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The smoking ban in Ohio is being threatened

posted 6/25/2008 5:27:00 PM |
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Back in Nov.2006 we (Ohio voters) approved a smoking ban inside public places. Some smokers across the state has threatened to quit going to bars and others places because of this ban. The ban also effects clubs and family run businesses around the state. Voters appoved it and yet we have a minority (smokers and a few non smokers) of people causing problems trying to get it overturned down the road. The say it hurts businesses across the state. I say their full of shit. Some of these businesses have more non smokers coming in to these establishments to where they couldn't and wouldn't come in before because of all the smoke. Sure, there are some other businesses that aren't so lucky, but hey, these businesses that aren't so lucky need to work on trying to pull in some non smokers instead of bitching about what we all passed. Now you have a few sell outs (in my opinion) that are state legislators that are trying to pass a bill to give exceptions to clubs, family run businesses, and outdoor patios around the state. State Senator Gary Cates is a non smoker, but he is co-sponsor of this bill. We voted for a smoking ban for ALL inside public businesses, and that goes for the "private clubs" such as lodges too.

Do you think it should stay this way, or should this new bill be passed?

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The smoking ban in Ohio is being threatened
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Jun 25 @ 5:39PM  
I'm a non-smoker so I'm biased. Smoke makes my asthma go crazy. There are a few places like Applebees that I'll stop going to again. Are the only people that drink and go to bars smokers, I doubt it. How many smokers have stopped going to the bars because of the ban?

Jun 25 @ 5:45PM  
I don't feel people should be allowed to smoke in a restaurant...even when I was a smoker I never lit up until after I left the restaurant I didn't like the taste of the cigarette when i I completely agree with banning it..JMO Tease...

Jun 25 @ 6:26PM  
I heard that next week they are trying to ban menthol cigarettes.
That's so not cool......

Jun 25 @ 7:28PM  
I don't know if its the same for the states but here in Canada they made every store build a case where they lock cigarettes behind non transparent doors its out of the view of the public....If you don't know what kind of cigarettes you want then your shit out of luck if your a smokers....if the stores leave the cigarettes in plain view they will get smacked with a charge up to 10,000$ their saying is out of sight out of mind which is total bullshit but as one of my friend say...How much sence does this make they cover up cigarettes but yet they will let drug peraphanalia in plain site as in pipes,,,bongs...and so on. If they want people to quit smoking so bad why not pull them off the shelves completely . They try any tactic to try and get people to stop smoking from raising prices to now building cigarette cases in which the public can not see the brands of cigarettes are on the shelves because u cant see through those doors. I'm thinking of quitting all together its getting to be a very expensive habit at almost $9.25 a pack.

Jun 25 @ 7:32PM  
First of all...if the majority of voters voted for this ban...then for a Senator to sponsor a bill to overturn it isn't right. It's supposed to be "majority rules" in a democracy. I'm a former smoker, and I will admit, if I were still smoking, a total ban would piss me off. But, there is evidence that second hand smoke is dangerous. So..why put others at risk of health problems who chose not to smoke?

btw..I've always agreed with a total smoking ban when it comes to medical facilities.

Jun 25 @ 7:49PM  
Well i agree with Sugar..........if the majority voted no than there shouldnt be any way to get this overturned...........but lets face it.........tobacco companies have more money than most ppl so they can afford the lobbiest who will get our politicians to do anything they want talks and health risks walk..............and i am a smoker.........and have no problem not smoking in restaurants and other places.

Jun 25 @ 9:12PM  
I think the cigarette companies should subsidize businesses that need to build smokers rooms with adequate ventilation or covered outdoor patios if weather is an issue. I loved it when California went smoke free in public places. Alaska is on it's way to it. I only go out to the only nonsmoking place in town to drink as the second hand smoke from the other bars and the American Legion closes up my lungs and I have trouble breathing that night and the next day. I also can't stand the stench of smoke on my clothes and hair.

I am not anti smoking... just please don't smoke where it will affect me.

Jun 25 @ 9:57PM  
Up here in MN where it sometimes gets a little chilly, in the Minneapolis area, the anti-smokers have banded together and some apt. buildings are smoke free - if you smoke in your unit you could be arrested. This is going too far.

Jun 26 @ 12:11AM  
Hmmm. Ok how can I put this as I am a smoker and I live in Ohio.. Yes I can see the point of this law.. And one thing you are wrong on is that that most voters didn't know what they were voting on.. Most thought they were voting to let self owned places / family owned/clubs/motel/hotel have smoking still.... well they voted on the wrong one.. and now we are stuck with this one.. I am ok w/ not smoking in some places.. but damn I like to be in a bar have a drink and smoke.. it is my choice....
I think we should be aloud to go to a bar.. (Drinking and smoking go hand and hand.. )Sorry but it does.. and a lot of bars in my area are hurting cause of it and a few have said to hell w/ the law and let us smoke they would rather pay the fine..

And now to boot they are trying to get another law passed to not let us smoke outside in our own yards in our cars... and if you have children not in our homes..
So yes second hand smoke is bad but if they really keep going where will they stop... Take all of our rights away?? You really need to stop and think on that one....


Jun 26 @ 12:49AM  
And one thing you are wrong on is that that most voters didn't know what they were voting on..

Not quite right with your comment. The ballot stated at the time we voted on it was the ban would include ALL public establishments. You're right about it not stating private clubs and lodges, but if this bill goes through I fear that it could open up a floodgate sort of speak for the smoking ban to be overturned in a matter of two to five years down the road.

Jun 26 @ 1:04AM  
If you remember back when we had to vote on this..well on our ballots it had two separate ones for it.. one for smoking ban everywhere ...and one that aloud smoking privately owned places/hotels/motels/bars.. so the wrong one I think got voted on.. like I said people didn't know what they were voting on..

And sorry to say I hope it does.. They rushed that bill to get to voted on before they passed it.. and now they don't really now what to do if you get busted smoking in these places.. Trust me it is like a slap on the wrist any how.. So the law won;t last long anyhow...Look it up it.. We the smokers don't get fined or anything.. It is the establisments(spelling)... that get 2 warning and then the get fined... and they decided this after they passed the law.. I have talked to a couple of bar owners that have told me this...

Jun 26 @ 1:26AM  
If you remember back when we had to vote on this..well on our ballots it had two separate ones for it.. one for smoking ban everywhere ...and one that aloud smoking privately owned places/hotels/motels/bars.. so the wrong one I think got voted on.. like I said people didn't know what they were voting on..

You're right, I do remember both of those. But to say that people didn't know what they were voting on is very debatable. I knew what each stated and I was totally in favor of both of those state issues. I'm going to give people the benefit of the doubt about their knowledge of the two as well. I bet that if the two were reintroduced once again both would pass and the ban would stick for both public and private establishments.

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The smoking ban in Ohio is being threatened