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Should the pledge of allegiance be taken out of classrooms?

posted 6/25/2008 8:38:32 AM |
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tagged: rant, religion, straddle, schools

Heard on the news a day or two about the pledge of allegiance having been taken out of a female teacher's classroom because she thought that it may have been offensive to a few muslim children in her classroom. What is wrong with "one nation under God"? In my opinion, most Christians are losing rights as Americans to pray, to worship God, and to be patriotic. Can you see an American teacher telling a muslim child that they cannot pray in the classroom here in this country? Noooo.... If that happen, you would have lawsuits filed by minority groups along with the aclu. You would also see protesting from these groups. So why is it when the prayer and pledge of allegiance is taken out of the classroom, it's okay? The teacher really needs to be fired for such crap on her behalf.

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Jun 25 @ 8:46AM  
Personally I think it should be left in, I have no children nor am I religious fanatic but I did grow up believing in our country and in God. At the rate our government is going we're not going to be allowed to speak of God anywhere and sex will be a forgotten thing.

Jun 25 @ 8:50AM  
Minorities seem to have more of a say than the majority anymore in this country.

Jun 25 @ 8:51AM  
I think it should be allowed, but they should have one for other religions if they want...that way everyone is happy.

Jun 25 @ 8:55AM  
This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This is my country and yours. If someone is offended with the way we do things here then get the fuck out. I don't care what race, color, religion, upbringing...if you don't like then go somewhere else. Offended, offended. I'm getting sick of that word. Give me back my country.

And in answer to you question - No.

Jun 25 @ 8:58AM  
I thought they has already passed a law forbidding the Pledge of Allegiance in classrooms........... I agree with you Straddle on the fact that as Americans we are losing some of our civil liberties.........but the fact is there may be muslims, hinduis, schools that are just as much American as we are.......born and raised here.............being an American does not necessarily mean being a Christian.........and the fact is that we started out wanting to keep Church and State seperated.....It is easy for me to say its no big thing to mention God in a classroom....but I believe in God............but i would be mad as hell if my children had to do muslim or some other religion prayers in the class room or pledge allegiance to anything with their God mentioned........JMHO.

Jun 25 @ 9:17AM  
What a worn out topic. It doesn't matter what we think, it is up to the courts.

Jun 25 @ 9:33AM  
Minorities seem to have more of a say than the majority anymore in this country.

This is not true, Shawn - it simply is not. Perhaps it takes BEING a minority to know this. Besides, "Muslim" isn't a race...

The fact of the matter is, "God" is not the issue...Allah is God. As is Jehovah...God has many names so that's not the issue. RELIGION is the issue...there are too many religions in practice for any one - or any one denomination - to be practiced in public schools. This is an issue of separation between church and state, and anyone who tries to make this a race issue is only adding to the problem - and making a whole new one.


Jun 25 @ 9:38AM  
Muslim" isn't a race...

Where do I mention race in this blog, Nomi? This blog is about religion. You're the one that just brought up race.

This is not true, Shawn - it simply is not.

I stated it seems like it is. JMO

Jun 25 @ 9:47AM  
My bad - "minorities" doesn't only apply to race.

Jun 25 @ 9:52AM  
I don't care what race, color, religion, upbringing...

Okay, race was mentioned in one of the comments on here, but nothing was meant as racist by it. lol

My bad - "minorities" doesn't only apply to race.

You're right, it doesn't. My beef is with people trying to take religion out of everything today because of a select few. Most people are Christians in this country, and I don't understand why this is going on in todays society.


Jun 25 @ 9:57AM  
That's my point...the issue of saying the Pledge of Allegiance - as I understand it - is not an issue of one religion over is an issue of religion in the classroom AT ALL. For anyone to use "I thought it made the Muslims uncomfortable" as an excuse to not say it, is - in MY opinion - complete bullshit. Muslims believe in God, too. What's more, there are lots and lots of American-born Muslims who are dedicated to this country. To be Muslim is NOT to be anti-God or anti-American...which I think is the...fear?...behind the action.

Jun 25 @ 10:04AM  
That's my point...the issue of saying the Pledge of Allegiance - as I understand it - is not an issue of one religion over another...

My point I'm making though about this female teacher was that she took the pledge out of her classroom because of religion. The teacher made it about religion as to why she took it out. We are seeing more and more school officials today doing a lot of stupid crap because they do not want to offend anyone.

Jun 25 @ 11:07AM  
VOTE ANTI-INCUMBENT.....I bet when the School Board members (Who are elected) gets wind they are losing their jobs, the Pledge will be reinstated, and the teacher reprimanded.....

The power of the vote is absolute....use it, and you can change anything.

Jun 25 @ 11:12AM  
The Pledge of Allegiance is said in Madison's not against the law is it? I have to wonder if the teacher who did this isn't the one who has a problem saying/leading it?

If she felt that strongly that she didn't want to offend, how deep is HER commitment to saying it? Does anyone see what I'm saying? Why question the people who did nothing - SHE'S the one making a big deal of it...

Jun 25 @ 12:28PM  
we say the pledge in our school both the US and Texas one

Jun 25 @ 1:17PM  
I think that just about every comment posted has some kind of validity to it. My son is still young and has yet to be in school and learn the pledge of allegiance, so it seems simple to say I don't care right now, but as I think about it... I'm not too sure. I'm not a religious person, and I don't believe in any kind of "God" I have my own set of beliefs that I will pass on to my child and that is my choice.

The use of God in the pledge isn't to swear yourself to him/her/it. It is to say that we are one nation protected by God, that's not offensive even to me. My child will know what others think God is, so how is it wrong to say that we are protected by something that doesn't exist?

However, all this could have been averted if years and YEARS ago some yahoo hadn't decided it would be a good idea to change the original pledge. Originally we were "one nation, United and indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

Change it back and make the whole place happy? Say that in schools and who are you pissing off?

Jun 25 @ 1:43PM  
I don't see the big deal either. Growing up, whenever we had to say the pledge of allegiance, I just simply kept seated since athiests do not believe in a god.

Jun 25 @ 2:03PM  
I just want to know, WHEN we became the "spineless" majority?

Jun 25 @ 4:06PM  
Personally, I believe this is wrong to take the pledge out of any place that it can be recited to teach youngsters patriotism. I believe in God, and America. This IS AMERICA, LOVE IT, OR LEAVE IT. The customs of this Nation should not be changed to oblige a minority group, regardless of religious affiliation

Jun 25 @ 5:46PM  
I stopped doing that way back when.Why give "allegiance" to a piece of cloth? I respect it,I'll stand up but I won't pledge anything with my hand over my heart,that's taking it to the extreme.I think that if there is a God,I don't think he would exactly be for all what America has done and is doing.So why give these people crap if they refuse to honor such a thing?IMO,if I were a Muslim and after the scapegoating this country has been giving my religion,I wouldn't do jack.

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Should the pledge of allegiance be taken out of classrooms?