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More on Gun Control......just cuz.....

posted 6/24/2008 10:30:32 AM |
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Let me begin by saying that I DO own guns. Their sole purpose in life is to allow me to defend my life, property, and family with deadly force, if neccessary.

As to the Pro's and Con's of gun control, I'll leave that for others to debate.

It is not a matter of IF we will have gun control, but, rather, WHEN. Gun control is comming. Each Election it becomes a stronger and stronger campaign issue,
Sooner or later, Politicians will have to make good on their promises, and we will have some form of gun control legislation enacted.

Am I for or against gun control?.....Personally, I don't give a rat's ass either way..
The only effect it will have on my life is from WHOM I will purchase my gun/ammo.

For those who like to use those "Cold Dead Fingers", "Bullets First", "Only Outlaws" quotes....If "They" send someone to collect your gun, the person they send will be gleefully anticipating doing just that...and he won't be alone.

If, and when, it comes down to it, I will dutifully turn over all my REGISTERED weapons, with a smile, a wave, and a "Y'ALL COME BACK, NOW.....YA HEAR?"

The only effect this will have on me is, now I must dispose of the bodies, rather than calling the authorities.....and I got lots of hiding places.

So, this is my rant for the day....Gun Control is a non-issue for me. It won't really change my life one way or the other. If it is one of your passions, have at it.

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Jun 24 @ 10:38AM  
I do not own any firearms anymore, and like you I'll leave the debate of the "gun control" issue to others; however, please allow me this one observation: In my travels I have noticed that it is relatively easy to obtain firearms without going through "proper" channels. I'm sure that the others including those with "criminal intent" know of this also

Jun 24 @ 10:51AM  
Sadly there is a lot of people that don't want to debate gun control........they don't want to get involved because it really doesn't affect them........this is not directed at you........just a generalization........the sad fact is no one wants to get involved so everyday they sneak in and take one more right away from us that was given to us in the Bill of when does it stop? The only way it will ever stop is when we, who have nothing to either gain or lose, stands up and says enough of this bullshit if you want to be voted into office........stop taking our rights away.....and if you try to take our rights away......its a damn sure thing we wont vote you in a second time.............sadly there are very few left to do that........we as a society have gotten to the point we only want to be concerned with what affects us directly...........and even then we may bitch about it but we do nothing about it.JMHO

Jun 24 @ 6:13PM  
I persnally don't like guns. I won't have one in my house. Swords, knives and throwing stars on the other hand can be found in various places. Both of my boys are katana and Tai Chi sword qualified. And I know a bullet is faster than a sword, but if there were a home invasion, how many people sit with a gun in their lap while watching t.v. I've went over and over different scenarios with my family and I'm confident we would come out on top in the event of a break in while we are at home.

Jun 24 @ 6:38PM  
how many people sit with a gun in their lap while watching t.v

The same number that sit with a sword in their lap.....

I can assure you the effectiveness of any weapon is based upon accessibility....But dependance solely upon a weapon for defense is a shade ludicrous.....

Jun 25 @ 4:04AM  
I have a 9mm and feel that it's important for people to own guns for self protection against criminals. I'm not the hunting type person who hunts animals, but if someone breaks into my place I am most likely to shoot them. Ohio recently just signed a bill to give more people with guns protection from criminals as far as having the right to shoot anyone that breaks into your home without it coming back on you.

Jun 25 @ 10:11AM  
If, and when, it comes down to it, I will dutifully turn over all my REGISTERED weapons, with a smile, a wave, and a "Y'ALL COME BACK, NOW.....YA HEAR?"

I'm betting none of yours are registered.

Molon Labe!

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More on Gun Control......just cuz.....