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Age Of Consent

posted 6/16/2008 3:00:58 PM |
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"Age of Consent", has always been a misnomer, for me.......from this simple stand point.....At 13 years, 364 Days (365, if it's a Leap Year), 23 hours and 59 minutes, a girl isn't "mature" enough to consent to sex.....but, exactly ONE MINUTE later she is?
That's an awful lot of maturing to do in 60 seconds.

I think the "Age of Consent" should be changed to "Condition of Consent".....

Minimum conditions are as follows:

a). NOT living at home with their parents (or any other relative)

b). NOT currently enrolled in any Educational Institution (Unless they already have a HS Diploma...GED not accepted)

c). Employed FULL time (or actively seeking full-time)

What other "Conditions of Consent" would YOU apply?

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Jun 16 @ 3:38PM  
Damn, you really ARE tough! But I think it's more than just an age of consent...

I like #1 - not living at home or with relatives: I would modify that to be "supporting oneself"

I would modify #2, too - to say, HS or equivalency completed (hon, I got my GED... and that was good enough to get me into college 11 years later...they ARE worth something ;)

I'd add "Mentally stable" - meaning, no severe depression or other mental disorders that might affect clarity for decision-making. With all the possible consequences of having sex - all the things that should be taken into consideration - being able to make a sound, informed decision is probably the most important thing in my mind.

Jun 16 @ 3:41PM  
Oh! One more - NOT ON DRUGS!!!

Jun 16 @ 5:06PM  
I don't know... I've met several 15/16 year old people who are more mature and emotionally stable than some people twice their age. I do have to say that although I understand why age of consent laws are put in place, I don't agree with the way they are enforced sometimes. Should someone have their life ruined just because they had consensual sex with a 15 year old? Doesn't it seem absurd that in some places it's illegal for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old???

Jun 16 @ 5:07PM  
How about like in the good old days - parents permission.

Jun 16 @ 5:12PM  
a). NOT living at home with their parents (or any other relative)
Does that include those "bachleors" still living in mama's basement in their 40's?

I can see the problem of setting a age of consent but I would think they try to set it by what age a majority of people are mature enough to have sex..........I agree that maturity wise they probably are not ready to handle it but i can also see if you set the age to say 18 there are going to be a lot of kids locked up for what most of us were doing at 16.

But to set the guidelines as to where one lives, (with parents or without), how they live.......(drinking alcohol or doing drugs........and yes just for some basic info here.......drugs does include pot) or anything in that are going to be violating someones rights..........if you start setting guidelines for people to have sex....whether be minor or of legal saying its alright for one person to do it and not for another..........and lets face it ...........having sex is still one thing that we are not being governed or taxed for..........

Parental involvement with their teens would go a long ways with teenagers having sex..........and i dont mean the one that involves if i catch you doing it I will kill you.......also its important that parents set a good role model for thier children.....i.e. you cant be fucking everythng on two legs where your children find out or know about it and expect them to stay virgins until they are married......doesn't happen.

But to protect our children we do need to set an age of consent for those that are taken advantage of as with the 13 yr old in an earlier blog........i dont think 16 is that outrageous.......with only being able to have sex with someone who is within two years older than that teenager.....

I dont necessarily believe that teens should be having sex but i am not dumb enough to close my eyes and pretend its not happening........I dont advocate teenage sex but I do advocate talking to your teens and giving them alternative birth control methods available to keep from getting pregnant and STDs. JMO


Jun 16 @ 7:25PM  
The age of consent is 14 in Alabama? That is pretty young. It is 16 here. I would say 18 is about right. Any chick graduated from high school is a bangable babe!

Jun 17 @ 9:01PM  
How about a note from a gynecologist and proof of a regularly scheduled check up. Just my .02

Jun 18 @ 1:43AM  
The conditions that apply to statutory rape exist because even though a teenager's body and hormones might make him or her think they are ready to have sex, states have decided they still aren't mature enough to make that decision. That is why consent has nothing to do with statutory rape. In this state, 17 is the age of consent in most circumstances.

Jun 19 @ 12:01AM  
It's all a cultural construct. Our higher standards in this country for consent to sex is a product of the odd combination of a)moral objections to birth control/abortion and b)high average age to settle down and have kids.

Other parts of the world have lower standards because they either have much lower ages at which girls marry and start having kids, or much lower rates of unwanted pregnancies being carried to term.

Honestly, there's no fair way to do it. Some 15-year-olds are smart and mature enough to handle sex, some 40-year-olds aren't.

I think your standards would be pretty good for being allowed to raise kids, though.

Oh, and BTW- my partner has a GED, is in college, and is only working part-time, though she makes a pretty good living- and when we first started having sex, she still lived with her parents. But she's a damn sight smarter and more together than some 61-year-olds I've met. Just sayin...

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Age Of Consent