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Does religion really matter when finding a spouse?

posted 6/10/2008 8:52:49 PM |
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tagged: marriage, religion, straddle, soulmate, life

When searching for a soulmate, does religion really matter? Some people have a problem with this, while others don't care about a spouse's religion if it's different from theirs. Can it really work in a marriage for you if this was the case? What if your soulmate was an athiest, and you had a religion such as Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or any other religion, would you still marry that person?

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Jun 10 @ 9:07PM  
don't think it matters.........guess i'd have to ask her

Jun 10 @ 9:35PM  
Off topic!

I did a blog not long ago about the appalachian neigborhood that I live in and some of it dealt with the people acroos the street always fighting with other scumbags. Well, here it is 9:35pm and dark outside, and yet, the guy over there is cutting grass.

Have any of you cut grass at night, or know anyone else that has?

Jun 10 @ 9:37PM  

Shit, I'm full of typos tonight. Should have read "across"....but I'm sure you're all aware of this anyway.

Jun 10 @ 9:47PM  
I think if you really love someone and want to be with them religion or anything for that matter shouldnt be an issue

Off topic....from what I can remember from visiting my family when I was younger...No this doesnt surprise me in the least Shawn...sounds like home to me!!

Jun 10 @ 9:49PM  
I think it would bother me if someone didn't believe in ANYTHING other than themselves. As long as they believe in something Higher than themselves I have no problem.

Jun 10 @ 10:02PM  
Yeah, but many Christians including myself believe that if your mate is not "saved" and does not believe in God at all, their soul will not go to heaven.

Jun 10 @ 10:48PM  
as long as they don't believe 9:35 p.m.
is the ideal time to mow their lawn
then it's cool

Jun 10 @ 11:01PM  
You can be saved all you want, but if you don't act and live the aren't. Religion can be a way of life and how you structure yours should compliment the one your with.

Jun 11 @ 3:32AM  
Thats a tough one; I think that part of a great relationship would include common spiritual beliefs.

Jun 11 @ 4:02AM  
I think that part of a great relationship would include common spiritual beliefs.
I have to agree with Larry..... It does matter to me.

They say never discuss politics or religion...but there comes a time --I think--when you usually want to know where your s/o stands on both issues..

Jun 11 @ 1:30PM  
In many places around the world, it matters a lot. Most Christians and Muslims feel the same way you do, Straddle, and it's rarely an issue because these people tend to live in communities where their faith is in the majority, so finding a mate of the same religion is no problem.

However, there are some religions that, unless you live in a very specific part of the world, make it pretty hard to find a spouse of the same faith. These would include faiths like Hinduism, Shintoism, Judiasm, many types of eastern Paganism, etc. If you fall into this category, you learn not to care, lest you spend your whole life alone.

I fall into that category as well, being a Jew in a part of the country that's maybe 1 or 2% Jewish. Yeah, I fooled around with some nice Jewish girls, but in the end, when God delivered my soulmate to me, it turned out she was a devout Christian. And religious matters haven't really bothered us. She's got her god, I have mine. Considering the problems we have sharing a bathroom, I think worshiping the same God would be a nightmare.

Jun 11 @ 1:48PM  
As an athiest, I don't mind if my partner is religious. So long as they don't try to convert me or preach excessively around the house.

I've dated a lot of religious women, and it was an athiest who withheld sex from me.

Jun 11 @ 3:25PM  
What if your soulmate was an athiest, and you had a religion such as Christian, Catholic

I think that would depend on the people. My parents for Dad is atheist and my Mom is Christian. They've been happy with each other for over 40 years. But, on the other hand, my best friend is Catholic, and her ex husband is atheist, and he always put down her faith.

Guess it depends on how open people are. Myself, I don't look at religion as a requirement...I'll respect anyone's faith as long as they respect me or my thoughts. Show me disrespect, and I will show you the door.

Jun 12 @ 1:16AM  
i only date scientologists........we go to furniture stores n jump on couches together

Jun 12 @ 7:37AM  
does a spouse really matter when finding religion? probably the same answer...

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Does religion really matter when finding a spouse?