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First Fat Chick

posted 6/23/2008 11:29:25 AM |
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This past weekend I was a guys FIRST fat chick. We've known each other for a couple of years, just friends. There was never any kind of sexual innuendo with him EVER. He's one of "those" guys LoL. Over 6 feet tall, good looking, decent body, all the girls would chase after him. He decided when he was still in high school that big chicks just weren't cute. Until he met me ;) He was talking to a friend while I was in another room and mentioned how beautiful I was, said that his friend could tell me he said it too! Upon hearing this I sauntered in, wrapped my arms around his waist and with a big smile said "Ya know, the drunker I get the cuter you get too." LoL I love rendering men who think they are smart speechless. LoL! Anyway, from that point on the entire night was a flirtfest and drink-a-thon. Eventually it was decided that there was NO way I could drive myself home, so being such a sweetheart, he offered to bring me home. In the car, I just couldn't help myself... had to find his limits. I leaned over and kissed on his neck, nibbled at his ear and whispered how wet I was. With a shit-eating grin he told me I was evil. I began to rub on his cock and was surprised to find him already erect. After a 10 minute car ride of vicious teasing, we parked at my house. I kissed him then, and HOLY SHIT he's a good kisser ;). He walked me to my door, and then to my bedroom. I stripped him naked, then myself and went to work sucking on his cock. He made me stop more than once... he didn't want to come too soon. LoL Anyway, it was apparent we were going to fuck so I got up to get a condom. At this point I did one of the least graceful things I've ever done... I fell FLAT on my face LoL. Anyway, everything else went off without a hitch I guess. I know he blew his load way too quick but that b/c fat girls are better ;)

My question... just how unattractive is it for a girl to fall on her face b/c she drank too much? Should I be super embarrassed?

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Jun 23 @ 11:40AM  
if i had a dime for every time i fall on my face when i drunk, thats a lot money
but hell no you should not be embarrassed as long as you rocked his world thats all that matters

Jun 23 @ 11:43AM  
DarkStarr, my humble opinion is you have no need to feel embarrassed to any degree. I'd say from you account of how things transpired, you more that made up for any trivial miscue. I'd say you "Did things UP right," and totally changed his thinking on sterotyping Women!! Thankfully, I learned long ago what a total mistake that was!!

online now!
Jun 23 @ 11:48AM  
Don't worry about it. Most guys have been there.

One of the sexiest, and funniest scenes in movie history was jamie lee curtis' strip tease in True Lies that ended with her falling on her face. She got right back up. And so did you. And so did he. Sounds like you had fun.

Jun 23 @ 12:48PM  
You have nothing to worry about!

Jun 23 @ 1:22PM  
Doesn't everybody fall down when they are drunk?


Jun 23 @ 1:56PM  
did you let him fuck you in the ass
thats what im talking about

Jun 23 @ 2:47PM  
Rock On Sister!!! Big Girls Do It Harder!!

Jun 23 @ 2:50PM  
LDS I've missed your stories!! Obviously it didn't bother I sure wouldn't let it bother or embarass you! Sounds like you handled it just perfect.

Jun 23 @ 3:49PM  
who cares about you falling! you had a hot night!
and from big girl to another.....
they sometimes blow a lot sooner than you would like.....

Jun 23 @ 5:44PM  
I have been here off and on for two years and have looked at your pics more than once You are definitely one of the hottest, sexiest woman here It sounds like you had a good time and who hasn't fallen flat on thier face.....back in the day..oh never mind that. You evidently "Rocked" his world,and he'll probably be begging you for more.

Jun 23 @ 6:04PM  
lol great story.. and in my thoughts it is PHAT lol that extra we have is more pleasure per pound.. SMile


Jun 23 @ 9:37PM  
What a cute story. I am going to bet that fall was graceful and regal, even if it was flat on your face.

did you let him fuck you in the ass

Orzie...ya know...why is it your comments are always so tasteless???

Jun 23 @ 10:47PM  
It seems to me like it's one of those cute things that you can think about and smile. Thank you for letting me read about it.

Jun 24 @ 2:38AM  
It will be interesting to see what the future holds. A lot of times when friends for a long time get around to being nasty, one or both regret it. Additionally in some cases, it could threaten a good friendship, especially if one person wants to change the friendship.

I would have a lot of female friends active in my life today if we had never fucked. That is because, in most cases, if somebody gets into an LTR, associating with past bed mates is verboten.

Jun 24 @ 2:45AM  
Thanks to everyone for the support! Good to know he won't think less of the fact that my new name is Grace. LoL

Orzie, regardless of what you want to believe... I don't EVER let guys fuck me in the ass. I just don't like it.

WoW, I don't think this is going anywhere as far as getting out. I distinctly remember swearing on something that I'd tell no one. He and I weren't friends so much as acquaintances... we hang in the same crowd, go to the same parties. I've just known him for a long time.

Jun 24 @ 6:14AM  
Orzie...ya know...why is it your comments are always so tasteless???

B, he don't have any manners...hence he also got no we KNOW WHY .........

you rock LDS!!! hell fallin and laffin are GOOD THINGS...

umm he DID laff WITH you right?

Jun 25 @ 10:07AM  
OMG, you write a blog about this guy's first "fat chick" and you have a question about being falling-down drunk?!? LOL! I think I would be embarrassed but it wouldn't last goes on, ya know?

And you know, it's amazing how many men who generally aren't attracted to bigger girls but who get so fucking turned on by hotties like thing ya know, they're chubby-chasin' motherfuckers... ;) Heh-heh...betcha he wants more...

Jun 25 @ 10:08AM  

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