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Should horse racing be banned?

posted 6/7/2008 8:33:17 PM |
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I was flipping around the channels today and saw the triple crown about to go down. I'm not into horse racing, but over the last few weeks I heard the much hyped up news with Big Brown possibly being the first horse to win the triple crown in 30 years. I think horses are beautiful, but just can't get into all the horse racing, along with the possible threat of a horse having to be destroyed if it gets injured during the race. Some call it inhumane having the horses risk injury to themselves while making people money during these races. One of the races Big Brown was in a few weeks ago another horse had to be destroyed out there on the track. Big Brown had a crack in his hoof before the race, but his people said that Big Brown was 100% and ready to go in today's race. What would happened if he injured himself enough to where it could barely walk, would they have destroyed him? Should horse racing be banned and for what reasons would you like to give whether it should be banned or not?

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Jun 7 @ 8:46PM  
I think they are doing something wrong. I know that the one horse had two broken legs, but do you have to put it down for that? How can something so athletic be so fragile. I'm suspicious. I'm not an animal love by any means. But I don't like what they do when a horse gets hurt. Like I said something is wrong.

Jun 7 @ 9:13PM  
You want the Government involved in banning horse racing? How about boxing?
How about football? How about auto racing? Please!!!

Jun 7 @ 9:26PM  
You want the Government involved in banning horse racing? How about boxing?
How about football? How about auto racing? Please!!!

I don't like government involvement in most of anything. But to run animals with a chance of injury for pure selfishness as far as money and betting goes without any regard for the horses, well, I think it's cruel to a certain degree, especially when they suffer an injury and have to be destroyed. We don't destroy humans when they lose a limb or two. Yes, I do have a love for animals, and I am being practical. Cock fighting isn't legal...Dog fighting isn't legal. I know horse racing isn't exactly like these two things, but the fact that if a horse get severly injured in a race, it would be put down.

Jun 7 @ 9:59PM  
I've spent a lot of time around horses. And I've spent a lot of time around people. Not all people are cruel, greedy people. Avoid those who are. ALL horses love to run. Let them run and try to weed out the people who endanger them.

Jun 7 @ 10:21PM  
does that mean no more horse steaks 4 me???

Jun 7 @ 10:26PM  
check out horse racing in Puerto Rico
horses are put down because they lose
it has nothing to do with injury
some horses get put down because the owner lost money on the race
or just got pissed at the horse

Jun 7 @ 11:14PM  
horse racing was created many many years ago to test endurance. They use to run in 3 heats at a mile a heat. Over the years we have gotten easier racing abilities for the horses. NO they are not cruel or inhumane. Our government has its nose into everything else nowadays except what they should be. Now If you want to put our so called government on the track and let the horses run over them sure go for it then maybe they will pay attention to the economy of our state instead of something that isn't even broken yet.

sorry Shawn sore subject with me I love horses

Jun 8 @ 12:45AM  
Save a horse....Ride a Cowboy..

My motto...

Jun 8 @ 9:29AM  
women and horses are much the same
a man gets a nice little riding pony and the first thing he does is turn her into a brood mare

Jun 8 @ 9:40AM  
I don't like government involvement in most of anything. But to run animals with a chance of injury for pure selfishness as far as money and betting goes without any regard for the horses.

I am sure that cattle, chickens, pigs, and fish will be in complete agreement about men chasing a buck at the animals' expense.

Jun 9 @ 10:52AM  
I work in horse racing.
At my current track I don't think we've had a horse break down in years, none that I can remember.
I've been at other tracks where it seemed like a monthly occassion to put an injured horse down.
A lot of it is the track condition, Thoroughbreds need a soft track surface because they have 120 pounds of jockey on their back. The track crew grooms the track surface, it's a compromise between a too soft track which can slow down the horses and one too hard which can cause injury, weather also effects it, rain, snow, wind etc, it's not an easy job. The genetics of the horse also effects it's chances of breaking down, they all tend to be related through a few breeding lines. The training regimen can also be to blame, over training etc.
Standardbreds need a hard track surface because they don't have any weight on their backs, the driver sits on a race bike and it's faster and easier to pull that on a hard surface. All the other factors apply.
I think the average life span for a horse is in the high 30's to mid 40's. They are required to retire from racing at age 15.
Here in Michigan horse racing was the second largest employer (40,000 people) after the auto industry and provided the State gov't with funding for it's agricultural programs like 4H etc. We still might be the second largest employer in the state since so many other industries have lost jobs here as have we.
If you ban horse racing you lose a lot of jobs Nationwide, you will also lose the horses because they are bred for racing, no horse racing, no horse breeding. Fewer blacksmiths, fewer horse vets, fewer tack shops etc etc.
If your criterion is danger to the animal then what about police, military dogs or horses and guard dogs, shouldn't they be outlawed as well?

Jun 9 @ 11:01AM  
Most of the horse owners I've met really like their horses, if one has to be put down they are very upset. There isn't a lot of money in it, they do it because they like horses and racing helps to pay for them. A lot of these are family horses, everyone is involved in taking care of the horse, getting it ready to race and taking care of it after the race. Once it's too old to race or if it get's injured they take their horse home and it becomes a riding horse. I've never heard of anyone around here just killing a horse because it didn't race well or they got tired of it, these are valuable animals even if not good racers.
In fact horse people won't have anything to do with dog people (dog racing) because dog owners tend(ed) to breed large numbers of animals and kill the extra ones or the ones that weren't good racers, something that horse people find abhorrent.

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Should horse racing be banned?