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Anyone recieved this before?

posted 6/11/2008 10:15:31 AM |
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This is a member of a Law Enforcement Agency that monitors activities in the Internet.
We have monitored your activities on dating site(s) over the last months.
This Law Enforcement Agency feels that you are misrepresenting yourself, and this constitute FRAUD in all the 50 States and Territories of the United States of America under the Federal Statute Number 28-2002-06-RL-02789,5.
We are tracking your IP address and we can zero into your location any time we want! If we ascertain that you have been misrepresenting yourself on Interstate Communication Medium, like the Internet, Federal Statute Number 28-2002-06-RL-02789,5 will be applied against your activities, and a warrant will be issued against you.
Consider this as a friendly warning, very close to a Federal injunction to Cease and Desist.
Should you not heed to this warning, a Federal Warrant for Fraudulent Activities will be secured in your State against you and, upon the serving of such Warrant, you WILL be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
This could result into a fine not to exceed $100,000.00 and/or imprisonment to up 5 years in a Federal Penal Institution.
We will further monitor your activities and we sincerely hope you will cease and desist these misrepresentations that legally constitute fraud. You have been informed of the possible consequences, should you not head this warning.
This is the only notification you will receive.
Please let me know if this is bs !! Jewel

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Anyone recieved this before?


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Jun 11 @ 10:28AM  
I wouldn't worry about it! I do happen to know that if you are suspected of committing an internet crime, law enforcement has to go through your ISP to do anything about it.

What stands out to me is it states a federal agency but doesn't state which federal agency - which department...e.g. "Homeland Security". It also isn't very professionally written:

We are tracking your IP address and we can zero into your location any time we want!

I'm thinking a bitter ex or ex's bitch out there somewhere?

Jun 11 @ 10:32AM  
Did you receive it as an e-mail or in a letter? If it was an e-mail, then it's most certainly bs because the government doens't do things by e-mail.

Jun 11 @ 11:26AM  
Should you not heed to this warning
should you not head this warning.
This is the only notification you will receive.

Well maybe they should learn how to spell if they want their warnings to seem legit...Just a thought..
Oh, and umm, there's no Federal Statute # 28-2002-06-RL-02789,5 listed on the books...


Jun 11 @ 11:43AM  
Of course it's BS

Jun 11 @ 11:53AM  
That's a new one on me, I guess people get thrills in stranger ways than I had imagined. It's poorly written and smells like white trash to me.


Jun 11 @ 12:07PM  
i got that 1...........i am writin this frum prison as we speak

Jun 11 @ 12:11PM  
Never received it but it is a great idea. I'm senting it out to a bunch of women today.

Jun 11 @ 12:38PM  
This has to be BS. Poorly written for sure. If misrepresenting yourself on a dating site were illegal they would have to build many more prisons. Gee guys, the govenment is coming to measure you so own up!

Jun 11 @ 12:51PM  
Absolutely 100% bull crap

Jun 11 @ 1:09PM  
IF a gov agency felt you were breaking the law, they would just arrest you. Yeah, we get warning tickets for speeding...... but anyone ever get a friendly warning from the IRS??? I didn't think so.

I'd vote for either anonymous spam or a friend? playing a joke.

It certainly wasn't from me...... I would have added in the need for a strip search.

Jun 11 @ 2:05PM  
Total b.s.

Doesn't state which agency.
Federal Statute number doesn't exist as CasuallyLooking stated. (also, it's not cited correctly either)
And, if the Federal government has an issue with citizens, it sends correspondence via the United States Postal Service, yep...good old fashioned "snail mail"..where you walk outside to your mailbox, grab the letter, and open the envelope, and if you're not careful...might even get a paper cut. Or...if it's REALLY REALLY REALLY actual agent will show up at your home to talk with you.


Jun 11 @ 4:09PM  
as far as I know statutes, regulations and ordinance numbers are ussually represented by colons or semi-colons, not coma, that alone will give him away.

Jun 11 @ 4:17PM  
Thats almost humurous

The tax dollars required to live up to that BS just in building & operating the prisons alone woulld pay off the national debt, eleminate world hunger & find an honest politician for office.

There is an estimated 4.2 million male regular users of Internet Dating Sites in the US. It is estimated that 87% of all males mis-state thier penis size. That means 3,654,000 guys are going to prison because they can't properly guess sizes.

Boy theres going to be an excess of horny women around if they ever do pass a law like that

Jun 11 @ 6:25PM  
The U.S. Secret Service are the only ones that I know of that watch over the internet. If you received any thing from them your computer would have the U.S.S.S. seal pop up and your computer would be locked out so you could not delet any thing off the hard drive, at just about the same time a flash bang(loud noise and very bright flash) would let you know they just kicked in your door. If you had done anything wrong they would not send you a letter to let you know they are about to bring charges upon you.

Jun 11 @ 8:37PM  
i could come.......ummmmm check it out for ya.........

Jun 11 @ 11:28PM  
It's legit Jewel and you are to report to my house immediately for house arrest.

Jun 12 @ 4:54PM  
Thanks Guys.I see the mistakes in the writing now.You guys and girls are great and wonderful!!If it was possibleI would do all of you in many ways!!!!!!! Jewel

Jun 13 @ 3:19AM  
Consider this as a friendly warning,

This should have been your FIRST clue... ...Law Enforcement Agencies do not give any "warnings" to anyone they are "tracking" on the internet.......

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Anyone recieved this before?