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Does your kid(s) actually look like you?

posted 6/1/2008 4:26:56 AM |
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tagged: family, daughter, straddle, son

Does your kid(s) actually look anything like you? If so, what feature do they have of you? I was talking with my friend Mayra two nights ago when we were both on here and on the phone, and I told her that my daughter requested friendship with me over at myspace and of course I accepted. Mayra being on my friens list over there had to check it out and finally see what Natasha looks like. Mayra knows the full story about how Tash came into my life and the DNA test and all. Once Mayra went over there she saw Tash's pic and honestly thought Tash has my eyes and nose. I have had many people including Tash's two aunts tell me exactly the same thing three years ago. Of course it made my night hearing this.

Btw, does your kid(s) have any of your traits? Tash takes after me as far as having an interest in law enforcement. She also loves to dye her hair, loves pizza like I if I could just change her damn politics!

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Jun 1 @ 4:31AM  
Also, for you that are still looking to have kids, how many are you wanting, and do you want a boy and/or a girl, and how many of each?

Jun 1 @ 4:58AM  
Well, I have two beautiful daughters, and my oldest (12 years old) has been dubbed my "Mini Me". We have the same hair color, the same eye color, the same facial structure, and so on. She even acts a lot like I did when I was her age. When she and I bicker back and forth, my fella says it's like I'm arguing with myself in the mirror. She is me made over. Now my youngest, she takes after her father (my ex husband) more as far as looks go, but I love her anyway.. lol

They're both my little angels, and I adore them.

Jun 1 @ 5:58AM  
We have 3 sons.....and the reason we have because we don't want 4...

When I was very young, My Mother put a curse on me, as I am sure all Mothers know the one....."I HOPE YOU GROW UP AND HAVE KIDS THAT ACT JUST LIKE YOU!!!".......Yep, it worked........

Jun 1 @ 6:29AM  
Sorry Straddle, none of mine look exactly like me. All 3 of my girls have been adopted, all with different racial heritages.

Jun 1 @ 8:39AM  
I think mine favor their father more but others can say they look like me (not having met the dad). Still trying to figure out the blonde hair though (I do have a sib that is blonde). As for personality, they both share some traits with me. Unfortunately, some of my bad ones too!

Jun 1 @ 8:46AM  
My oldest son looks like Val Kilmer and the other son looks exactly like this guy (oh wait, that IS my son! LOL) - and the only features I think either have that are from me is the oldest has my nose and lips (poor kid) and Nauti has my eyes (or so they say). My daughter looks more like her dad than me, but more and more people are saying she does look like me (and let me tell you, he looks good. Y'all women missed it when he was on here giving it a try :) - and sometimes I can actually see it. She's a whole lot cuter though!

Going the other way, I look NOTHING like my mom! Again...blond, blue...all I got from her are these big boobs!

Jun 1 @ 8:47AM  
"Angel" said:
my oldest (12 years old) has been dubbed my "Mini Me".

My daughter has been called "Mini-Nomi"! LOL!

Jun 1 @ 10:11AM  
No, I don't think so..some people say she does but I don't see it..except for she has my nose and my feet, which she curses me ..Hey, I like my feet. lol
My daughter is gorgeous. Many people have remarked that she should be a model.

But we do have a lot of the same temperments and attitudes. She can be headstrong and stubborn as can be.....has a very giving heart and is sweet as honey be but won't take anyones BS.

She is the one thing her Dad and I got right.....

Jun 1 @ 10:30AM  
All three of my girls resemble their fathers more than me. I think there's a reason for this natural tendency for kids to look like their fathers.... so, there's no question who the daddy is! My oldest is Italian and Puerto Rican. She's stunning. The younger ones are mutts, Italian/Russian-Polish/American Indian. The middle one is definitely her daddy, the youngest one is definitely his mother (American Indian).

Jun 1 @ 10:30AM  
mine dont look like me.......but sure act like me

Jun 1 @ 10:32AM  
I have one daughter who looks a lot like me. I can see her dad in her also..People tell me she looks just like me..

She does have her dad's attitude..

Jun 1 @ 10:56AM  
Everyone says my oldest looks just like me but I mainly see her father there, my youngest looks like my sister but she has my body.. I look like my father although many say I look like my mother.. I am however the only one in the family with redhair.. no one got it but me which led my grandmother to say I was not my father's child..

Jun 1 @ 10:59AM  
Yep my daughter is a Mini Me as everyone tells us. Although she has her father's thick beautiful hair and I think she has his eyes too. I myself look like my Dad, not my Mom.

Jun 1 @ 12:20PM  
My kids look nothing like me.

Jun 1 @ 3:21PM  
People say my girls look like me but I don't see it. Occasionally I see a facial expression that briefly makes them resemble me. Between the two, I could possibly see my oldest resembling me more. The youngest looks like her Dad and his mom....she acts like him and has so many of his traits...many of them good, some not.

Neither of them inherited my dark complexion or my dark brown eyes....and I've never heard the end of it was MY fault. One has the palest blue eyes and the other hazel.

More kids? Uh.....methinks since I have a GREAT grandson that that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.... (but I'll keep workin' on it...k?)

Jun 1 @ 3:42PM  
My son looks just like me (poor kid!) luckily on him it works! His hair coloring is not as dark as mine (or at least not since he quit dying it black to look more like mine!) lol We both, in turn, look just like my dad. I look absolutely nothing like my mother, she looks just like her Irish father. I raised three step children before I ever had my son, he's my one and only, and there'll be no more!

Jun 2 @ 1:12AM  
My son is spitting image of me, if he didn't call me mom every two seconds people swear he's my brother!

Jun 17 @ 6:22PM  
My son takes after my family...but as far as looks neither of my kids look like me...My daughter is the spitting image of my hubby & my son looks like my 2 brothers...even have their personalities..she is just like him, calm patient you know all the things i am not chuckle..

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Does your kid(s) actually look like you?