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BBW, hot, wet, and slippery

posted 6/14/2008 9:44:13 PM |
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This was the third day in a row that the temperature was in the high 90's and also the third day in a the airconditioning was out in the warehouse. To make maters worse only two of the 13 fans were in operation. By the end of the day I was drenched in my own sweat from head to toe. At 5' 7" and 250 pounds the warehouse was like a sauna to me.

I took my weekly paperwork into the office for the girls to check over and enter it into the computer. I put the small stack of papers on the desk in front of Dawn and began to rub her shoulders. It was weekly tradition. I would give the girls a massage on their shoulders as they checked over the weekly numbers and we would lock up and walk out to our cars together. The office didn't have it much better as temperatures would go. Both girls had been sweating all day but the smell of their sweat mixed with their perfume was rather erotic. As Dawn finished up her job I gave her the routine peck on the cheek and took what was left over to Brenda's desk. While Dawn was locking down the cabinets and turning off lights I was hard at work on Brenda's shoulders. I noticed the same sweaty perfume smell on her and it was turning me on. I had a half hard-on by the time she completed entering the data. I don't think either girl noticed as we walked out to the parking lot. Getting to my car I notice that I had a flat tire. I also knew I didn't have a spare. After the week I had I really wasn't in the mood to wait for the auto club to show up and fix the tire. "Dawn, wait up" I called. "I need a ride home my tire is flat". She gave me a wave to come over and I was sure to thank her. "We have to stop by our house first. Brenda and I are going out and I want to get ready, then we'll drop you at your place." I wanted to complain , but thought
better of it. At least I was getting a ride home. I had to crack a joke about the three of us fitting into her Mini Cooper. Dawn is 5' 6" and about 210 pounds while Brenda is 5' 5" and 190 pounds. They just looked at me and shook their heads.

We pulled up in her driveway and I was amazed at how big the house was. Where were these to warehouse office workers getting the money. "Would you like some lemonade" offered Brenda. "Sure" I said. She poured me a nice tall glass and it was at this time I noticed my sweat had dried up and that I stank...bad. "Let me show you around while Brenda gets ready", came Dawn. I followed her around from room to room admiring the house and it's furnishings. I had counted 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It was a five level split and Dawn was leading me into the basement. I was alarmed. It was more of a dungeon than a basement. Handcuffs, spreader bars, ropes, paddles, cat-o-nine-tales, whips. All sorts of
restaining equipment, gags, blindfolds and things I didn't even know the name of. There even was a cage with a toilet, shower, sink, a queen size bed and a dresser. "I'm not into this kind of stuff" I turned and told Dawn. She just told me to look around and that she would be right back. "And whatever you do, don't sit or lay down on the bed in the cage." She was already headed up the steps before I had a chance to ask why.

I was always a little curious of what a real dominatrix's dungeon would like so I began to look around. I couldn't help but to wonder why a guy would let some of these thing happen to him. I checked my back before entering the cage. For some reason I was nervous; something didn't feel right. I looked at the bed and wondered why I couldn't sit on it or lay on it. I just pushed on the matress real hard to see what was up. The "what was up' was the cage door slamming shut. It must have something to do with the bed. "Hey, hey" I yelled. "Brenda, Dawn?" I yelled louder. I about crapped my pants when I saw Brenda. She was wearing a tight leather tank top and a leather skirt. She also had on a pair of thigh high leather boots. Her make up was a little more thick than normal and she had on some bright red lipstick. And this is the first time I'd ever seen her with her long, dark brown hair down. "Hi, I kind of got myself stuck", I said. It was then I just noticed that she was carrying a tray of crackers and meats. She slid it under the door where there was a designed space for such a thing. "Will you let me out please" I requested. She pulled up a stool just out of my reach. "Watch me put on my lip gloss as you eat your dinner." Brenda commanded.

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Jun 14 @ 9:48PM  
It was a bright red gloss and it highlighted the lipstick perfectly. She put it on so slow and seductively. I began to feel pressure in my pants. "Do you want to kiss me?" she asked. It was just then I realized I was staring at her as she applied her gloss. I said "No Brenda, I just want you to let me out of here". "Give me a kiss first" was her reply. She went over to a table and came back with two sets of handcuffs. "I'm going to handcuff you to the bars of the cage, give you a kiss and then I'll let you go" Brenda told me. We had been working together for 8 years now and I had no reason not to trust her. She cuffed my hands as far apart as possible, she then pulled my face to the bars and started licking my lips. I couldn't move my head forwards due to the bars and I had no leverage to pull away. She teased my lips three more times before telling me to sick out my tongue. She then kissed my tongue allowing me to taste the cherry in her lip gloss.

"Hey, you started without me" exclaimed Dawn. "Let's give him a shower, first before we get started" Dawn told Brenda. "Get started with what" I yelled. "I want out now". Dawn was clad similarly as Brenda and her make up wasn't much different other than she was wearing a daker shade of red lipstick. Since I wouldn't stop yelling they put a ball gag on me and locked it in the back. The both produced a key and unlocked the cage door. I was almost in a state of panic when Dawn came up from behind me. I tried to kick at her twice but before I could try again she had my pants around my ankles which allowed to securely tie my feet together. They used a two by four with eyebolts and a fresh set of handcuffs to secure me to the peice of wood allowing them to release me from the first set
they used. So know I have a peice of wood dangling from handcuffs around my wrist and my legs are tied together and I'm not weaing any pants. The two girls pull me over to the wall under the shower and clamp the board that's attached to my cuffs to the wall. With a pair of scissors Brenda cuts my shirt off from me. They washed me down like it was a task rather than part of their fun.

After washing me down they untied my legs and took the handcuffs and the ball gag off. I was pissed. Brenda and Dawn wanted to talk about it, I just wanted to get home. They said were just showing me their world and hoped I would understand. "I've know you girls for 8 years and pull some shit like this. It scared the hell out of me". Brenda pulled me close and said she was sorry. Her perfume was intoxicating and her lips were inviting. I looked her in the eyes and she pulled me in for a kiss. The lip gloss caused my lips to melt into hers. As I was kissing Brenda, Dawn reached around and started playing with my nipples with both hands. Brenda hopped up and said she would be right back. Dawn just continued
playing with my nipples and sucking on the back of my neck. I was as hard as a brick. Brenda returned with a bag and ordered us off the bed. Dawn and I stood up and Brenda took the top blankets off the bed producing a rubber sheet. She then started squirting oil on the sheet, on me and Dawn. Then she squirted some on her self. The girls then threw me back onto the bed and Brenda mounted me. Amazingly she didn't feel as heavy as I knew she was. She slid around a little on me and my dick found home. Brenda was an great kisser. Her well oiled leather top was slidding back and forth on my chest causing a greater excitment within myself. I could hear the hum of a vibrator, I figured Dawn was getting herself off while she watched us. I was wrong.

Dawn had climbed between my legs and put the vibrator in my butt. I tried to get Brenda off from me so I could stop Dawn but that wasn't happening. Brenda tightened her legs sensing what my plan was and put a finger on my lips. "Ssshh" Brenda said. "Just try it, you may like it". Like I had a choice anyway. With Brenda rocking away on my dick I looked up to see how hot she was. She still had on the leather skirt. She was kissing me again and rocking up and down and that tiny little vibrator was making me crazy. Just as I was about to explode Brenda pinched my nipples so hard I wanted to yell. I realized this caused my orgasm to be stronger, stronger than ever before. My body quivered as I released the last of my cum. I was beat. My body just collapsed deeper into the bed.

Catching me totally off guard they handcuffed me to the bed. "What the hell is that for" I asked. The girls looked at each other and in unison the said "because we decided we are going to keep you". The both got up, and started to go up stairs making sure the cage door was shut securely. Dawn then tossed the keys to the cuffs onto my chest so I could release myself from the bed and begin my new life.

Jun 14 @ 9:59PM  
Wow. That was HOTTT!

Jun 14 @ 10:05PM  
I love it!!! P, you so rock! BBW's got it going on!!!

Jun 14 @ 10:05PM  
Thats a hot sexy saturday story hun!! Good job!!

Jun 14 @ 10:05PM  
Damn, my kudo supply is out...I'll come back when I get more because this is SO kudo-ready!!!

Jun 15 @ 12:45AM  
Love the blog!

I forgot about Sex Saturday again! lol

A kudo for ya!

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