we might be
good luck

Jun 26 @ 1:23PM  
Oh for Gaeds you screwed up and made a bad anyone hasnt made a fucking mistake before...........although i will agree yours was pretty fucked up......its over and done with..........friends will forgive you and the rest were probably not that good of least you came back online............let it go...........

but one thing about it you got blog count up..........drama always sells.....

Jun 26 @ 1:27PM  
but one thing about it you got blog count up..........drama always sells.....

clearly you don't know what you're talking about because this was, in no way, shape, or form, funny.

Jun 26 @ 1:29PM  
clearly you don't know what you're talking about because this was, in no way, shape, or form, funny.
Never said the joke was funny.......said it was a fucking mistake he made............clearly you must think your so perfect you never make mistakes?

Jun 26 @ 1:29PM  
NO excuse for putting people through what you put them through for this. What exactly did anybody get wrong? Did you not write that email? By your own admission, you got a lot more problems than worrying about whether or not some online people care about you or what you do. I suggest you go take care of that stuff first. Ash put it best though......still a douche

Jun 26 @ 1:36PM  
Oh christ!!!!! Here we go again Nomi.........

Dayna even said:
although i will agree yours was pretty fucked up......

guess you missed that line.....


Jun 26 @ 1:37PM  

is a laughing emoticon. Isn't that supposed to indicate something is funny? That was on your comment. Is it really that hard to see?


Jun 26 @ 1:39PM  
Jeff - you say I like drama??? Look at who comes out and they have NOTHING to do with this!

Jun 26 @ 1:41PM  
Hey Nomi...........this is a site for everyone its not called adultNomidoctor........I can make commetns where and when i want to..........the laughing emoticon was about drama but you proved my point isnt that what your blog is for to stir up more drama.............can you suddenly walk on water Nomi cause no one is perfect.............of course maybe you never made mistakes with your friends.......of course than i do remember some blogs from some time ago..............or perhaps i have you confused with another nomi

Jun 26 @ 1:43PM  
Dayna, I have to 3 words for you. Eat my pussy.




Jun 26 @ 1:46PM  
I'll pass on that your own omission to many men have already been there................. besides this is getting off topic and I wasnt talking to you in my first initial comment...........

Jun 26 @ 1:57PM  
Wow, I am sooo surprised to see anyone willing to just let this go, especially after the great lengths someone went through to prove the whole ShadowsAngel thing was a hurtful "joke". Everyone was so willing to condemn Seli to hell for "hurting" the people of AMD. Yet Seli never outwardly said anything about murdering anyone. I am just soooo confused what makes this better? Why is this forgivable and the Seli deal not? Please explain...

Jun 26 @ 2:02PM  
well Seli maybe didnt say she murdered anyone...........but he supposedly died didnt he? Its still amazing how i am getting blamed for the whole seli thing when I defended her right up to the last couple days of that show........... Fuck it I dont care one way or only comment was intended it should be just let go...........but apparenly a year later there are some that cant let the Seli thing why the fuck should anyone let this go..........

Jun 26 @ 2:05PM  

Jun 26 @ 2:19PM  
Ah, just like the old days, ain't it!

Jun 26 @ 2:42PM  
I see all it takes is for kind people to get together and care about one person who is an instigator to still get the attention by having the good ones errupt comments on one another when none of this should of happened to begin with. It did, let it be, move on and don't let him put words in your mouth you wish you had never said. He is still in charge. Let him keep being in charge and he won't feel he did anything wrong, be it a mistake or not.

Jun 26 @ 3:30PM  
Just a couple of "friends"on here know me well enough to at least try to understand. And I'm seeing I have "friends" I didn't even realize.'re a lying, demented, fucked up excuse for a person. You've got some people fooled, but not all. Since you want to be specific.....and you live by double, even quadruple standards.

Ash......what kind.....Massengill? Summer's Eve? i don't know you, or do I?'re simply fake. Liar, game player, and you had me fooled for a bit, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

RNJ......dude, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Go visit Nomi, she photoshops the hell out of her pics. Don't be a sucker like I was.

Bruce and Dayna..........funny and to the point as usual. If I missed anyone, fuck you.

Except you PP.

Jun 26 @ 3:37PM  
Well...Ewe_wish....youre more of a retard than i thought. u have no fucking clue whatur even talking about.

Jun 26 @ 3:40PM  
what do Nomi's pics have to do with anything I said anywhere? Simple way to straighten this all out. Did you, or did you not send that email?

Jun 26 @ 3:42PM  
oh and jeoff...

you're the one who fucked up. accept it. and dayna, the fact that ud kiss arse and defend such a loser is just a reflection of how lame you are.


Jun 26 @ 3:43PM  
Well...Ewe_wish....youre more of a retard than i thought. u have no fucking clue whatur even talking about.
Your opinion of me has no bearing on my life.......DF I could care less.........and what i hadnt added into my first comment was the fact that i did feel sorry for you for being taking in by such a sad joke..........but maybe you had it coming..........I dont know and furthermore dont really care...........your right its not any of my business......but still all in all i do get to comment on the blogs i want to..........thats how about sticking to the topic of the blog instead of attacking commentators..........thats what i tried to do until i was attacked...........but i will repeat its over and done.......get on with your life............oh and Have a nice day.

Jun 26 @ 3:46PM  
Kiss Ass? your too fucking funny...........

Jun 26 @ 3:47PM  
and i dont care how fucking "mean" im being...

god...for weeks...months even, my friends (my REAL TANGEABLE friends, who exist outside of cyber-reality...the domain of the socially retarded such as 98% of you all) have been telling me "leah that site is laaaame" and ive been like...."nah its all good, just lonely yanks who need a laugh.."...and in ref to jeoff, it was always "he'sa good guy, just lonely and fucked up right now and i feel bad for him"...and i emailedhim nbearly daily, asking him how he was, making sure his loser self was "ok"...while he fed me bullshit, and i lapped it up like a stupid 21 year old idiot...god im a psychology major and i still got duped. he told me he really cared about me as a mate, and although im not "wanting" for friends, hell i have enough ias it is, i appreciated the sentiment...and i felt as though he really cared about me, and i cared about him as friends do....even when he started getting fucked up on me, and semi stalked me...hell i expressed my concern to many ppl on here, i still stuck around because i felt stink for him....what a moron i was...

and then he pulls this shit and whinges, boo fucking hoo. i lied, i made ppl freak out, i betrayed ppls trust, i had a laugh at others expense, POOR FUCKING ME, I FUCKED UP, FEEL SORRY FOR ME!!!!!!

God..and dayna, once again, god ur a douche.

Jun 26 @ 3:47PM  
lollolololool dayna.


Jun 26 @ 3:49PM  
Photoshop this, bitch


Jun 26 @ 3:53PM  
...the domain of the socially retarded such as 98% of you all)
Yep i can see you winning friends and influencing people with that attitude....

but in all reality DF i am sorry that you put your heart out there for someone you thought was having a rough time........and feel you have been used........I can see your point..........and its commendable that you did that...............but my whole point was to let it Jcarolina wasnt the friend you thought he was.....everyone gets taken in by someone at some point in time of their learn from it and you move on..........maybe you dont trust anyone so much at first.......and maybe you do...........but you at least learn from it.

Jun 26 @ 4:06PM  
Oh yes...and photoshop this one, too!

Took that with my cell yesterday...Look ma - no make up!

Jun 26 @ 4:13PM  
Oh, and while you're at it...kiss my ass, too. Nope, STILL not photoshopped....I just know what pics to post, you fucking idiot.

And even so, Jeff...why, if my pics are so fake, why did you want me to send them to your phone instead of in emails here? Didn't you say they're good jacking material?

I'm fat - I've said it a thousand times. No shame in my game!

Jun 26 @ 4:34PM  
Hm.Being the lurker that I am as of late,I've noticed that the blogs about Billy/Canu's son's surgery and dumblond breaking the news that hes has breast cancer has less comments than this episode of Jerry Springer here.

I'm neutral on the whole thing to be honest because I don't know any of you,only in passing.But as an observer with an objective point of view...folks,please back the fuck up from this website and indulge in your own lives.May do you some good instead of all of this because there are more important things to worry about instead of some internet drama.

Oh and JC,from one person battling their demons to another...please talk to someone.There was no need to test anyone like that;people do care,but you can't try to wear on people's emotions so you can have some irrefutable proof.It doesn't work and only leaves you alone in the end...just speaking from experience.

Jun 26 @ 4:52PM  
All due respect, Luna - and I do agree - but not only have I been in touch with Jeanie probably far more than anyone else here and will be again before long, I ALSO am involved quite directly in this shit - it affected MY life - so I will comment on whatever blog I want, to whatever degree. When he fucks with you - when you get those calls and he threatens YOU, then you can lecture me about how, when, and how much I should comment on a blog.

Jun 26 @ 5:42PM  
I stand corrected,yet did anyone actually see this coming? If a person sees a thunderstorm approach,do they wait and let it drench them,or do they go and find shelter?

I kind of sensed that he wasn't "well",so I let it drop off after a few conversations with him.I thought he was a stand-up person but I suppose not.We live,we learn.Sorry you and Dev trusted and he did this.

Jun 26 @ 5:52PM're a lying, demented, fucked up excuse for a person. You've got some people fooled, but not all. Since you want to be specific.....and you live by double, even quadruple standards.

Ash......what kind.....Massengill? Summer's Eve? i don't know you, or do I?

After this comment I really think we should get to know each other

Jun 26 @ 6:08PM  
I'd like to leave a kudo,but it is not for the blog; it is for the comments and those that posted them: call it a nostalgia kudo;" battle lines being drawn, nobodys right if everydodys wrong"

Jun 26 @ 6:51PM  
RNJ........yep, I wrote it, then she didn't write me back(Leah), then about 4 hours later I broke a rib, spent the next several hours in the hospital, then just forgot about the e-mail I sent Leah. We used to kid around like that all the time. It is a weird sense of humor but that's just me. I think you know about Leah.

Ash.......not sure what to make of your offer. I was asking what kind of douche I am. I'm pretty hurt if that was a veiled threat, hurt as in broken stuff. Let me know, I'm not as crazy as everyone is trying to make me out, I'm actually laughing about this whole thing, I study people, always have, and you can't deny that this goofy ass blog got quite a response.

And RNJ......I'm not a douche, I'm one of the best people you'll ever meet, most of this stupid shit was basically a misunderstanding, the e-mail I sent Leah was for her, and I explained what happened with that.

Hey.......I'm just glad everyone got some fun out of it. I mean, really, how could I hate or be mad at people I've never met?

Later pervs. And hey PP..sorry about the snooze icon on the one comment, it was an accident. were right about who the real problem is, never said anything like that to me, but I figured it out. So I think you know what the apology is for.

Luna, thanks sweetheart, I think we all battle demons, and yeah...I have been having a rough time lately. I talk to God about it, and while I fall far short, I'm okay. Half the stuff you guys think is crazy, I do on purpose.

Just to see who's real and who isn't.

Anyone who takes this shit that seriously is welcome to meet my friends, I'm sure you know them already.


Jun 26 @ 8:14PM  
you're right
I don't know you - fem or sxze
if friends at work were to ask how I spent my night
and I replied
chopped up the kid - fed some to the dog and grilled the rest
they'd ask if I seasoned - marinated or sauced
and they might wanna sample any leftovers
the one thing you have to admit
the people here were truly concerned for you
it'd be pretty hard to write off that many "strangers"
who were pullin' together and hopin' the best for you

in my opinion

Jun 26 @ 8:38PM  
I think part of the point is being missed here...This isn't a case of someone who has been rational and "on" lately...this is someone who has (admittedly) very stressed-out, overloaded, depressed, and pissed off. This is someone who has been talking off the wall while in a drug-induced state. This is someone who - at least to me - has made threats of physical harm and violence, if not to me to my friends. I had just gotten a call from him a few days earlier wherein he said if I ever fucked with him he'd shoot me. Did he mean it? WHO CARES? He said it - and he knows it. So...when DF emailed me to say she was worried and why, you are damned skippy I had to take that shit seriously. She and I both acted based on what we knew - and anyone else in our shoes who wouldn't respond in kind - with concern - is a fucking selfish ass.

But then to be treated like be called .... what was it?

a lying, demented, fucked up excuse for a person

for doing that I think most people here agree was the right FUCKED UP.

Jun 26 @ 9:56PM  
All I have to say, is people don't seem to realize the drama that goes on behind the scenes..the nasty emails, the crappy phone calls, if this is your idea of a joke then you need serious counseling....oh & i looked it up what did is illegal as fuck & i can't wait to here that police caught your lying, scum bag ass & put you in jail where you need to away from people that use to actually give a crap about you...

Sep 28 @ 3:27PM  
damn only caught most of this via hear say..... appology for a joke? umm ok... accepted ......umm...but how ya do this when part of the hear say was that the writer died?? did git this all fucked up or what??? damn i work to fucking much now

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